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Matt's Former Manager:

I'm Crazy!

7/23/2008 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt LeBlanc wants his former manager, who's suing him, to undergo a mental evaluation. So unfriendly!

Camille Cerio filed suit against the actor last August, claiming he owed her massive amounts of cash stemming from a little TV show he did called "Friends." Cerio says she signed an agreement parting ways with Joey 12 years ago, but now alleges that piece of paper is invalid because she was depressed at the time she signed it, and unable to enter into any agreement. Matt's camp is not buying, and now wants Cerio to put her money where her mouth is and prove she's crazazy.

A hearing is set for August 13.


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Anne Hathaway    

Pay the woman what you owe her, Matt Man.

2291 days ago


Maybe when Friends ended, he should have taken Estelle with him!!

2291 days ago

Ms. X    

If she has proof he owes her money, he needs to pay and stop trying to call her crazy to get out of it. Be a man Matt.

2291 days ago


Gee, I was so confused when I first read this. Based on how the post is worded, I thought the former manager was suing Matt to undergo a mental evaluation. I was thinking, "why is she trying to get the court to order Matt Leblanc to submit to psychiatric testing?" but now I know. You're just trying to keep us on our toes, aren't you?

2291 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

If she's right, he should pay her what he owes her and let it go at that but if she's bringing a false suit, her sanity may be relevant and would certainly make it more difficult for her to appeal or bring another suit if judgment is for Matt.

Go Sox

2291 days ago


if the story is true and Matt owes her cash and wants a evaluation done sounds like he is trying to get out of it and from where i am thats just not cool i think matt should get the evaluation done on himself and where the hell did all the money go he made from friends?Being his manager isn't she the one responsible for getting him the job in the first place?!MATT PAY UP!!!!!!REALLY!

2291 days ago


man...someone edit gave me headache

2291 days ago

Former Friends Fan    

I just lost all respect and affection for Matt. If the manager's allegations are false, he can prove that easily. If they are true, shame on him for forcing her to go through the courts to collect after all of the money she helped him earn. Either way, the fact that she may be depressed is irrelevant, and it is despicable that he is trying to use a possible illness to taint her reputation. Shame, shame, shame.

2291 days ago


Granted, he's being a jerk, but why is she suing him NOW. Friends has been off the air for a gazillion years.

2291 days ago


dude, you made $1million a week. think about it. pay the woman. don't be such a douche.

2291 days ago


12 years later and now she's feels that she got screwed. I'm not buying it.. She looking to get some money.

2291 days ago


Take your sweet time with this case, Matt. We haven't seen nor heard of you for a long time. This could help you revive your career.

2291 days ago


The show has been over for a while, but syndication is VERY lucrative. The cast of Friends makes many millions per year from syndication! She got him the job, she is entitled to residuals, and he's playing dirty. She might have reasons for not pursuing this sooner, that we don't know about -- that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a fair case! He would not have gotten the job without her to begin with and he knows this is despicable on his part.

2290 days ago


Do you people realize how many millions he is making from syndication? She's the one who got him the job, and he's the one who agreed to pay her 15%! She may have good reasons to have waited this long, that we don't know about, but it doesn't make a difference ... he owes her. Why would you assume that she's a gold digger???? They had an agreement and she was responsible for the best career move of his life. Paying her what she's owed is the right thing to do, and just because he's the famous one doesn't mean he's right.

2290 days ago


it sounds like to me that they parted ways for some reason and she wanted to at the time. and now shes thinking the residuals will go on indefinitely and maybe she needs the money but to say she was depressed at the time, thats bs. on the other hand even if she tested and she was crazy now it would bare little to what kind of state her mind was in then. i think if she had a legal claim she wouldve filed before now.

1587 days ago
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