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Bale Busted for

Alleged Mum-Battering

7/22/2008 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0722-christian-bale-ex-2The Dark Knight just got a whole lot darker.

British police sources tell TMZ Christian Bale has been arrested and is still being grilled on allegations of assaulting his mom and sister Sunday, the night before the London premiere of "The Dark Knight."

Bale went to a London police station this morning by appointment and was arrested there.

The official word from Scotland Yard is that "a 34-year-old male" was taken into custody "in the late morning today" in a police precinct in Central London (Bale is 34). They tell TMZ the allegation emanated from another police agency, but that the incident in question took place in London.

Bale once told E! Online, "If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn't be so adored in the slightest."


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hey...maybe his mom and sister deserved it...they probably found out he REALLY IS batman and tried turning him in to the police...he's gotta keep his secret

2248 days ago


TO: post're the retard. American Phsyco is a movie in which Christian Bale played the lead role. I don't think Ash was referring to him being american or british. WOW...its amazing how some people are so quick to call others retarded when they in fact are the retarded ones. PS. GET A JOB!!!!

2248 days ago


Don't believe one word of this story!

2248 days ago


Heather...I couldn't agree with you more. He had the biggest movie weekend in history and amazingly enough today he's an abuser. He'll be a drug addict next week and a wife beater the next. Yes, he said himself he was jerk in real life but who said he has to be nice. He's just another human being. We expect these celebrities to be and act a certain way. Not everyone can save the world like the Jolie-Pitts. If it is true and it did happen he f*cked up...haven't you? People still love Britney, Lindsay, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey and every other Hollywood f*ck up or psycho! Hate all you want...I'm still a fan.

2248 days ago


I'd let him beat ME!!!

2248 days ago


I can't judge until the facts are released. It hasn't been confirmed it was the actor that was arrested. Maybe they had an disagreement that lead to arguing and nothing more. Families are known to do that. We don't know what happened yet, if anything.

2248 days ago


I'll be the first to admit the guy shines on the silver screen but appears less than likable in reality. However, this in no way makes him guilty of anything. WE KNOW NOTHING of the actual incident. Nothing at all.

2248 days ago


He can bitch slap me anytime.

2248 days ago


As you can see, all of this is nothing but hurt feelings and hot air. As an actor who has kept away from the limelight, and as one who is known for his professionalism, I find it doubtful that Bale would physically harm anyone, let alone family. This is confirmed by numerous reports. Though I do not accept it all as fact, the fact remains that this mild mannered actor has given us little reason to question is character in the past. Furthermore, as stated in the article link, the dispute was verbal, not physical. Most of all, however, the situation is being treated as a family matter and even the sister and mother want to keep it that way. I find it disturbing that the media is using the coat-tails of a blockbuster to rabble rouse a story that is so small. The Movie speaks for itself, Bale has spoken for himself, and thus to repeat the headlines, "assault by batman star" is not only inaccurate, but also hearsay. Moreover, the media has not consulted the laws in the United Kingdom, as an assault can be either verbal or physical. The headlines lead unquestioning readers to assume physical violence, where in actuality there is only evidence that a family dispute has taken place.

2248 days ago


Wow. I hope this isn't true. But even he says he's a jerk in real life. What a shame....turns out Batman was more in tune with the darker side!

2248 days ago


Gillian looked good on CNN when she was talking about Christian Bale early this morning.

2247 days ago


Christian was just reminincing his days of American Psycho. He mistaken his Mom and Sister as two call girls. Do you like Huey Lewis and the News Mom? Try getting a reservation at Dorcia now! I would've loved to see Bale chase his mom and sister naked with shoes on carrying a chainsaw, or maybe he wanted to know what their heads would look like on a stick!

2246 days ago
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