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Dr. Phil

To Capitalize on Depressed Country Singer

7/23/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mindy McCready is going back to rehab after trying to do herself in with her favorite swiggable and pharmaceutical -- vodka and Ambien -- and we hear Dr. Phil's inserting himself in the whole she-bang.

TMZ has learned the troubled McCready went off the deep end late last week after getting dumped by her boyfriend and collapsed while on the phone with her mother. She downed a bottle of vods and pills in what we're told was a "suicide attempt."

She's headed to Arizona for treatment, and a source says that was all Phil's idea. We're told he's taken Mindy under his wing as a "personal project." As for whether or not she'll be on the show, time will tell.

We contacted Phil -- so far, no answer. Mindy's peeps had no comment.

A rep for the good Dr. P tells TMZ, "Dr. Phil has not treated patients one-on-one since his show went on air. Ms. McCready's situation is private and we respect her right to privacy in a difficult time."


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Mindy McCready? I don't even know her. I wonder how she is going to help Dr. Phil's publicity because she is no Britney.

2260 days ago


If her Mom is taking care of Mindy's child GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to see this, she is so talented, & some where in her past; childhood, teenager, adult life, or now;
it is obvious she has been let down by men. I wonder what kind of father she had growing up.
A father is a womans guide. You learn by what you see, and how you were treated when your a kid.
If a girls father is not there for them emotionally, they spend the rest of their lives trying to get it from other men.
(especially men w/ issues; drugs, alcohol, physically abuse or a passive aggressive controlling man).
She is looking for approval from men for some reason, it's not just because she doesn't have anything else to do.
Some women whose fathers were not there for them are affected, some women aren't affected.
She just so happens to be affected.

Mindy, PLEASE get help and talk all this stuff out. You are beautiful and talented.
Seems like all went down hill after her relationship with Dean Cain. (not blaming him by any means).

After taking Ambien and vodka that is definitely a sign of "I can't take any more". I"M OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

A lot of people do not understand suicide.

They think, "Oh, they are being so selfish, and they are not thinking how it will affect their family".
When a person is suicidal, they are actually thinking the opposite, that it would be better for their families if they were not around any more. That person is feeling sooooooo much pain, and it is actually that you just want the pain to STOP.

Suicide is your last resort, especially if you do not have a good support system in place.

Mindy, get on your knees and pray for strength, God will hear you and help you.
My prayers go out to Mindy, her child and her family during this difficult time.
If it takes Dr. Phil to keep her on this earth, and be a productive human being again, I say GO FOR IT!!!
A lot of people think he is capitalizing on her re: show ratings and $$$$.
If it takes Dr. Phil to keep her here I say, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This girl needs help........bad and fast.

Love You Mindy!!!!!

2260 days ago


Keep far away from Dr. Phi. If you go to the Texas Board of Psychological Examinars website and look up his name you can view his laundry list of disciplinary actions from when he was a shrink in Texas. Pathetic. He's a creep. It's all a matter of public record. Oprah's a sucker for guru's so Phil $$$$$ in on her. POOR MINDY..keep your undies on sweetie he's got an eye on you.

2260 days ago

steve darling    

Take it from someone who knows..mindy was suppse to be back in court on the 22 for a sentencing hearing after violating er probation yet again. This nothing ore then mindy stalling the inevitable. she has to reappear on september 22 and from what i hear ther will be no leaniancy . they are tired of her. as for dr. was midy's camp that reached ouy to him just norther stunt to try an keep herself out of the pokey. zande is with his grandmother and is doing fine. mindy has refused o end money to help out..better spent on drinking and pills. hope she enjoys enjoys the desert cuz i would bet my last dime this girl is going to prison

2260 days ago

al loanese    

this idiot would jump on his mama if he thought he could do a show on her......this creep uses peoples problems for his own benefits...and his bald azz aint even a real doctor...whoever takes advice from this human feces is as stupid as the crap my dog lays on the lawn.

2260 days ago

just some facts to get in the way    

Give me a break TMZ, and everyone else.

Dr. Phil is just like TMZ and everyone else that feeds off of Stars. He is out to make a buck but at least when he is done he will put them in touch with real Drs. He is not just going to make fun of them, running their mug shots in his promos or on his web-site. He isn't putting all their dirty laundry out their with out their permission embaressing and hurting their children and family over and over again.

I know that's the name of the game TMZ and I am just as guilty as you and everyone else for reading and watching but lets call a spade a spade.

2260 days ago


Mindy's mother Gayle is caring for Zander. He is in great hands and has been since she was sent to jail. She was infact taking positve steps to regain custody of her child.
People Need to realize she has a sickness and needs help. She certainly doesn't need to be bashed. I hope the facility in Arizona can help her find the peace she deserves.
She has a beautiful soul and voice.

May God be with you Mindy and watch over you. I hope this time you will be ok.

2260 days ago


One of these days she's going to wake up a vegetable messing around with pills and alcohol. I know someone who used to pull the old pill overdose every time she couldn't get her own way, makes it tough for people who truly are suicidal and need real help. This broad just needs a good kick in the butt and needs to kick the bottle. I am so sick of her antics. Hey Cindy, get a life, oh wait you had one and decided you prefer drama over singing. Idiot.

2260 days ago


This chick is a freakin mess.

2260 days ago


Uuuuuuuuuuugh. He hasn't treated a patient personally because HE'S NOT LICENSED. The idiot got his license taken away after he started SLEEPING with one of his patients. All he had to do was show up at a hearing in Texas to get his license back, but he never did.

2259 days ago


This man is no licensed DR. he has the equivalent of a correspondence degree.


2259 days ago


Dr. Phil has no valid license to practice - anything (but bad tv). He's let his license go, which shows that he's only interested in ratings and publicity(you can read that in $$$), not helping real people. rUN AWAY

2259 days ago


Get off Dr. Phil's back dummies!!!!! He's done more for daytime t.v. since Fox and Oprah!!!! If more people would get out and get some therapy of their own those worthless, sick soap operas would at last be off the air. He has done so much to bring mental health issues to the forefront in America and bring mental illnesses and addictions out in the open. He's THE BEST!!!!!!! Start helping you & your families get out of the gutter where half of America is these day!!!! GO DR. PHIL & SHOW!!! God bless him & his staff!!!

2219 days ago

Big Taters    

Pretty Mouth. Last!

1129 days ago

Big Taters    

Pretty mouth

1129 days ago
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