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John Mayer to TMZ: Game On!

7/26/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We challenged John Mayer to host TMZ TV -- and wouldn't you know it, he took us up on the offer!
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Throughout the week, we aired snippets of John hamming it up for cameras -- but click the pic to watch the highlights.


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John Mayer impresses me with his guitar playing. Makes it look easy. All the haterz are just jealous.

2257 days ago


I've never been much of a fan or otherwise, but I just loved that...well done John, thanks for giving me a giggle.

2257 days ago


19. This was freaking hilarious. I absolutely adore him. And to be completely honest, his personality has turned me on more to his music.

Does the unedited version exist anywhere?

Posted at 8:22PM on Jul 26th 2008 by Jen

Jen...I thought the same...I love hip hop and that's pretty much all I listen to, but I'll have to familiarise myself with his stuff...he's got charisma, which also makes him more attractive...I'm starting to get what Jen and the others see in him.

2257 days ago


I suppose if he was telling TMZ to f- off or giving them the finger he would be the "uber cool" celeb, huh? Whatever. I prefer my celebs funny and down to earth. Go John!

Posted at 8:22PM on Jul 26th 2008 by Jen

ITA...he's always respectful to many of the others are incredibly rude to the paps and I just think that is wrong...John's always treated them as though they are people, and it seems to be paying off for him. He seems to have gained a lot of his following/fans through the internet.

2257 days ago


John looked like a a--hole by all means lets clean that up. This all reminds me of when Britney Spears started dating Adnan paparazzi. Honestly John Mayer has sunk to Paris Hilton's level dragging Jennifer right along with him.
I think Jen brought John Mayer and now l wonder how much TMZ sold out for. I am greatly disappointed in TMZ but thanks for proving that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have no moral value what so ever. John/Jen and now TMZ may hate Brad/Ange but at least those two are busy making a difference in the world. At least those two are not playing juvenile high school mind games in the media. John and Jen will never have any good luck eventually all the bad karma will catch up to their ass and paying people will not help. Just so you know I use to be a Mayer fan but stop when he became a douche bag. I never paid any attention to Brad/Ange before but now they look like angles compared to John/Jen who both look like douche bags.

2257 days ago

love them    

ha ha ha just kidding, but i like john, he is such a funny guy, treats people nice enough, i always thought he was too good for Jen when every one else liked Jen over him, only because she can't hold down a man and keeps getting dumped, john is smart talented, funny, cute and a all around nice guy. people are jealous of him, and i don't blame them. he's a cool guy. jennifer is old and unattractive with no talent, sorry, i tell it like it is.

2257 days ago


Oh gah! I LOVE THIS GUY! He's the funniest, most intelligent celeb I've seen in years - maybe ever. And he's incredibly talented, to boot. He's the main reason I log in to TMZ...Because I know when there's a JM clip, I'll get my money's worth!
Game on?! ... Me = Team Mayer

2257 days ago


I thought Mayer showed a lot of integrity in not saying anything about Angie and the twins. He showed respect for them and for Anniston. That is a lot more than many of the comments here. This had nothing to do with her or her past. I can't believe he would be dating anyone that was still in love with someone else. it is obviouse that they care about each other, and seem to have a good thing going. None of what we saw has anything to do with who he is dating, so why are people being so negative about it.

I liked the long version better, as it showed Mayers quick wit and intellegence. He did this on the spot, for a lark. Please take it as it was meant, and please quit making rude comments about someone you don't know.

2257 days ago


I like this guy and love the way he can play TMZ. Harvey and the staff does not know what to do with him! John rocks...

2257 days ago


I'm not a fan of his, but this video made me laugh. He is clever, I'll give him that.

2257 days ago


When it came to the Brad/Ange thing all John had to say was "Congradulation to Brad and Angelina for the birth of their twins" but he couldn't even do some thing simple like that probably because Jen would have been pissed about that. It's so pathetic that they had to erase all the post that did not like John. They sure keep John's post up of him kissing his own @ss.

2257 days ago

Single Mom    

I never paid him that much attention, but I love funny guys and now find him hot. Lucky Jennifer!

2257 days ago

Make It Right!!    

I wholeheartedly agree that if he'd merely said a congratulations, it would have made the whole thing a non-story and all Brad/Jen/Angie sh*t would have stopped right with that. But now because he said that the birth of babies requires him to say something nice and that this would cause him to "completely sellout his personal life" and asked the camera guys to "make his life easier with this stuff" obviously shows their is DEFINITELY BRAD BAGGAGE ALL OVER HIS RELATIONSHIP with Ms. Aniston. After finding that article she did about her mother and Brad being the only one to show her how she was responsible for her actions as an adult and not her mom and how long even after that acknowledgment she still carries this grudge....just shows she has now nobody who tells her the truth and what she is responsible for and how she is blaming the wrong person and still carrying the, who would want to be mixed up in all that with someone who you are supposedly starting a life with?

2257 days ago

it takes a molester    

I agree with Kelli and Single Mom. Jennifer is so lucky to have John!

2257 days ago

Make It Right!!    

okay, bare with me, I have the house to myself, the maid came so no chores whatsoever, the whole house all to myself and diggin it, doing what i love best, celebrity gossip! All info comes from Wikipedia and NNDB except for John's cuz his info on those sites left a gaping hole from 2002-2006 so I found John's info on Dated as follows:

John Mayer: Rebecca Lord (no date), Vanessa Carlton (no date), Jennifer Love Hewitt (2002-2003), Rhona Mitra (2005), Jessica Simpson (2006-2007), Penelope Cruz (2007), Julian (2007), Cameron Diaz (2007), Mandy Moore (2007), Minka Kelly (2007-2008), Jennifer Aniston (2008 present),
Jennifer Aniston: Charlie Schattler (early 1990's), Adam Duritz (early 990's), Tate Donovan (engaged mid 1990's), Paul Rudd (1998), Brad Pitt (married 1998-2005), Vince Vaughn (2005-2006), Paul Sculfor (2007), Orlando Bloom (2008), John Mayer (2008 present).
Brad Pitt: Shalane McCall (1987), Robin Givens (1989), Jill Schoelen (1989), Juliette Lewis (engaged 1989-1993), Thandie Newton (1994), Gwyneth Paltrow (engaged 1994-1997), Jennifer Aniston (married 1998-2005), Angelina Jolie (2005 - present).
Angelina Jolie: 1993 Boyfriend at 16, Jenny Shimizu (1994-1995), Jonny Lee Miller (married 1995-1996 - not legally divorced til 1999), Timothy Hutton (1998-1999),Jenny Shimizu (1999-2000), Billy Bob Thornton (married 2000-2003), Val Kilmer (2003-2004), Brad Pitt (2005 - present).

man, that is a whole lot of gettin around!!

2257 days ago
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