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"Roseanne's" Original Becky: Misfortune Teller

7/25/2008 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once upon a time Alicia Goranson's future seemed bright, playing the original Becky Conner on "Roseanne." That was over eleven years ago.

Alicia, 34, resurfaced last week at Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn -- working! Goranson was reading tarot cards and telling patrons lies their fortunes for money.

Somewhere on the "Scrubs" set, Sarah Chalke is laughing.


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I thought her name was Lecy...

2246 days ago


the other girl looks like a girl that was on Survivor, Jenna something

2246 days ago


I loved her on Roseanne, and sarah Chalke SUCKED as the new Becky. I hope what ever she is doing these days she is happy. She rocked as Becky and til this day I watch Roseanne, it is and will always be the best show. PERIOD

2246 days ago


Where the hell is her chin?

2246 days ago


How the hell did Scrubs last!? And now it's going to ABC? WTF!? It sucks & has always sucked. Lecy/Alicia was definitely the better Becky. i just found out the guy who played Becky's husband died by overdose or suicide years ago.

2245 days ago


she reads cards as a hobby she went to Vassar collage thats why she was on and off the show with sarah so you guys taking a picture of her reading tarrot cards means nothing ..her real name is ALICIA GORANSON .. LECY is a nickname

2245 days ago


she was great as becky and in Boys Dont Cry. She looks good, healthy and happy.

2245 days ago


With reading cards, you either have or you don't.
It is not a rare gift.but sometimes a bit of an annoyance.

2245 days ago


Alicia "Lecy" Goranson was great as becky, although I think she was dumb for leaving for college, she could have waited 5 years and stayed with the show. I think Sarah Chalke had a hard time fitting into a well known show but handled it the best she could. Obviously she is a great actress who did great in roles she played from the start. You both were wrong. Scrubs is filming right now and it's actually 18 episodes ordered for this season. It will start in either the fall or January. The show might actually continue after that perhaps with an all new cast.

2245 days ago


Myabe you people should read the other comments on this before you post because when you post something that has already been said or explained... you just sounds retared.

2245 days ago


ALICIA (becky) had her moments on roseanne show. at least she had spunk...sarah chalke was like a sleeping pill on the show.

2245 days ago


Lecy was an amazing actress on Roseanne. She had the teenage facial expressions, gestures and attitude down to a tee. Few teenagers 'play' teenage roles well, as they tend to overact the angst and frustration, but if you didn't know she was acting, you'd have thought she was born into that family. Oh, and her timing. It was spot-on.

Actually, all the Conner kids were great in that show. Darlene was a little too precocious, but hilarious. And I adored DJ, especially when he was really young and so cute and shy. He looked like an angelic version of Roseanne, yet he was 100% little boy. Loved the episode with the Barbie doll heads in boxes under his bed, lol.

2245 days ago


For all you crazy people out there, let's set the record straight. Her real name is "Alicia" but we called her "Lecy" and she left the Roseanne Show to go to college. I should know. I'm her cousin.

2245 days ago


Scrubs has hardly ended. It will be back for an 8th season on ABC. Long live Elliott!!!

2245 days ago


With that much mascara kinda looks like an old Gwen Stefani or Rocky the Raccoon. Sorry, I'm a Darlene fan. "How much damage can he do with one free hand?"

2245 days ago
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