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"Roseanne's" Original Becky: Misfortune Teller

7/25/2008 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once upon a time Alicia Goranson's future seemed bright, playing the original Becky Conner on "Roseanne." That was over eleven years ago.

Alicia, 34, resurfaced last week at Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn -- working! Goranson was reading tarot cards and telling patrons lies their fortunes for money.

Somewhere on the "Scrubs" set, Sarah Chalke is laughing.


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i liked her better

2247 days ago

captain obvious    

15. BTW: Her name is Lecy, not Alicia!

Posted at 2:25PM on Jul 25th 2008 by Melissa
WRONG!!!!!!! As a few have pointed out earlier, she very pompously announced on that Larry King appearance that her name is (now) Alicia. She also demonstrated how arrogant she is. Give a girl a supporting role on a sitcom for a few years and she re-emerges after several years of hiding and she thinks she' s the greatest thing since sliced bread. If you missed that King show, you missed a lot! What a little snot!

2247 days ago


who cares what she's doing? she needs to make money like everyone else, leave her alone. what a snobby thing to do. why cut someone down like that? it's not going to make a difference to the media so go make your story somewhere else. i can't believe how ignorant the tabloids are, the sad thing is i can't keep myself from reading this one.....

2247 days ago


She left the show, for college. She's in some indi films, quite good one's too.

2247 days ago


Did she or did she not leave Roseanne to go to and graduate from college?

2247 days ago


Doesn't anybody else remember why Lecy left the show? She was (allegedly) being sexually harrassed by one of the producers. Interesting that she returned from "college" after Tom Arnold split from Roseanne & the show. I did see the cast reunion (why is "Jackie" never at these things?) on Larry King. Lecy came across as "tool cool for the room." Pretty full of herself. Sarah was the better Becky. Much more believable as the person hot Mark would marry. When Lecy returned & wore Becky's "Hooters"ish outfits, it was an embarrassement.

2247 days ago


Lecy read both my and a friend's cards and was on point! So she knows what she's doing and every one was having a good time. What's pathetic is that the people having the birthday party next to her took the opportunity to snap a picture and send it to tmz instead of just minding their own business.

2247 days ago

Make It Right!!    

She left Rosanne to go to college. And atleast there is one former child star who isn't insisting that she stay a "star" her whole life because of it! If she gets an acting gig, great, if not, she may read Tarot cards. Lots of people make a small fortune as tarot card readers. They make $30 for half an hour!! That's $60.00 an hour and for a 8 hour day, that's alot more money than most people make if you have a following and get booked up every day. I am friends with a woman who does it and she makes $480.00 a day. She has to pay the establishment she works out of for the space like a hairdresser does, but she pays for that with one day's pay. Rather see that than the ridiculous speech Alley Sheedy gave at the Independant Spirit Awards for High Art about how hard her life has been tring to show the world she was more than "The Breakfast Club" and she went on and on for literally like half an hour about how hard life was for her to be an actress all these years. It was like, so then go out and get a real job idiot! Alot of regular people have to change professions, why do celebrities think they are forever entitled to be an actor/musician just cause they had success at one time? When your success is over, move on and get a real working job!!

2247 days ago

Make It Right!!    

You do know the "hot actor" who played Mark killed himself, right??

2247 days ago


Doubtful that she is broke Roseanne is on all the time... the residuals must pay the bills. She probably enjoys the tarot thing...

2246 days ago


the hot guy that played Mark wasn't deliberate suicide. Oh and I agree with 51! Why do people act like you are such a failure loser if you stop acting to persue other interests. Hollywood is not all it's cracked up to be. Alot of people HATE it and leave the life because it is a sleezy, pressure-full, empty, sad existence that makes you HAVE to constantly obsess over yourself. No fun!

2246 days ago

eat my skeet    

Who cares if she's reading cards. I guess its kind of sad that these days being the star of a retarded reality show (pick one) or slutting out to do whatever will pay you a dollar and keep you in the public eye is totally acceptable. Personally I find it more sensational that A) Black Label beer is still around and B) People still drink it. Come on people. Ever heard of "Golden Anniversary"? Now thats a brew...

2245 days ago


I worked with Alicia Goranson on the Indy flick "Death4Told". She paraded around like she was above everyone else, and barely made eye contact with any of the other actors, She came off as pretty full of herself , Overall, I was FAR from impressed. I totally believe the other poster about her coming into the coffee house in IL and acting like a jerk.

2234 days ago


i cannot attest to what her motives were for doing so, but she left roseanne, enrolled at vassar college, and graduated in 1996 with a degree in english. (cannot attest meaning i don't know if she left the show because she was sexually harassed)

2234 days ago


She didn't just go to college, she went to VASSAR. She has a giant brain.

2232 days ago
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