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Simmons: Congressional Run in Short Shorts

7/24/2008 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard SimmonsRichard Simmons could make Congress a better place, at least for TMZ, because he might run for office.

Richie testified before the House Education and Labor Committee today on the subject of childhood obesity. Not realizing politicians are actually reviled figures, he said, "I want to have the respect of a congressman, I want to talk like a congressman, and maybe, someday, I'll be a congressman."

What to wear for the swearing in? We can't wait.


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TMZ: Please report on John Edwards and his love child! Do the right thing and try not to be such hypocrites ... we know you are slanted towards liberals, but c'mon!

2230 days ago


I saw him in LAX on Tuesday when he was flying out to DC. I wish I'd gone over to him and said Hi!

2230 days ago


TMZ is in the tank for the Liberals you will not see the Edwards story any time soon.

2230 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

At least Richard Simmons would never have a love child to worry about!! teehee

And I would love to see him on Capitol Hill in his little tiny shorts.

2230 days ago


Is his stance "wide" enough?

2230 days ago



2230 days ago


Post 1-3: First of all there is no proof that Edwards has a love child, plus one of his aid's has come out and said that the child is his. Not that I am defending these liberal democrats, but why would TMZ post something about a politician. This is suppose to be a celebrity site not a political one.

BTW - I saw Mr. Simmons in a suit and he looked pretty good, its just the hair.

2230 days ago


It would be nice to nave a "out" Congressman for a change.

2230 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I hate to burst your bubble #7, but the Natl Enq has lots of evidence on the JE love child. They have been tenacious on this story for months, and now they have pictures to prove it. They got a tip from a good source (prob the baby mama herself) and had 7 reporters and photographers at the Beverly Hilton ready to pounce. Pix will be coming in next week's print edition. In fact, there is an interesting article today on about the mainstream media willfully ignoring this story. Since Edwards is on Obama's shortlist of vps, this is an important national news story, not just tabloid gossip, yet no "respectable" news outlet will even mention it. It's up to the blogs and gossip sites to go with it, since MSM is not doing its job.

2230 days ago


::shrug:::: Why not have Richard Simmons - he couldnt do any worse than the deadbeats we have there already......

2230 days ago


I bet Richard Simmons could get Congress to cut back on all that pork.

2230 days ago


why not run for prez? he'a already got more experience than obama

2230 days ago


TMZ does not hesitate to report any foible of a Rebpublican or a conservative. This is why the newspapers of large and small cities are going down the tubes. They try to foist their liberals ideals on us; fortunately, the jig is up.
I do think this story has merit ~ in fact, quite a bit.

2229 days ago

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