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Shanna Calls Kim Out for Her White Love

7/24/2008 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is firing back at Kim K's claim she doesn't date white guys, telling

"Come on Kim, let the truth be told! You have dated numerous white guys. Your quote saying that you are not into white guys is a sham -- not a SHIM [a she and a him] like you! How about you just be honest Kim and say, "Shanna, I'm sorry for f'n with your man!" It's that simple... then you can deal with the aftermath from Reggie, you know -- your man that you cheated on!"

Your move, Kim.


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Shanna is just a washed up beauty queen reject that is a bitter, lonely insecure broad!! She obviously is stuck in the past and is obsessing on her ex that doesn't care to be with her's like she is trying to protect something that is not her anymore...he obviously left her for a reason!! She wants to cause drama just to have the spotlight on her...she should act like a mom and worry about her kids and raising them right, not proving to the world that she is no better than the other loser moms that put their kids through crap! They will eventually grow up and have "mommy" issues!! How sad!

2284 days ago


WHO THE CRAP CARES ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT KIM K DID THE NASTY WITH TRAVIS BARKER? Shanna and Travis are done! Kaput! No more! FInite! Shanna is obviously emotionally stunted as her attacks on Kim K are BEYOND immature. Be the bigger woman, Shanna...Kim K has NO loyalties to you. Your aggression is being taken out on the WRONG person. And for the record, I think both of these "ladies" are worthlessness wrapped in a pretty package. I don't care if Kims response was honest or least it didn't resemble some middle school rant. When skanks collide. It's almost too ridiculous not to be a publicity stunt.

2284 days ago


There needs to be a movement to save Shanna's kids. Seriously she has the mentality of an 11 year old and obviously isn't fit to raise them.

2284 days ago

chin chin    

Shanna is a beautiful girl with a beautiful figure. Kim looks likes she smells....BAD!!!!!

2284 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Danica vs. Milka at the auto race, the tussle at the WNBA game, and now the hissy-fit between these two lasses makes me think, woohoo, this must be Reality Catfight Week.

2284 days ago


When will this woman cease making a fool out of herself? Is Kim or her cheater husband really worth all this drama? YOu know it's likely she wasn't the only one your husband FU#$ed, right? GET REAL! YOU MARRIED A CHEATER! MOVE ON!

2284 days ago


Travis must be a beast in the sack. LOL Both of these dumb bitches are fighting over him.

2284 days ago


Maybe If Shanna didn't sleep all day Travis wouldn't have had to "get down" with Kim k.????????

2284 days ago


Hey shanna 140 pounds is not fat!!!! That is so BS for you to say that. You look old you dumb biotch and you are bitter.....No one in Hollywood likes you and you have slept with more men in Hollywood then Kim has so why are you being such hater now? Now that you are old and lonley you have to ruin other people 's lives? Atleast kim is making her own money.....Shanna tries to get knocked up by rockstars and TV hosts....The girl is nuts!!!

2284 days ago

Bob Booie    

Let's settle this by letting both of them dress in bra and panties and have a pillow fight

2284 days ago


sorry, this isn't "breaking news" tmz! these guys are losers that are famous for no reason!

2284 days ago


Shanna Moekler is a crazy crack head and everyone knows it. Back when they had their MTV show all she did was lay in bed watching tv and yell at people. Travis was the more nurturing responisble one. She can't make up her mind to stay with the man for 6 months straight. I think he takes he back because its better for the poor children if he is in the house. I like Travis Barker, but he so doesn't seem like Kim K's type, why would she cheat on Reggie for a scrawny dirty looking white tattoo dude? It just makes no sense.

Shanna I think she just messes with your head because you are easy to set off and then you make these public spectacles and it's hilarious for the rest of us to watch. You are so Jerry Springer Shanna! You accuse every it girl of trying to steal your man. He's a nice guy and can play some drums but seriously girl, Brad Pitt he ain't. Get over your crazy self!

2284 days ago


They are both self centered and immature, but kim is MUCH worse, and a liar, too. Kim has briefly dated Nich Lachey, and when the kartrashian sisters were on Chelsea Handler, Chelsea was teasing kim for only liking black guys and kim named a few more white guys that she has slept with. kim is a dirty pig and no one should buy anything that her or her skanky sisters do ads for so they get dropped and we dont have to read about these whores anymore

2284 days ago


Let's settle this once and for all: Shanna beats Kim because she won the Miss U.S.A. pageant and you have to have at least one talent for that. I don't think Kim's ability to take a load to the face counts.

Posted at 6:06PM on Jul 24th 2008 by Beth

2284 days ago


25. Shanana darling,

As a mother myself...act like a lady. You come off as so insecure. It makes you look like a loser. Come on, for your children's sake show some confidence and stop all the nonsense.

Kim: don't respond, you take back the power. She simply is too sad to respond to...seriously. You be the lady:]

Posted at 6:16PM on Jul 24th 2008 by Nikki

Can't you just see chris jenner, wearing her daughters clothes, writing this? it appears obvious that the k clan got involved here.

2284 days ago
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