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Camo'd Paps Pounded by Brangie's Boys

7/25/2008 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rule Number One of papping the Jolie-Pitts: Do not get all up in their property -- especially wearing camouflage.

A couple of shooters found that out the hard way, getting into a scuffle with Brad and Angelina's security after they were discovered on the grounds of the couple's chateau in southern France, clad in camouflage clothing. According to the French police, both sides filed legal complaints accusing battery and injury.

No further information on the names or nationalities of the paparazzi was available.


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love them    

(nan) not every body spend every waking moment running from site to site all the time to bash celebrities, some of us have real lives, you know? things like school, work, family, animals, church, so to say only 20 people like them is totally wrong, millions of people just show up to their movies and donate to their charities, and admire them from afar, you need a life aside from stalking these celebrities, this couple is to be commented for all the wonderful things they contribute to this world, not to mention what a handsome couple they are. they deserve their privacy whenever they want it.

2246 days ago


I too, hope that the laws will change regarding the 'freedom' the paps have to totally invade the 'personal space' of those who are in the public eye. I think it's totally 'lawles' the way that the currently HOT celebs, get totally slammed by blinding flashes as they exit from ANY currently hot spot...AND the reason for that is that they WANT it, it gives them their PR "fix"...the old saying "any PR is good PR"...ain't necessarily so, for everybody. You don't see the Pitts 'out and about', they're at home with their children, their focus at this time in their life is building their family, and being able to enjoy the children while they are young and able to travel, and share the world with their blessed are these little ones to be part of this 'special -almost custom-made' family. I have to hand it to them for not only having biological children, but 'chosen' children as well. Angelina was on the Larry King show one night, and Larry said, "there was a guy who had a fairly large family, and some were an interview, the man was many kids are adopted...he said, three, but, I forget which three"...THAT is spot on for this family. The Jolie-Pitt bunch don't ask for press, they are gracious when they are confronted with it...unlike some of those 'seekers of the spotlight' (i.e., Paris, Brit, they are totally aware that it;s going to be part of their life, and they have tried to shield their kids...but it' a weird situation, because Brad has said that his kids think it's 'normal' for people with cameras ALWAYS there when they exit their home, and calling out the kids names and knowing stuff about them, that you and I would kinda freak about if strangers knew personal details about our BACK OFF 'CAMERA-KAZI"...if you ain't invited, you can't come 'to the party'...and if you persist, get ready to lose out on the "Benjamins"...and hopefully a stay in the "crossbar hotel". Stick with it Brad and Angie, build your family the way you want, protect them the way you need to, and live 'A Wonderful Life"! Love to you all.

2245 days ago


I just cannot stand brad and angelina. I used to think how cool Brad was untill he left Jen in such a bad way. Then there is Angelina I never really liked her. You can lick her lips and stick her to the window like one of them toys. I really do not see how people think she is so beautiful. And Brad is looking so old. I think it is ashame for them to get paid 15 million for their baby pics. all this pap problems is their own fault. you dont see other new moms getting hasselled like this. Dont be fooled they like this attention with the paps. I hope the paps get thru with out having to pay them for their stupid pics. They are just babies and not too mention maybe infertility inhanced. How sad.

2243 days ago


Why do these two take all their money from America then go spend it or give it to other countries? They don't have to go to France to have photographers chasing them down. They can get that right here in the good old US of A. Just remember, the noblest people give for the sake of giving, not to get notoriety or credit or redemption for their misdeeds.

2242 days ago
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