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"Roseanne's" Original Becky: Misfortune Teller

7/25/2008 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once upon a time Alicia Goranson's future seemed bright, playing the original Becky Conner on "Roseanne." That was over eleven years ago.

Alicia, 34, resurfaced last week at Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn -- working! Goranson was reading tarot cards and telling patrons lies their fortunes for money.

Somewhere on the "Scrubs" set, Sarah Chalke is laughing.


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BTW: Her name is Lecy, not Alicia!

2278 days ago


Alicia Linda Goranson (born June 22, 1974, in Evanston, Illinois), better known as Lecy Goranson, is an American actress. At age 14, Alicia Linda Goranson was cast in the role of Becky Conner in the television sitcom Roseanne, which debuted to great success in 1988.

Since Roseanne, she had several small roles in films and has guest starred in both Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Sex and the City. In her film roles as an adult, she is normally credited as Alicia rather than Lecy.

2278 days ago


She is doing it for reseach. She has a new roll in a film thats a sequel to Ghost. You people are suppsed to know this stuff.

2278 days ago


Get YOUR facts straight! Scrubs has been renewed for a final 13-episode run on ABC this fall. So yes, probably right about now, Sarah Chalke's sweet bod is probably on the set!

2278 days ago


I doubt she was working for anything. She is paid off risiduals for the rest of her life. Give me a break. She left to go to college too, so really she is not working as a tarrot card reader. Geez. You all are pathetic.

2278 days ago


TMZ....Did you ever think that maybe she's not TRYING to be a famous actress anymore and that she feels happy and fulfilled in her life...SHOCKING to think not EVERYONE has a need to live their life in the public eye......BTW HARVEY YOU"RE SEXY AS HELL!!!

2278 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

All I can say is that I want a job where I can sit around all day, drink, tell people what they want to hear, and get paid.

This doesn't look like a job as much as just having some fun. She was GREAT as Becky!

2278 days ago

The smart one    

Um hello...MagicBel, are you scoring some of Lilo's crack because Lecy is short for Alicia. Ding dang yaw'll!

2278 days ago

Reverend Ramona    

Read her blog on Blogspot and you'll find a classy, interesting, intelligent young woman. Don't judge someone's whole life by some random pictures you see on a website. For a former child actor, Ms. Goranson seems like a pretty well adjusted member of society, but if she was a strung out, trash talking, sleazy criminal trying to hold on to some vestige of her former kid actor days (like so many of these dolts), you'd all be hating on her just as much.

Alicia, I am sure your fortune reads: LOOKING BRIGHT.

2278 days ago


I don't care why she is doing it....she is awesome!

2278 days ago


I think its Lacey not Alicia

2278 days ago


Alicia, 34, resurfaced last week at Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn -- working! Goranson was reading tarot cards and telling patrons lies their fortunes for money.

Easy....It's not like she's saying "ya want fries with that?" Let's just hope she doesn't really hit rock bottom and take a job with can't recover from that :)

2278 days ago

Mary P.    

She was also awesome in Boys Don't Cry - anyone forget that? Award winning film and she was a supporting actress. Sarah Chalke was alright on that show - people were just used to Alicia (Lecy was her "kid" moniker). Sarah Chalke did some pretty good work on Lifetime movies too.

2278 days ago


RE: That'sRight

She left the Roseanne show to go off to college...I saw that on True Hollywood Story and cosigning with everyone else, her name is Alicia, Lecy, as some stated, is her nickname...she IS a great actress though. Memba her in "Boys Don't Cry"?

2278 days ago


This girl is from Evanston, Illinois originally. Back when I was in high school and she had just left the show I was at a coffee house in her home town and she came in while home I guess and was extremely rude and condscending to absolutley everyone. She clearly thought she was all that, and just actually wasn't anything special at all.

2278 days ago
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