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Candy to Ed McMahon:

I'm Losing My House Too

7/22/2008 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Candy SpellingEven Candy Spelling is feeling the housing crunch -- she's scaling back from the infamous Spelling mansion to a paltry 16,500 square foot penthouse.

Spelling just dropped $47 million (!!!) of her late husband's money on a two-floor condo that is a third of the size of her 56,500 square foot Holmby Hills estate. The apartment is located on the 41st and 42nd floors of the brand new Century building and won't be ready until 2009 -- around the time Tori gives birth to her fifth rugrat.

Candy is giving up her notorious gift wrapping room, 3,500 square foot closet and bowling alley and making do with the condo's two fireplaces, dining room for 25, staff quarters, massage room, rose garden and private swimming pool. These are tough times, people!


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its a shame she has all that money, and tori and dean could barely buy a house, i know she (tori) has money compared to the rest of us, but damn with a mother that loaded she shouldnt have a worry in the world. and i love her show, and that cute lil monkey.

2292 days ago


how do we know she's "downsizing". maybe this is an ADDITIONAL dwelling for her. Yes, she plunked down $ for the new place, doesn't necessarily mean she's selling the Holmby Hills estate. You guys LOVE running with half assed TMZ speculation and getting your 99cent thong underwear in a twine. And LULU-- you still may be happier than Candylandy with your $5 bud than she is with $100 gazillion in property. but i doubt it..

2292 days ago


Give Tori- Dean and the kids some of that money already- you greedy selfish pirate!!!!! PIRATE- I say!!!!!

2291 days ago


Could you people be any more jealous? So what if she wants to spend millions on a penthouse? It's HER MONEY, and at least until B. Hussein Obama gets into the White Mosque, it is not up to anyone but the owner of that money, to dictate the "right way" to spend it.

One of my best girlfriend's lives in a 20,000 sf house and her 1,000 sf closet is bigger than mine. do you see me complaining that she should give her money to me, so I can have a bigger closet or that she's a bad person because not everyone's closet is as big as hers?

My husband drives a Bentley GT. Is he supposed to travel wearing a propeller beanie because not everyone has a Bentley?
Maybe the people driving Range Rovers, as I do, should have to give up their cars for the Subaru SUV drivers-after all, imagine how they must feel whenever a Range Rover whizzes by!

How are Candy Spelling's living acommodations going to impact your life?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Because notwithstanding marriage, the ONLY WAY to increase you house size and paycheck is to STAY IN SCHOOL, STAY OUT OF JAIL, ANd dON'T GET KNOCKEd UP UNLESS YOU ARE MARRIEd.

I get the distinct impression that the vast majority of you did not adhere to those simple rules.
don't go blaming Candy Spelling for your failures.

2291 days ago


So obvious Narcissa has a face of an old hobo's shoe and the body of a big sloppy Jerry Springer guest. Those who flaunt to people what they "allegedly" have to make up for looking like a mule- does not say much for your intelligence- but proves you are fugly inside an definitely out! Don't think you are the only person on this sight that can say you have this and that, in fact you don't even belong commenting because you are obviously not worth a dime you peasant!

2291 days ago


You can think what you want about my being a peasant or what not. If you must know, my husband, a nationally known criminal defense attorney of whom I am VERY proud, and who does very well, by most people's standards, gives me a great life- but we are certainly not the richest people in the world.

Anyway, my NOT telling it like it is, i,e,that most of these posters are just jealous-is not going to make it any less true. And, I'll say it again- the FACT is that even if Mrs. Spelling moves into a hut, that factor is NOT going to make THEIR houses any bigger. THAT is the truth, whether you like it or not,

So, go right ahead and say what you want about me, but through hard work and FOLLOWING THE RULES OF LIFE, I am blessed with a great life and begrudge no one for their success, unlike you.

It is nobody else's fault if they didn't follow the rules of life and now have to live a jealous vicarious existence, trashing Mrs. Spelling and others who are wealthier and more successful!

2291 days ago

Oh please...    

"Just Jealous", "living in a hut", "following the rules of life" you really talk like a wannabe blue-blood and a complete moron. No wonder this country is headed towards economic ruin. The Gramm-Leach-Biley Act and the The Commodity Futures Modernization Act were not "following the rules of life" but, deliberate attempts to loot this country for everything it has. But, we all know the wealthy have superior moral standards--of course...perhaps your husband should invest in your education instead? Seeing as though you know absolutely nothing. See you in the soup lines my friend.

2291 days ago


I think the whole situation is sad. Many of us have children who have made mistakes as well as most of us ourselves. I find it unfortunate that as in many wealthy families, money is the weapon the parents wield against their children. I can see cutting off (or setting up a regimented trust fund) your kids if they have a drug or alcohol problem and more money would just help them fund that. But, to be judgemental and try to impose your will in the way they run their lives is wrong. They may screw up, GET OVER IT. It is wrong morally, psychologically and every other way you can name. As parents we are blessed with our children, but after we raise them, it is time to back off and let them go. Was she spoiled, yes, but aren't most children? My grandmother disinherited my father and his brother was more than happy to inform him of that, running around with the will at her funeral. It's not like dad wanted her stuff, but the idea of it cut him deeply. She didn't like his second wife and punished him for it. As his "heirs" we were also given nothing. Anyway, Candy Spelling needs to read up on Karma, it will at some point, bite her in her rich butt. In the mean time, she can hug and kiss her money instead of her grandkids.

2291 days ago


TO Narcissa, first off, your tag name is definitly right on target. As far as these poor readers trashing rich people, you of course as all your types, would rather stomp on the already downtrodden. With economic issues as we are facing today, you are way out of line. Maybe you should climb off your republican soapbox and read up on your history. When the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is collapsing, it can only lead to trouble. I am happy for you that you landed a man who could look past your arrogance and support you. Also, by the way, referring to Mr Barrack in the way that you did, is really frowned upon by Mr McCains campaign. It just shows how really ignorant you are.

2291 days ago


The ones , I feel sorry for is ............Middle Class Citizens ...............they"re
the ones who works the hardest everyday and they're the ones who appreciate
anything they recieve , no matter how small or big it is . I have more respect for
Middle Class Citizens of United States . Middle Class actually the ones who's
making the millionaires / billionaires rich , why , because Middle Class citizen are
working extremely hard / long for the richest people .

2291 days ago


Paris Hilton isn't "barhopping". She gets paid to advertise and show up at events,justlike many other celebs. Plus, she advertises her own buiness brands.

I wish people would not believe every hurtful tabloid rumor. Tabs write fake articles with inflammatory wording, and often people are not smart enough to cath on to their selective journalism.
I happen to like Paris and I feel she has really done quite a bit over the past year to get her life in order.

2291 days ago


That mother should be hiding under her wrapping room table ashamed of herself !! What a witch she is!! Some parents just don't get it! You only have one shot at it and it only matters what kind of parent you are not how much money you have!!! GO Tori!! You make your own way!!! You don't need that kind of parent in your life! As to Karen, The poor keep getting poorer because no one want to work hard any more! I came from nothing and watched my mom work 3 jobs and she was a single parent, she gave me the gift of knowing if you want more in life you have to go out and work your ass off!! Earn your own way! I'm a republican and I do not live on a soap box, never have never will! Not all of us are rich!

2291 days ago


Not really a huge fan but yea, at least Paris is working with the Multiple Sclerosis charity. And she just donated a "generous sum of money" to the L.A. Children's Hospital. At least she did not bragg how much she gave.

Candy Spelling is richer and here she braggs about how much she spends - on HERSELF. That is so disgusting.
How much living space does one old woman need? Certainly not $47 MILLION worth.

And you'd think at least Candy could do something for her own daughter who has two kids and (gasp) WORKS.
Candy is such a bitchmother!
It's a miracle her two kids turned out ok - must be Aaron's line coming through the kids.

2291 days ago


God what a horrible woman!

Unbelievably, last year Candy Spelling wrote open letters in tabloids, criticizing other celebrity families.

This old bitch can't even keep up decent relationships with her own two kids. And she has only two, for crying out loud how hard can it be to function like a loving mother/grandmother.

This is disgusting and so is her gross display of conspicuous consumption.

2291 days ago


So what? It's her money, she can do what she pleases with it. I know that kind of statement bothers you socialists and jealous types who could never afford anything like this in 50 lifetimes!

2291 days ago
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