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Camo'd Paps Pounded by Brangie's Boys

7/25/2008 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rule Number One of papping the Jolie-Pitts: Do not get all up in their property -- especially wearing camouflage.

A couple of shooters found that out the hard way, getting into a scuffle with Brad and Angelina's security after they were discovered on the grounds of the couple's chateau in southern France, clad in camouflage clothing. According to the French police, both sides filed legal complaints accusing battery and injury.

No further information on the names or nationalities of the paparazzi was available.


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Boston Kate    

Good - I hope the security kicked the paps' ass.

2246 days ago


we'll cry for brangelina tomorrow. they thrive on attention...and whine when they get it. hahahahaha

2246 days ago


It serves them right! Get a life and stop bothering them; no wonder they went to a large estate in another country. I hope the paps received a good and proper "beat down"!

2246 days ago


That's just scary. I couldn't imagine bringing home babies, and having paparazzi stalking the grounds. They really need to have much stricter laws for this type of invasion, when it intrudes upon someones personal space, and security.

I apologize to tabloidians everywhere, but your job goes beyond freedom of the press, especially when it becomes a threat to someones feeling of safety and security.

2246 days ago


Double-post on and as always... I love Time Warner.

2246 days ago



2246 days ago

Just my opinion    


2246 days ago


They should not be allowed to harass the couple. There needs to be some stringent laws against rogue paparrazi.
Sneaking on someone's property when you know you are not wanted. Isn't that stalking????????
What makes the paparazzi exempt from this?

2246 days ago


you reap what you sow......

Hmm....right about this time the bidding war will commence in ernest now. ANd * shock * gasp* the money will be donated to charity * cough china cough* where they JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE ADOPTING THEIR NEXT PHOTO OPTS FROM !

I like her somewhat but don't like him. If she wanted to turn into abreeder and is doing ir for " charity" then it wouldn' t be in news outlets. she'd keep it too herself. or THEY"D keep it to themselves.

Shiloh's pic money got " donated" to * gasp* africa. where is zahara from? EXACTLY.....this is a form of legally buying kids under the guise of charitable donation. espically when their was a ban on overseas adoptions but her's still went through. hmmm....

I would like to donate to italy....with a kid as payment. it's like a fast food restaurant. pull up to the window and order and kid and go to next window and pay for pruchase...i mean donate to a third world country who needs the aide. Let me see her donate to other than a third world country and then come talk to me. because she know there adoption laws are tighter than a country trying to save it's people from starvation.

2246 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

yeah I'm sure she could suck the bed sheet up your ass.... but there is something creepy about Angelina.....

2246 days ago

go away    

I am from Nice and we are sick of Brad and Angie, go home, you cause to much trouble in my country.

2246 days ago


It was an invasion on private property. They should have got the beat down.

2246 days ago


I think this is the perfect example of crossing the line. You know that the Paps. are gonna lose this one. They were on private property weraring camoflage. Security had every right to rough those creeps up!
Back off of that family!

2246 days ago

Lee Peterson    

WOW. Amazing how off track some of the limited in reading comprehension commenters are...This is not about YOU or whether or not either parent falls into your "psuedo critic" category of valuable. The point is, dear reader, that no one should be trespassed on no matter who they are or where they live. This is unlawful. I also am RATHER bored with TMZ and all other "media" who do not use the normal spelling of an artists' name. I doubt if anyone with TMZ who has a significant would appreciate their names being blended into the sophmoric "nickname" that are used by the trendier media.
They have names. Use them. This applies to all celebrity couples. After all, they ARE why you have a living. Be a friendly, respectful barnacle, as should the photographers. In closing, let me state that here in Texas we would shoot them outrside the door and then pull them inside and call it self defense. (No doubt, I will have all the guns shoot people folks riled now)

2246 days ago


No surprise...the paps show once again that they have absolutely no shame. I hope they really hope that Brad and Angie go to the furtherest extent of the law on this one.

2246 days ago
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