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Mindy Goes McCrazy -- Dr. Phil to the Rescue!

7/23/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mindy McCready, Dr PhilMindy McCready is going back to rehab after trying to do herself in with her favorite swiggable and pharmaceutical -- vodka and Ambien -- and we hear Dr. Phil's inserting himself in the whole she-bang.

TMZ has learned the troubled McCready went off the deep end late last week after getting dumped by her boyfriend and collapsed while on the phone with her mother. She downed a bottle of vods and pills in what we're told was a "suicide attempt."

She's headed to Arizona for treatment, and a source says that was all Phil's idea. We're told he's taken Mindy under his wing as a "personal project." As for whether or not she'll be on the show, time will tell.

We contacted Phil -- so far, no answer. Mindy's peeps had no comment.

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Somehow Bale's relationship with the mom has been "bitter" ever since. Bale has told friends his mother was extremely jealous of both his and his dad's success.

Last Sunday, Bale let his mom and sis into his hotel suite, though it was by no means an olive branch. As we first reported, there was physical contact, but somewhere in between a push and a brush. No one fell and no one was hurt.

Christian's camp thinks this could be nothing more than a shakedown. We're told some newspapers and mags have already been throwing around "insane" amounts of money for the story, so mom and sis could score big.

But our sources say the cops are starting to see the whole thing Christian's way, and the charges could disappear faster than Batman.


No Avatar


Oh...that's smart thinking Mindy. For your suicidal thoughts, go to a fake doctor for help!!

2251 days ago


Knock it off Dr. Phil! Knock it off Dr. Phil! Are you that HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2248 days ago


Are you thast HORNY DR PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2248 days ago


keep your hands off my new man

mindy mccready

i know your white trash and more than that i'll tell my new boyfriend that

i don't think anyone can help mindy

she's a lost cause

i have a lawsuit on mindy mccready for singing a song that wasn't meant for to sing it

the song is feels so right and it was written by randy owen of the supergroup rock country group

randy wrote it for me when i was his girlfriend at the time

now i'm his ex girlfriend

and mindy mccready you don't need help your sick enough

you make me sick to my stomach

mindy mccready you need to go to a mental ward and stay their

your just crazy person mindy

and keep your hands off randy owen

remember he's a married man get it or you're dumbest person i know

and i know how mindy got into country music business

and it wasn't her voice if you know what i mean by that

think about it

and dr phill can't help her either

no one can mindy but herself and she choses not too

2248 days ago

Grey Mist    

When is someone going to turn ol' phony Phil in for practicing clinical psychology without a license? He a doctor of nothing, but some crappy Phd in education. The man is a phony and has no business pretending to be a shrink. On his show sometimes, he has people with serious emotional and psychological issues and he is just not qualified to give advice and he sure as hell shouldn't explore these issues on TV of all places. The man is a menace and phony and should be sued of the air for fraud.

2252 days ago


OH GOOD GRIEF, DON'T bring in Dr. Phil. He isn't even a doctor !!! If he gets involved in this, she'll kill herself for sure !! Phil is a jury consultant that got famous when he helped Oprah win her case against the Texas cattlemen. He is not a doctor and the California Psychiatric Assn looks the other way - he is just "entertainment" on television. The guy is a whack job. Plus, he is absolutely incapable of doing a show without his "mommy", Robin, there. You sure you want to take advice from this boob??

2252 days ago


What a joke. Dr Phil isn't even a Dr. He is just a regular slob with no clue. Just because Ophat Winfrey had him on her show numerous times did anybody even know who he was. What a joke. He can't even keep his own house in order and he is going to tell people how to run their lives. pullleeeeeeaaaasssseeee......

2252 days ago


Would you trust Dr. Phil with your life? I wouldn't let him set my watch. What are his creditentials?? She should visit Dr. Drew.

2252 days ago


This is what is wrong with this country. We think a TV shrink can deal with this. This poor woman needs real help, and not someone who plays the part on TV.

2252 days ago

mike mcclaren    

Dr Phil helping anyone but himself is a joke. Much like Oprha his mentor, it started with the Angle network where everyone sent in their money and she gave it away as she saw fit in her name. Now Dr. Phil is as self promoting as she is. How can he help he is not even licensed in California?

2252 days ago

The Virus    

How do you "try" to do yourself in? If you decide you're going to kill yourself, well, then do it! If the alternative is to have Dr. Phil, then I'd find the highest bridge and jump. Better that then to have that idiot near me.....

2252 days ago


will that PHONY FAT SLOB Dr Phil please go away and let her get help from a REAL doctor not a QUACK,with out a license!

2252 days ago


I gave up on phony Phil after he was on the tonight show saying he knew where the missing Halloway young woman was...being held in a sex ring....and he going to save her!!!!! Where is she now Phil???

2252 days ago


Whatever happened to people being arrested for perpetrating a fraud and racticing medicine without a license??? Dr. Phil is no more a psychologist than Dr Seuss and he should be in jail.

2252 days ago


I feel very sorry for this young lady. Apparently she got to her wit's end and most times people just do not understand what that's like until maybe one day, their lives change (and not for the better). I'm not sure turning to Dr. Phil was a great move, but if he managed to talk her into going to a facility, he surely did the right thing. There is always "hope" and I hope this young lady gets the help she needs to realize it. God Bless her.

2252 days ago
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