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Happy Birthday Nick: Welcome to Big People Jail

7/22/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turning 18 has its benefits -- you get to vote, you can join the Army, and, if you're Nick Bollea, you get transferred to the adult section of jail.

Bollea, who has been housed with other juveniles at Pinellas County Jail, will be moved to the adult portion of the facility on Sunday, aka his 18th birthday. It's an open dormitory type of setting where he'll be in close contact with other adult inmates. The inmates are either awaiting sentencing or have already been sentenced in cases ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

The only way this won't go down is if a judge orders otherwise. He'll be released sometime in October.


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Allyson Carter    

Poor baby. I only hope he gets his ass beat or at least gang raped. He deserves so much more than he is getting. This whole family is sick and I wish Nick would be in the coma instead of a Marine who served his country and risked his life surviving Iraq but this teenage mooch ruined his life. I sincerely hope the whoile family burns in hell. Since when is an 80s wrestler and his skankalicious family interesting anyway?? I HOPE THIS IS YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY NICK!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE KILL YOURSELF!!!!!

2262 days ago


I see from the photo TMZ posted with this article, that Nick is practicing his 'O' face.

2262 days ago

Last Laugh    

You'd think that after 3 pages of childish rape jokes, people would start to see they're not being original. It's like reading a post that only one person is posting on. It's not funny, not even as far as rape jokes go. They're just lame. While you guys are at it, where are all the booger and fart jokes?

Mental retardation is a disease ... seek help.

2262 days ago


#7 ohcrap your comment is FUNNY.....HAHAHAHA

2262 days ago


Awe poor Nick - So Happy Birthday - why don't you join the army like your friend Nick did and find out what it is like to be a REAL MAN you poor exuuse of a humdan being.

You and your family are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a real life or make that a REAL LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2262 days ago

Joe Mama    

Nick will be alright... it sounds like it's just a minimum security facility, if he's in with misdemeanors. He probably won't even join general population inmates. His sentence was very light anyway, i mean micheal vick was sentenced for 23 months for dog fighting. dog fighting is not as bad as paralyzing a human life. nick was very lucky to get the sentence he recieved. 3 months with the fellas is not enough time, he really needs to be in 20 months on top off what he already served.

2262 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

I hope his new cellmate Bubba shows him why they call it the SLAMMER.

2262 days ago

loves Patrick    

This kid's life is toast - but at least he has one. On his worst day in prison, it will be better than the day John is having in his hospital room. Welcome to adulthood Nick!

2262 days ago



2262 days ago

let them rest in peace - ALL OF THEM    

#10 a "crappy birthday present" OH YES IT IS LMAO.....

2262 days ago


Never a dull moment in that family.

2262 days ago


LOL, poor baby Nick! He is a total loser! Also, is he wearing makeup? It looks like he is wearing blush and lipgloss....that will go over well in prison.

2262 days ago


Too bad he's not Nicole, Lindsay, Paris or Klohe!

2262 days ago


i hope he gets prison sexed hard... what a dbag

2262 days ago


That is interesting. So they are housing people who have not yet been convicted with those who have been convicted? In several states that is illegal as those who have yet to be convicted are presumed innocent. Quite a few high priced lawsuits have been won by people found to be not guilty for being housed with those who are convicted.

2262 days ago
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