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Shanna to Kim: Stay the Hell Away From Me!

7/24/2008 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna Moakler just issued the following statement in response to Kim K's "apology":

"I have for some time now avoided Kim Kardashian at all costs. I've avoided events, parties etc. in order to not see her.

"Quite some time ago I received emails from her mobile device of VERY inappropriate conduct between herself and my husband at the time, that were NOT at all "friendly" and very much "romantically" inclined. I spoke to Kim Kardashian, asking her to please stay away from my family as we are trying to heal after a very trying time, she agreed and but failed to do so.

"If I had known Ms. Kardashian was going to be at the BBQ in Malibu I wouldn't have gone. One day women will realize when you destroy families there will be angry and hurt ex-wives to deal with. I still have these emails and I won't release them as not to embarrass my ex and my family any further.

I find it sad that these types of events take center stage over the other positive things that I do in my work and life but I will not ever stop being brutally honest and staying true to myself. Not even for Hollywood."


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Shanna, for the love of God, get over it!! He's not that great and he obviously does not want you so stop humiliating yourself! Why would you repeat the story of your husband treating you like a piece of garbage time and time again with every slut in hollywood? Stop being the victim and pick yourself up already!

2285 days ago


Ok, so her husband cheated on her while she was married? AND? She thinks Kim is the first or the last he did this with? If he's a cheater, he's a cheater.... and it's going to happen anyways with someone else if not KIM! Your husband is the problem! But this is all about ego and jealousy as you know you married that guy for money!

2285 days ago


Exactly, this Shanna must live on the internet because she posts a response within minutes. Is the nanny the one who is mothering the kids at this point??
Also, I can care less how she was discovered. She's the typical tramp that parlays her looks for rich men and money. She's a gold-digging tramp! ANd a crazy one at that! SHe made Oscar's life a living HELL and even locked him out of his own house for DAYS with her mother in tow! The woman is psycho! And now she is acting like a teenager and KIM IS acting like a lady! KIM has absolutely NO CLASS whatsoever! SO, if you want a classless psycho tramp for a wife just because of her looks, well that's your mess to clean up afterwards. There are ramifications for getting involved with crazies like this.

I honestly DO NOT blame her husband for cheating on her. I think the marriage was already a sham when it happened and falling apart. Every time you saw her on the show, she was asleep. I don't even think she brings her daughter to school ever; it's the nanny that does this! SHe is no parent and she needs to start FOCUSING ON HER CHILDREN (WOW what a prospect, huh?) instead of other attention-seeking tramps in Hollywood. Shanna already showed the level she is on... can't go much lower than that.
You going to start going after EVERY WOMAN your ex screws??? That will be a never-ending feat! Think about it! Who is really to blame? WHy are you attracted and keep forming relationships with men who cheat?

2285 days ago

chin chin    

poor poor kim! i don't watch her show; but i did see a photo of her with her sister. she was wearing a bikini with a robe draped over her shoulders. she was walking towards the camera....and poor thing looked HUMUNGOUS!!! OMG she was HUGE and not in a good curvy way; but a BIG~FAT~SLOPPY~BAD~ FIGURE way. Her body was that of a 50ish saggy woman. The comical part is that she wore an expression of, "I'm so sexy and you want me." How funny! I truly pity her delusional fatty self :-)

I also think she looks as if she emits a crotch rotting odor :-(

2285 days ago


Yeah right. She ended that ridiculous diatribe with a sentence that resembles what Kim stated on her last response. And you know what, what "work" has this woman done lately other than sleeping and whining? She doesn't even take care of her kids. That is the biggest joke of all.

2285 days ago


Why is it she is always going after women for the actions and choices of her husband?

2284 days ago



2284 days ago


shanna needs to stop blaming the women. they did not make a commitment to her. oh but then she would have to balmethe meal ticket and might have to get her own work. lazy tramp. maybe learing to respect womenet would give her some self respect.

2284 days ago

Shanna's a Dumb Bitch    


2284 days ago


Am I correct in thinking, Shanna had a fight with Paris a few years back? seems this nobody will do anything for some press, grab a job already,,

2284 days ago


Shanna will do and say anything to get her b-list behind in the news! She already screwed up her marriage and also the fact she couldn't hold onto her first baby daddy! Grow up and do something productive with your have no clue how stupid you sound!! Your poor kids!!

2284 days ago


they should just get naked and wrestle eachother!!! HOT

2284 days ago


You know, I have heard so many stories about her husband and other women. Did she ever stop to think that it was him that was bringing all this on? Look in your own backyard Shana. It takes two!

2284 days ago



2284 days ago


Is this girl going to blame everyone for her divorce?

2284 days ago
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