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Kim to Shanna: He's Just Not My Type

7/24/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we got to the bottom (no pun intended) of the whole Kim Kardashian/Shanna Moakler bitch fight last weekend.

Shanna apparently felt Kim was after Travis because Kim was a model for his clothing line, Famous Stars and Straps. Now Shanna is lashing out on The Dirty, calling Kim a "donkey" and saying, "She's sooo f**king fat. She's 5'2" and she's like 140."

But here's the real deal. A source really close to Kim's fat ass tells us KK is laughing because Travis ain't her type -- as in, he's white and Kim doesn't go there.

KK thinks Shanna is "clearly jealous," adding the drink Shanna threw at her hit her in the foot, not the face.


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if anyone of these so called clebs said they were not into black men everyone would be calling the bitch what she is a RACIST fatass!!! maybe kim only likes black guys because they are the only ones who would do her fatass!!! KIM IS A FATASS RACIST PIG!!!! shame on all you idiots who are not brave enough to call this what it is!!! then again blacks can do anything they want and get away with it - just ask r.kelley., m.jackson, m. barry., etc... oh yea don't forget good old o.j.!!

2248 days ago


I watched their reality show when it was on...I thought Travis was a really good husband and father...He was always trying to please her and i thought he was really attentive to the children...even her 1st child!.( that little girl wasn't his right?)...Isn't shanna of mexican descent? problem...just asking..I never really followed Kim's life until...lately with the show and everything...Of course i'd heard rumors but....well you know rumors. She seems like a nice person....set aside the fact that...she's gonna regret that tape., day. Shanna is clearly a possessive person...if she was going to act like this she should have tried her best to be a better wife!...I think He's a nice lookin guy...minus all those tats. A bit on the thin side...other than that....he's handsome in his own way. Paris is Rich beyond what most of us could even comprehend...she parties....she'll slow down a lil later....until then i say Party with caution...but party!....we're ALL overweight in America....didn't you guys get the memo?....

2247 days ago


Is shanna kidding. get a life why dont you and start acting like a woman instead of a little kid. , why would kim want travis when she had reggie. Id be embarrassed to be seen with travis.

2247 days ago


Shanna....did you look at yourself in the mirror lately? You're fat as least Kim has nice curves and she's 50 times hotter than you will ever be!!

2247 days ago


I'm not really a fan of either of these girls...but did Shanna Moakler just call Kim Kardashian fat?!?! Maybe she should look in a mirror.

2246 days ago


Shanna is going crazy. As cute as Travis is not everyone is after him. She has some head issues that I think she needs to finally deal with and not bring everyone else down around her. Its sad that a woman like her flips out on the little things. I feel bad for her children that she would put them through this. Travis, its time to move on and forget the crazy ex.

2245 days ago


The only and I mean only reason KK is hated by all you White girls and boyz is because she is fine and not a shame or afraid to date Blk men PERIOD, unlike all you HATERs who would love to date a brother but your families are still stuck in the 1900's.

2243 days ago


Kim is too stupid to matter actually both of them are I hope they fall into a giant hole when the big one hits. Bush I met him in Vegas he is about three feet tall! Seriously maybe five foot nine and he wears some crazy lifts. He is on the outs in the NFL too small and too expensive as well as spends way too much time partying.

2243 days ago
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