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Cash, Money, Moms: Why Bale Was Busted

7/23/2008 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christian BaleSources tell TMZ Christian Bale has had a long-standing difficult relationship with his mom and Bale's camp believes the motivation for the whole assault charge may be $$$.

We're told when Christian's mom and dad divorced nearly two decades ago, his mom forced him to choose between the two. Christian picked his dad, and father and son moved out to L.A. in 1992, where his dad became his manager.

Somehow Bale's relationship with the mom has been "bitter" ever since. Bale has told friends his mother was extremely jealous of both his and his dad's success.

Last Sunday, Bale let his mom and sis into his hotel suite, though it was by no means an olive branch. As we first reported, there was physical contact, but somewhere in between a push and a brush. No one fell and no one was hurt.

Christian's camp thinks this could be nothing more than a shakedown. We're told some newspapers and mags have already been throwing around "insane" amounts of money for the story, so mom and sis could score big.

But our sources say the cops are starting to see the whole thing Christian's way, and the charges could disappear faster than Batman.


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If money was the reason for the dispute then it is a damn shame that in Hollywood your own family will sell you out just to make a buck. And you wonder why celebrities go off the deep end as if having to deal with the ever opportunist paparazzi aren't enough they also have to deal with their own family trying to cash in on their hard earn fame and money.

2292 days ago


He is the most gorgeous man in the world. Good luck Christian!

2292 days ago


He should KEEP the relationship estranged and not have a thing to do with these losers. If they need money (or a walk down a red carpet, or whatever), they should earn it like he did. Obvious and pathetic.

2292 days ago


Success breeds the best and the worse in family and friends.

Even your mother

2292 days ago

Mary Worth    

A mother who made the choice to try and damage her son's career. All for the love of money!

Any wonder he chose to live with his dad?

2292 days ago


It use to be a guy had to worry about his future ex-wife calling 911 for the inevitable domestic "violence" arrest. Now a guy has to worry about his mom and sisters.

2292 days ago


He's a geek: Christian Bale wasn't in Troy, moron.
Of course it's about money. It's always about money.

2292 days ago

william richard bradford    

wasn't his performance amazing in

" throw momma from the train " ?

2292 days ago


Poor guy...trying to be taken down by his own mother and all because of money. She and her daughter figured that this was the time to make their money the easy way..come on the mother was a circus clown!! This woman is giving us mothers a bad name...why can't she be happy and enjoy her sons succes. And i am sure he is decent enough to not let the woman starve.

2292 days ago


CB is the best actor of his generation and a freakin' hottie to boot.

I feel bad for him because he seems to try hard to keep his life private and then this happens. Mom and sis leave him alone!

2292 days ago


Maybe he learned something from seeing what Britney Spears' mother is all about -- getting rich off her kids.

2292 days ago


Kind of scary to mess with American Psycho!

2292 days ago


I knew it was all about money. I never believed the accusations (as they were reported) from the very beginning. This makes perfect sense. Another money-grabbing relative trying to make it rich off the hard work of her son. Pathetic on the mother's part. She should be ashamed of herself. And it backfired anyway. Christian should feel vindicated here. His fans never believed he did it, and now we know all along we were right.

2292 days ago


Remember "American Psycho".. Bale was perfect for this movie...

2292 days ago


Interesting how rich and famous people seem to have grabby relatives growing on them like barnacles, whether they're alive or dead. This is one problem I'll never know.

2292 days ago
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