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Brit's Driving Has a DNA Link

7/23/2008 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lynne Spears: Click to watch!Britney Spears is a famously bad driver and it may be an inherited trait.

According to the Enquirer, in 1975 Lynne hit and killed a 12-year-old boy who was riding his bike in Kentwood. The article says Lynne was driving her brother to the hospital when the incident occurred.

A rep for Lynne told the tabloid "It bothers Lynne still to this day," adding, "She really doesn't like to talk about it. She just wanted to forget that it ever happened -- but she can't."


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I am not a fan of hers, but this just made me feel bad for her, she must have been just a teen herself. Horrid thing to have to live with. God Bless the family of the boy killed.

2280 days ago


TMZ - I knew you were dirty and get all in the business but you have stooped to an all time low with this story. Shame on you!

Shame on you TMZ and the attorney from the Peoples Court should have more sense and compassion than to put a story out there like this............. Yea, it's true and it's news but it's NOT entertaining and it involves life and death and it's not current. You can't bring back the boy - Vengance is mine said the LORD NOT TMZ. Shame on you TMZ.

2280 days ago


BOYCOTT TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't think anyone can!!!!

2280 days ago


You know it's not the parents fault at all. I have really great parents but I chose to grow up raising hell and giving everyone a hard time. Not at all the way my parents raised me but that's what I chose. So before you people go running your mouths about terrible parenting you need to stop and think and take a very long look.

2280 days ago


I can she forget about it...I bet the parents have not forgotten about it!!!

"OK, so she thinks its POSSIBLE to FORGET she KILLED a child?! Is Lynne Spears woman enough to say that to the parents of the boy she killed? I'll bet not.

2280 days ago


#55, you're a moron.

2280 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Anything and everything Spears, right tmz? Digging deep to get those hits. I certainly hope that none of he child's family, extended family or friends read your site. As far as Lynne, if it wasn't an accident, there would be more to "report" (e.g., jail time, etc.). This is right up there with the "story" about Eliot Yamin's mother passing away. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, but then again, I'm sure that not one of you has a conscience. You just lost another "reader", tmz. Hope many follow my lead.


2280 days ago


Why would you even dig this story up. I had a cousin killed by a drunk driver when he was 18 crossing the street in front of his house, and it's something that our family has never forgotten and nearly drove his mother literally crazy. My point is, it was such a horrific tragedy that it can never be forgotten, or "get better". Why would you bring this kind of pain back up for anyone, especially if it was a pure accident. Sad. I must admit, I enjoy reading TMZ just like the rest of others that read and blog on this website, but undue pain, is undue pain, no matter who it is. We didn't need to know that about Britneys' Mother. Some things are better left alone and unsaid.

2280 days ago


How incredibly disrespectful to the family of this child TMZ is for bringing up this pain and to Lynne for the heartless comment she made. I would bet this family can never "forget that it ever happened" and thanks to you BOTH they have to relive this nightmare. My prayers are with the family.

2280 days ago


Come on TMZ!!!!!! Most of us have no idea what it is like for Britney's mom for the rest of her life!!!!!!!! No one has the right to bring up the PAST, this happened in 1975!!!!!!!! Oh by the way, why weren't TMZ the first to report this????????? I saw the same story on EARLIER today.... We need to let this go because it's not fair to Lynne or the family of the boy who died, let the past be the past and focus on NOW!!!!!!! Grow up TMZ!!!!!!!!!

2280 days ago


Hey Brit.,yuor moms HOT!!!!!!!!!!(for 49 or whatever)

2280 days ago


Will this mean that there will be a chapter in Lynn's parenting book about being a safe driver now? You have to love this family. Can they be any trashier?

2280 days ago


Wow TMZ, this is low, even for you. Why would you dredge up something that is a) 33 years old and b) something that no-body needed to know. That is just such a low blow. I'm all for gossip, but this doesn't qualify. This is just wrong.

2280 days ago


Why on EARTH do all you people keep coming to TMZ if you feel the need to trash every post?? Get a clue - if you don't like it, go read CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE FRICKEN SOUL and leave the rest of us snarky gossip-mongers in peace!!!!!

2280 days ago


Oh come on people. Like you'd not like to forget some of the bad things you've ever done. Doesnt mean you do, but you'd like to. Lighen up.

2280 days ago
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