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TMZ Photog Hits Novak With His Best Shots

7/23/2008 9:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Novak -- the conservative dude on TV who outed Valerie Plame -- hit a pedestrian today in D.C. It was only fair for us to hit him with every possible question about his driving ... especially his driving a Corvette.


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Hey "Hello?" -- TMZ is the epitome of yellow journalism. They've probably never heard of Richard Armitage and could probably care less. It's a real indicator of how smart the TMZ staff is.

2193 days ago


One word,"karma".

2193 days ago

Ed Stansen    

The reason Robert Novak "didn't notice" the person on his windshield is because this person was an ordinary human being, rather than one of Mr. Novak's celebrity aquaintances. If Mr. Novak doesn't know someone, he doesn't "notice" them, because to him they are not "persons". Another self-absorbed aristocrat once said about starving "persons" she didn't know, "Let them eat cake." This is the consequence of the new American aristocracy, arising out of a celebrity culture and it's sense of entitlement. The only to fix this is to follow Jefferson's suggestion of a revolution (in this case a social one) every 20 years. And maybe, just maybe, a law that prohibits relatives of elected officials from running for office.

2193 days ago


robert novak is a douche bag and a pitiful excuse for a "journalist." that fat repulsive bastard should have been charged with hit and run.

2193 days ago


Don't let the facts get in the way.
Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's buddy, outed Plame.
Cheap shot.

2193 days ago

william richard bradford    

a car indirectly is an extension
of a man's lack of manhood.

they seemingly
make up for the size.

like SEAL with
a bentley.........

2193 days ago


I didn't know John Edwards had a it true? Wow, can't hold it against him as he is just a man. As far as this old prick goes I just wish he would expire.

2193 days ago

captain obvious    

The guy is big wet flapping douche bag!!

2192 days ago


Whats goin on TMZ? Your STAFF has been slackin big time.. Get on the ball and start posting some stories. It can't be this slow in the 30 mile zone.

2192 days ago


For Hello---Richard Armitage outed Valerie Plame to ROBER NOVAK and asked him not to print it. Robert Novak is the lowest of the low. And, I might add, he's certifiably nuts. He makes a big deal about joining the Catholic Church---well, I consider him just below the bad Priests in my church. He's mean and hateful and on the fast track to HELL.

2192 days ago


Well, TMZ has finally outed itself as a liberal rag as well as a filthy yellow scandal rag. You proved it by attaching an unneeded tag of conservative to Novak. You don't seem to do the same slam using the liberal tag for the far left radical liberal morons around. I have no sympathy for Novak. I feel he should be the one indicted instead of Libby. Novak did the dirty deed, not Libby. Anyway, Plame should have been outed. Not that she worked at the CIA, but OUTED, RIGHT OUT OF THE CIA. Both her and her husband both radical liberals have no place in a CIA operation. WE cannot have reliable intelligence if they are operating as partisan democrats or republicans. Get a life harvey and quit that trashing people for the wrong reason. By the way, why no more constant bad-mouthing of Mary Kate and Ashley. Why no bashing of Paris. You always found an excuse before, why now now.

2192 days ago

Chris Curry    

Don't forget we live in a country where, if you are the right person, you can shoot someone in the face and then have the victim turn around and apologize for being in the way.

2192 days ago


6. I know this guy. He has a conscience. He IS a good guy. Say anything you want, you can't change the fact that he made a mistake, and he is still a good guy.

Posted at 8:52PM on Jul 23rd 2008 by Mother Mac Cree


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's one of the funniest posts I've ever read. The guy is a moronic hack, not really a good writer, and is without question, NOT a good person. Oh, and he looks like one of his parents shorted him a chromosome too. There is no worldly punishment fitting a lowlife the likes of "Benedict" Bob Novak. If you truly are his friend, you should be ashamed of yourself, humiliated and ridiculed.

On another note, laying off the anti-American enemy of the state for a second, I thought Wesley Willis died. I swear that's him behind the camera though!

2192 days ago


Hey MIK, where are you getting information that John Edwards is seeing another woman and his love child?? What proof do you have other than heresay or assumption where he was going or went? just curious??? Granted, I think the guy is a phony from the word go, but if you don't have the facts or can prove Edwards has a mistress and a love child, I think it would be kinder of you and even if it is true to keep your mouth shut..You are not hurting him, you are hurting his lovely wife who more than likely is dieing of cancer..Have you no compassion for her?

2192 days ago


Grandpa got run over by a douchebag,
Crossing over K Street in DC,
You can say there's no such thing as Novak,
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Novak's pushing seventy-seven,
'Bout as cranky as you can get,
But he took his medication,
And stumbled to the door of his Corvette.

When they found Grandpa in K Street,
At the scene of the attack.
There were tire tracks on his forehead,
And douchebag windshield wipers in his back.

2192 days ago
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