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Cops to MTV Star: You Really Pucked Up

7/25/2008 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PuckFinally, proof that all publicity is not good publicity -- Puck has been busted because he appeared on TMZ.

You may recall, we had video of the "Real World" faux-lebrity hosting a party at Jet Nightclub in Vegas a few days back, where he bragged about siring the children of lesbians.

Well, turns out, San Diego cops are fans, and when they saw his mug, they wanted one of their own. Puck has a three-year-old warrant for traffic violations and S.D. cops are now on the hunt.

Puck is for once a wanted man.


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Burn Pedro Burn.

2180 days ago

Kimmy Kay    

He is a loser!

2180 days ago


eff you, gwen

2180 days ago


I hate this little motherpucker!

2180 days ago

Rachel Campos    

Some things never change - remember, he was arrested for an outstanding warrant for traffic violations (not attending traffic school) in the first episode of RW: San Francisco. Its just much more lame when you are 40 years old.

2180 days ago


So "puck is still dealing with traffic violations? Conclusion here is that he still hasn't grown up even after becoming a parent twice. I hope Betty (his wife) is a better parent then this guy.

2180 days ago


I ask again, was this guy dying from AIDS like 15 years ago? WTF?

2180 days ago


Might be thinking of Pedro. He did die from AIDS some time ago.

2180 days ago


Please please please let the cops who finally end up busting him be some of those baton wielding, steroid abusing freaks with anger management issues. Please. For the children.

This baggy-eyed douche has been a pain in the ask-me-no-questions since day one. Hated him on RW, hated what an absolute psychopath he was to a DYING man, who literally died months after taping shows with this supreme moron. I don't care if his wife allows him to lay his disgusting testicle leather where ever he wants, Im quite sure there is NO line waiting for that little commodity.

Ugh. Why Pedro Lord? Why?

2180 days ago


The San Diego PD is not going to do a thing. My soon-to-be-ex-husband lives in San Diego County and has violated his probation 4 times, has warrants for that (the original charges were burglary, vehicle theft, and possession) and has another 2 warrants for vehicle violations. They know he lives with his girlfriend (another multiple offender) who's on probation (and recently out of jail for probation violation). They know where she works, where they hang out, where they stay, etc., but I was told that due to budget constraints, unless he walks into a police station begging to be arrested, they don't have the budget to hunt anyone.! The DA told me that the only people they'll sentence to a jail term are rapists, murderers, and the like. They don't have room for anyone. If Puck has warrants, he may be arrested and held for a couple hours, but no longer.

2180 days ago


singlemomof3 please tell me they'll at least beat Puck a little? If beating him is out of the question do to budget constraints, I'm sure there are many who would be happy to offer their services for free.

2180 days ago


WAIT A MINUTE!!! Lesbians and Gays saids that being like that is okay in the eyes of God and that he approves it. If God does approve it, why do they need you? WHY CAN'T THEY SIRE THEIR OWN CHILDREN FOR GOD?

2180 days ago

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales    

Like EVERY OTHER big city police department, San Diego P.D. (and
Sheriff) don't have the manpower, the budget, or the desire to go
LOOK for Puck for having traffic warrants. BUT...if he's stopped
while driving, or a cop somewhere asks him for I.D. and runs his name
for any other reason, he'll be arrested for the warrants. (Then, he'll
just get a fine and a slap on the wrist anyway.) Plus, he lives in
L.A. now, not S.D., so if LAPD, or an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy gets him, they may let him post bail,
instead of busing him back to S.D. just for traffic court.

What a little pucker.

2179 days ago


This guy was and always will be a total waste of space. I watched Real World when he was on, and he was an obnoxious, selfish, immature loser. Clearly, he hasn't changed at all. I think it's HILARIOUS that he got busted after pretending to be famous - again! Hahahahaahahaa!

2179 days ago

Vrod D.    

I meet this Puck guy at Banshee Wars 5 in Dumont Dunes (he was the host of the event). I could't stand this jerk! He's a complete idiot in real life. Remember me jerk? you told my husband not to bring me back because I punked you! Cry baby! Go home to take of yor brood.

2179 days ago

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