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Bale Busted for

Alleged Mum-Battering

7/22/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-christian-bale-ex-2The Dark Knight just got a whole lot darker.

British police sources tell TMZ Christian Bale has been arrested and is still being grilled on allegations of assaulting his mom and sister Sunday, the night before the London premiere of "The Dark Knight."

Bale went to a London police station this morning by appointment and was arrested there.

The official word from Scotland Yard is that "a 34-year-old male" was taken into custody "in the late morning today" in a police precinct in Central London (Bale is 34). They tell TMZ the allegation emanated from another police agency, but that the incident in question took place in London.

Bale once told E! Online, "If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn't be so adored in the slightest."


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Goes to show you how bad it must be for his own Mom to turn him in. Sex, Drugs, and holy batman.

2254 days ago

Granny Pants    

He's a drug addict TOOL and the movie stinks.

2254 days ago


Heard he wasn't a nice guy...

2254 days ago


The first picture I saw Bale in was "empire of the sun', he was 13. Obviously raised by a mother living off his talent so I am not buying any of this. Show Biz moms get no sympathy from me......she very likely is just looking for some publicity of her own since he has probably quit supporting her.

Bale's Mom, Jessica Simpson's Dad, Lohan's Mom, on and on. They are all the same.

2254 days ago


to poster #10 @9:30 am "The Truth," Christian Bale made a movie called "American Psycho" where he played a mild mannered yuppie by day & psychokiller by night. One of his best roles.

2254 days ago


This would explain how he's able to access and project that darkness in the role of the "Dark Knight."

This incident definitely makes me wonder about his family and how he was raised. Probably bullied by his mother and/or father.

I'm glad to see a lot of people are questioning his "mum's" role in all of this. I despise stage moms.

2254 days ago

Two Buck Chuck    

1. Assault is the THREAT of physical harm
2. Battery is actually BEATING someone.

Get your terminology straight, TMZ.

Also, in England all suspects of a crime are arrested before questioning. It doesn't mean there's been an investigation yet, that he's been or is being charged or that there is any merit to the complaint filed.

Trust a skeezy tabloid to blow it out of proportion straight out of the gate.

2254 days ago


Hated him since little women!

2254 days ago


He is mad because the dead guy is getting all the recognition. KAPOW, MOMMA!

2254 days ago

Bill Odowd    

So his mom and sis got pwned by a tired and worn out Bale, so what? I don't care who he punches in the face, he's the best actor of the 2000s. Besides, his mom and sister are nothing, who are they to rat out their son when he is on a career high. His mom never entertained me in a series of fine films. His sister never made anything of herself. They ought to stop complaining and leave Bale alone. The cops should release him on Bale and let him get back to making Terminator 4 which is gonna kick ass with him as John Connor. I hope he disowns his mom and sister over this shocking betrayal.

2254 days ago

thats right    

most married men beat up on their wives or kids, not their moms and sisters. i think maybe his mom and sis wanted a cut and he said hell no, make your own money and they filed charges. i cant stand him either way but i dont think he did it

2254 days ago


Christian Bale assaults his mother and sister and has stated in his own words that he is a jerk in real life, however he continues to make millions. Pretty sick, but ONLY IN AMERICA!....The Land of the Free and Home of the INSANE!

2254 days ago


I think he's pissed off because Heath Ledger stole the movie and got all the limelight.

2254 days ago


It is nice to see how judgemental everyone is. You are all taking stuff posted on TMZ as fact. All TMZ does anymore is just stir the pot. Why don't you all wait until the all the facts come out from a real news source before you all tear Christian Bale to shreds. None of us were there. We don't know what happened. He hasn't been charged with anything yet. In the UK they arrest you before they charge you with anything and then they question you and release you or continue with charging for the crime.

Grow up and let the man live his life. The same people that are saying how awful he is today were singing his praises and saying how wonderful he was yesterday. You are all a bunch of turncoats!!

2254 days ago


to Tony @ 11:04 am...This didn't happen in America, it happened in a Welsh actor

2254 days ago
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