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Britney Settlement Papers: Blow By Blow

7/25/2008 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney Spears trial is over. The case has officially settled.
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Under the terms of the settlement filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, before July 30, Brit must pay K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Kaplan, $250,000 for fees.

As for child support, K-Fed has scored. As we first reported, he's getting 5k a month more -- it's gone from $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

The agreement does not mention visitation, but we know Brit has three days and one night a week with the kiddies and that will increase as time goes on. We're told by fall, she'll have a second overnight a week.

Brit never asked for custody, because she's still under a conservatorship. So K-Fed has sole custody and she has visitation rights. We're told Brit is ecstatic.


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is not any coustdy case about money- what kind of life style are the kids living with 20K a month, and remember thats only the non coustodial parents share. rediculas!

2194 days ago


I haven't been keeping up. Has Brit's mom killed anybody this week?

2194 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

To pay her dad's salary and child support to K Fed she has to gross almost 600K a year before taxes!

2194 days ago


Of course you're 100% right. I believe that she should really be committed to a mental institution, where she might have a chance of getting well. Doesn't look like that will ever happen. Her fans just don't believe how mentally ill she really is, and want to blame Kevin for all of her troubles. No one ever says: Why did you do all the s*it you did, before. Oh well, at least her boys are safe from her for now. If I were Kevin, I'd insist that there was no danger present from her towards her sons before I'd even let her near them.

Posted at 1:15AM on Jul 26th 2008 by DIANE T in TX She might be able to have actual custody in about 10 years, if she stays on the straight and narrow. I don't believe she gave away her boys - I think she had no choice in the matter.

Locked away?!?! Are you serious ! She is getting better without being sent away and she would NEVER hurt those babies and no she was NOT crazy before k-fed she got some freedom and rebelled,she said so herself in an interview with Diane Sawyer(got married) I have read your post for months and have never responded until now because you are always on her ass.As far as k-fed he has stepped up to the plate yes but keeping the kids away from the paps?? The nanny and bodyguard have the boys most of the time. Another thing she had no choice and it's the best for now her lawyer released the statement saying Brit has 40% custody,this is NOT permanent.

2194 days ago


Britney was being selfish when she married Kevin, but as the sole breadwinner (at a very young age) to her family, it's no surprise that she would be somewhat spoiled and sheltered. This doesn't rationalize her actions...just kind of explains them. She married the "bad boy" that mom and dad would probably hate. Something a lot of rebellious one time good girls do.

There is no denying that Britney has problems. BUT, I believe that Kevin took advantage of their marriage, and her fragile state of mind. Has anyone seen that YouTube video of Britney being high? I wonder who took it? Who leaked it? One guess and you will probably be right. Kevin knew what he was doing all along. When they were married he spent her money like it was monopoly money, and when she dumped his azz he decided he wanted to continue living that lifestyle.

Granted Brit effed up with her continued erratic behavior and not taking the courts seriously because she still had that "I'm Britney, b*tch," mentality, but Kevin played her right from the start. And he was smart enough to play her (thanks, in part, to his badazz lawyers) throughout the whole ordeal. So while Britney was slowly sinking her ship, Kevin was busy making himself look like father of the year by toning down the behavior he was known for when they were married.

Unfortunately for Britney, she took the wrong time to sow her wild oats. This is NOT something one does after having two children--she kind of got it backwards. She should have took the opportunity to find herself before she got married and settled into motherhood. One minute a sheltered teenager, the next a wife and mother of two??? The path that she chose to take is enough to drive anyone crazy!

As for Kevin, initially I do think it was just about money, but I think it became something else when Britney had so many undesirable people hanging around her, and her behavior got totally out of control. Now, I think Kevin is more than willing to allow her to have a relationship with thier boys. I believe that he has respect for her parents (and they definitely won't let anyone run over their daughter) and since her parents intervened and got those users out of her life, along with the progress towards a more structured lifestyle that Britney is making, Kevin is more than willing to share custody.

During this two year period, I believe they have both matured and aren't the selfish people they were when it first started. NOW they are both thinking of the boys, not just of themselves...that's the way it should be when you have kids. Unfortunately, it took this long drawn out battle for them to both realize that. Now they they have their priorities straight, but sometimes we have to take the longer route to get where we are today. I sincerely wish them both luck and hope they continue to do what it right for their sons.

2194 days ago


Brit is getting so used, and the Judge is allowing it. Donating money to Kfed attorney and then to kfed so he doesn't have to work. All he does is play around and does NOT take care of the kids, nannies to that. This case is so sad. Is KFed paying for all the other kids he made?

2193 days ago


Now, I'm no k-fed fan but I don't think it is about money, 20000 a month for support of their kids. Britney spends more than that on starbucks!

2193 days ago

Stop Blaming the Paps For Everything Brit Does    

46. is not any coustdy case about money- what kind of life style are the kids living with 20K a month, and remember thats only the non coustodial parents share. rediculas!

Posted at 9:35AM on Jul 26th 2008 by greg


Your question is, what kind of lifestyle are the kids are the kids living with 20K a month. The question really should be, what kind of lifestyle are the kids entitled to? The law holds that kids should enjoy the lifestyle that their parent enjoys. If the parent is wealthy, then the kids should have the kind of lifestyle that wealthy families have. Thus, the child support calculation takes into consideration the wealthiest parent's lifestyle.

In this case, Brit is the wealthy parent. She pulls down $700K per month. That affords a pretty nice lifestyle. Nice house, luxury cars, four-star restaurants, designer clothes, nannies, security staff. According to the law, her two boys are entitled to share the same lifestyle that their mother does. She's rich, so they should live like other kids whose families earn $8.5 million a year.

2193 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

so she has to pay KPED
as an expensive babysitter.

$40 grand a month for both children
STILL keeps this wannabe playa down.

how can dis baller be ALL that on $40 g's and find some
cheddar to throw sideways for his other 2 dripping remains ?

this is a major step down
for a TRUE rapper.......

2193 days ago


Hate to say it but Brit Brit ended this one and there ain't no going back UNLESS KFed desires it - once these kids are in school, Britney's visitation will change again AND with her career (or one that she wants back) will also change her visitation - she will be gone for months - KFed gives them a stable environment, heck he was even able to take the kids to Disneyland without huge fanfare - it's really stupid to think this is about money now, Britney will NOT get these kids back in a normal situation - BUT that does not mean she can't have more kids (anyone watch that Baby Borrowers tv show? There is a girl on there that is bi-polar - insert Britney, THAT is what everyone has to deal with on a daily basis) The kids belong with KFed, the stable one

2193 days ago


I understand that a higher than normal child support order is needed here...after all the kids do deserve to be supported in a well off manner, and I am sure private schools and security are necessities in this situation, but come on!! $20,000 a MONTH??? Hell I dont even get that a YEAR for my 2 kids!!

2193 days ago


I think it's all about the money, I have yet to see K-Fed with the kids, when we see them they are with Britny, with the grandparents, the nanny or the body grard. when it comes to K-Fed we just hear he is a great parent, I say he is there for the money only.. he needs to fine a job and support the kids like a man, not get paid for caring for the kids, that is not a FATHER THAT IS A CAREGIVER.

2193 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Britney is not a "normal" mom guys, I think we all know it. She not even a "normal" person like the rest of us.

She's partying and living the fast lane celebrity lifestyle (that we have all supported and encouraged) and that's no place to raise a child - or children - so why shouldn't she give up her parental rights? She doesn't love them any less. I think it was actually quite smart of her to do so and a display of maturity on her behalf, albeit a rare one. She can't take care of those kids like she knows she should, but KFed seems to be able to do quite a decent job of it....let him. They will both work it out for those two boys - and I'm sure they have one hell of a support system.

The paps are quite ridiculous and resemble more a greedy wild pack of wild animals going in for the kill rather than "reporting on a story." The aggressiveness is unnecessary and should be monitored more closely - it's dangerous. These so called photogs record her EVERY move then put it on display to be taken out of context, judged and's really quite sad.

I think they should start thinking about how it affects the children of celebs...if not now, later down the road.

2193 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

benjamin tony atkins

you're an idiot.

2193 days ago

benjamin tony atkins    

paying KPED as an expensive
babysitter is a perfect antidote.

we hope he care just a little bit about this
second brood, then it's an easy investment.

UNFITNEY gets to go everywhere and pay for a
high priced nanny that can't put a hat on straight.

at least KPED will be
gainfully employed.

perhaps NOT in the lavish lifestyle he was accustom
to, but nevertheless, STILL at least in the game.

go playa !

now run along and be a good little
bitch and watch over UNFITNEY'S kids.......

2193 days ago
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