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Amy Winehouse: A Jack of All Junkies

7/26/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse had no answers for the pappers outside her loft -- until it came to the Jack Daniel's she had in her hand!

With rumors swirling that she put Jack Daniel's in her inhaler -- the lovely trainwreck singer had only one thing to say.


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Isn't that one sophisticated lady! yuck...

2277 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Ah, the universal language of love . . . how is it that the finger that both a man and a woman uses to pleasure a woman with is the universal sign of a hostile put-down? I guess I can understand a man showing that finger to another man as it would mean, "your a woman," but a woman flashing it to a man? Wonder how that got started?

2277 days ago


She is so ugly. Look at the earlier pictures of her from a few years ago. They need to make one of those before/after crack posters out of her!!! Can she honestly not see the change in herself?? Does crack make you lose your vision also?

2277 days ago


Yes sissy and hang it in all the schools in the US.

2277 days ago

VSgirl model    

Amy looks so so cut look at her she.I love amy winehouse.

2277 days ago

Cherry Cola    

I see you Amy.
Shower today?

2277 days ago


It was so funny watching her try to keep her head straight!! She is the fugliest "celeb" that I have ever laid my eyes on!! She just needs to do everybody a favor and either move to Antarctica or O.D. already so we won't have to look at her ugly face anymore!! Why is she famous anyway? She is ugly and she cannot sing worth a flip!! My dog sings better than her! I bet the only reason why she wears her hair like that is so she has a place to hide all her drugs!

2277 days ago


She looks like she was in a hatchet fight and she was the only one that didn't have a hatchet.

2277 days ago


she is one of the most sickening and sorry looking trash i have ever seen,and the name is enough to kill her.people that looks like tahe shouldnt be allowed in could anyone like the way she looks,a hooker looks better than that.i would be ashamed to tell anyone i knew her.i dont think any human could look any more trashy.she shouldnt be allowed to go to any public place except to can people want to be so sorry,beats me.

2277 days ago


She has a terrible addiction...she's killing herself...don't any of you have some compassion? This is a terrible event to watch...DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT? She's obviously not in her right mind and yet you ridicule her and make fun of her... you should be ashamed of herself. Too bad it will take her death for you to have 1 milisecond of guilt for your actions. May God have mercy on your souls.

2277 days ago

The Hulkster    

...i would like to bang the crazy right out of her....

2277 days ago


She comes out of the house messing with her mess of a hairdo to make sure that her drugs are hidden, then when she comes back, the Jack Daniel's bottle is half empty. So this is proof that she drove while intoxicated. I hope that she gets some help soon.

2277 days ago


13, she didn't drive--drivers are on the right side of the car, opposite of American driving...

2277 days ago


trash trash trash

2277 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Jack Daniels in her inhaler? Doesn't she know that Wild turkey is a bit smoother to inhale? By the way: I learned
how to "properly" drink whiskey out of a gas cap by a good ole' boy from Kentucky when I was 18 or so. This
guy was a NUT, but he was alright.

2277 days ago
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