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Anne H. -- Fed Up with Ex's Alleged Fraud?

7/24/2008 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anne Hathaway's diaries might end up being a serious smoking gun against her ex-BF Raffaello Follieri.

The FBI has taken her private journals, reports Rush & Molloy, during a second raid on RaFo's Trump Tower apartment, and the seizure might bring Anne further into the Feds' investigation. Since his arrest in June, Hathaway has "cut off all contact" with the alleged con artist, say sources. She's even changed her digits.

Raffo is still in Federal custody.

Heath's Bar No Joke

Heath Ledger will continue to live in Brooklyn –- through a watering hole that he was investing in when he died.

Ledger was a "silent investor" in an as-yet-unopened Brooklyn bar called Five Leaves, the future of which was in grave doubt when he died. But Down by the Hipster reports that Heath's dad Kim "knew how much the project meant" to his son, and so he "released the funds to finish construction."

Heath's girlfriend Michelle Williams and daughter Matilda live in nearby Boerum Hill.

One of Three Jonases Hooking Miley 2.0

Can you say Zanessa Redux?

Nick Jonas, one of the traveling Jonas Brothers band, and Selena Gomez, the so-called next Miley Cyrus, have been dating for "several months," according to Gomez appears in the band's new video.

"They are not girlfriend and boyfriend," says a buzzkill Jonas rep. "They're friends. All of the Jonas Brothers are friends with Selena."

Party Favors: Barack Gives Daughter One Dollar ... Anand Jon Whines About Prison ... Tim Russert Gets His Own Highway

Wondering about Barack Obama's fiscal prudence? Turns out, according to People, he gives daughter Malia a buck a week. That's tight. ... Anand Jon tells Los Angeles magazine that "there is a possibility I may not survive" the ordeal of prison, where he's waiting trial on sex charges. ... President Bush signed a bill renaming part of a Buffalo highway "Timothy J. Russert Highway" after the late newsman, near his beloved Buffalo Bills.


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Fact Checker    

OK TMZ,, Check your facts.. Selena Gomez was not in "Camp Rock" that was Demi Lovato

2245 days ago


First--4 once

2245 days ago


Selena Gomez was not in Camp Rock. Her best friend was. Both Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez have denied they are dating as recently as 2 weeks ago.

2245 days ago


TOO bad Obama won't be as tight with OUR TAX DOLLARS, if he becomes President (God help us all if he does.) He has already said he is raising taxes if elected to give to the lazy asses who won't work and live off the ones who do. They love the Government hand outs. (Maybe a handful need it.) it is easier than working for a living. I know I have hired a lot of so called workers in the past. (All young people, who would rather lay around all day.) That is why the hispanic population has grown around here and the rest of the USA. they at least will work. But once Obama gives them amnesty and they can get all this Government help LOL, they may choose to not work too. But some of us will have to to keep them all up. I think Al Gore should let some of these needful folks move into his 10,ooo sq ft mansion. Obama is just another tax dollar spending liberal, but black.

2245 days ago


Hey Annie, move on girl. We all pick the wrong guy at one time or another.

2245 days ago


if you read the lamag story it really makes you wonder if there is more than what meets the eye-the girls dont make sense. they move in with their alleged rapist paying rent why?

2245 days ago


I like Ann but I'd be willing to say she was right in it with him and knew everything that was going on!!!!! She did not distance her self from him untill he was in custody but until then she was living the high life right with him you can't tell me you can't live that close to someone and not know what is going on!!!!! So I believe she was seting up people for him to con and she was a part of it also!! She was part of the con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2245 days ago

thats right    

okay, wikipedia doesnt really tell me much about this anand jon. who is he and what did he do wrong?

2245 days ago


I can't believe President Bush actually did something right for a change.

2245 days ago


I am at a loss on Anand Jon...give us a hint who he is and what he is alleged to have done besides remaing unknown to most of us.

2245 days ago

Make It Right!!    

Those journals will show that Anne Hathaway is no angel herself...

2245 days ago

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