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Brooke to Hulk: I'll Rub it in Myself Now

7/25/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Hogan has learned two things from daddy Hulk: How to properly oil all her body parts and how to turn her skin into a fine orange leather.


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So, that's how it is in their family...

2250 days ago


ok, do we all have NOTHING better to do than disect brooke hogan putting suntan oil on? wow. geez, get a frickin life. and no, i didn't watch the video, just bored at work and wanted to see what you yingyangs could possibly say about someone laying out... do any of you ever get to the beach??? you'll see alot of this going on...just go there and study people doing it. it'll be the highlight of your summer.

2250 days ago


Just 3 things:
1. Isn't that considered stalking?
2. Did she or did she NOT get a boob job? She said she didn't, but.......I don't know.
3. It must be hard with average-sized men are dwarfed in your presence. Notice teeny tiny towel "boy"?

2250 days ago


Post #7 - Way to go in trying to invite distraction. First of all, what does Heath Ledger have to do with Brooke Hogan?? Absolutey nothing. Try using another name that is alive and can defend themselves against you. Way to go in kicking a dead person. You have proven that you are tough.

2250 days ago


She's going to have the skin of a 65 year old when she's 30 just like her mother because of all the tanning she's doing now. There's nothing wrong with being pasty white, it beats having skin the color of a pumpkin and the consistency of a pug prematurely. This is why botox is such a big thing nowadays. Wouldn't it be fascinating to see what this family looks like without the tanning, peroxide, plastic surgery, makeup and bandanas?

2250 days ago


The people are sooo creepy and get creepier by the day. Before I saw the hogans on their reality show i had always thought of daddy hogan as a lovable lunk head. After watching the show I became so creeped out by his sexual attention in his daughter. I am glad TMZ exposed dirty man hogan for what he is! Linda is also gross. Like an old leather corpse with a bleached blonde wig, How on earth does her 'boytoy' get it up. I hope the son stays in jail and becomes someones wife. K

2250 days ago


this ENTIRE FAMILY IS NOT WORTH THE Effort's the Flies that this stack of SHI% attracts that makes it semi interesting .And.Brooke doe's give new meaning to BBW .That's right it's time to get back to work all you PAID HOGAN poster's....Where's LA...LA...LAST LAUGH ETC. ETC.?guess the P.O. found out that it's been pounding some key pad somewhere , at least it was not another child. So let me be the first on here to give you some words you are familiar with.............SIT & SPIN BIT%H

2250 days ago


I couldn't watch this. Too creepy. You guys are perverts!

2250 days ago


#8.. HAHA yes I have a 11 grade education,, I gross 80K a year working offshore.. not bad for a country a$$ fu*k... atleast I laugh all the way to direct deposit.... while you do,,, WHAT??? what I posted is true,, ledger was a pill popping homo..

2250 days ago


bambam4LSU.......yes yes least im not the only non PERVERT ON HERE.....TO ALL OTHERS .....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS.....get a life PERVERTS

2250 days ago

Mr. Know It All    

What I do is none of your business, but it allows me to live in Manhattan comfortably.

Looks like you're outnumbered!

While you're working offshore, why don't you get your GHD, and after you accomplish that.........stick your head under the water for about 30 minutes and take a look at your family tree. You just confirmed how much of an idiot you really are.

2250 days ago


brooke is one really good looking young woman.

i've never seen their show and have no idea what she might be like.

that video is creepy.

2250 days ago



2250 days ago


OMG - TMZ is trying hard to trash this girl. Brooke is such a sweet girl, she does not deserve your BS. For all those who trash her, you must be jealous, because if you truely knew Brooke, you would be ashamed of yourself. This all is crap!

2250 days ago


I adore Brooke. She is really caught in the middle of all the crap going on. Its tough when your so young. I'd love to hang out with her, watch some movie, play some board games...just a nice quiet night.

2250 days ago
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