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John Mayer to TMZ: Game On!

7/26/2008 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We challenged John Mayer to host TMZ TV -- and wouldn't you know it, he took us up on the offer!
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Throughout the week, we aired snippets of John hamming it up for cameras -- but click the pic to watch the highlights.


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Dude, what happened to the unedited one? It was way WAY more entertaining, especially the beginning. Can anyone link to a copy of the unedited one somewhere???

2258 days ago


He is so hilarious! Love him already.

2258 days ago


#45-GetAround----Shouldn't Colin Ferrill be in there next to Val Kilmer [2003-2004] ???

2258 days ago


Only Harvey is gayer than Mayer.

2258 days ago


What a refreshingly great sport of a celebrity! So rare to see an entertainer get involved like this.

That was fun John!! I don't really follow your music or career but I will certainly check them our now

2258 days ago


good looks
and a personality.........
Seriously, the posters that are hating are CLEARLY jealous.
For real! What the hell is there to hate on????

2258 days ago


Humblepie; I will agree that some of these posters are alittle over the top in their opinion of John... But this is a message board and it deos bring out uglies when someone decides to express their dislike of someone. And frankly I dont think its a matter of jealousy just disdain and dislike. John M isnt all that...His songwriting is decent...Singing style is ok but comparable to alot of unknown talented people.. His looks are alright but nothing to fall all over.. In fact he is funny in this video but I think hes a little full of himself and that iss so unattractive. Not my cup of tea but if lookin at him brings pleasure to you or others more power to u. I could think of alot of other singers and songwriters MUCH more talented then he is they just dont have the charisma to attract the wallets of women who look for that in artists.

2258 days ago

No Granny Clothes For My Baby    

I think John was nice enough to treat TMZ out of courtesy and respect, to give them 20 minutes of "his time" for FREE and then they had the nerve to try to set him up with a Brangelina question? That is very low-class of TMZ to ask him such a thing because look at the options he has:

If he says 'congrats' on the birth, then some tabloid will run a story "Jen is pissed that John congrats brangelina". John is very quick thinking so he already saw that coming and declined to go there. By no response, he is making it respectfully clear to his woman that he understands how she went thru a painful time with the very public affair of her husband and he does not want to dignify the actions of those 2 brangelina sl*ts with a comment.

I do really like Jennifer and John together. Both of them have a laid back easy vibe and both are very funny, so I can see why they dig eachother. Plus, she is introspective and a thinker, like John is. I think their relationship is going to end up in marriage and kids -- watch and see. They have a great thing going and they both know it.

2258 days ago

No Granny Clothes For My Baby    

Only Jennifer knows the answer to this question, but did you ever think that maybe she was trying to have a kid all those years but could never conceive? That is a painful reality for a lot of women. John is very sensitive to her pain and knows how badly she wants children of her own, so he is applauded for not responding, because he is emotionally in-tune to his woman. Most men aren't but he gets her and is very sensitive, which is a very sexy quality. My husband has the same quality and is younger, just like John is to Jen. I really see those two together, married, and having kids. I hope she can look back and be thankful for the split because with it, she would never have found her soulmate, in John. I bet they are engaged or married within 6 minutes with a baby on the way. I totally see that happening for them. And, I want to be the first to say congratulations to them! Not many people find true love and happiness on a deep level and I think they have.

2258 days ago


I didn't know much about John until Jen started dating him. Although I'm beginning to like him, he does have a reputation for being a playboy. If that's true, Jen will probably get hurt. As far as Jen being dumped, besides Pitt, nobody knows what caused the breakups of the other relationsyips. It might also been mutual. She was seen having a good chat with Orlando but I heard that's all it was. Jen has moved on but whatever she says about Pitt, it people would just interpret it as they see fit. She was hurt deeply so why should she rehash that part of her life over & over again. She got angry with her mother because, unknown to her, wrote a book about Jen which is a personal thing. Her mother should have known better but I'm glad she's finally able to forgive her mom.

2258 days ago



2258 days ago


You have to admit that he really is a good sport. At least he isn't beating up the paps, arresting them and being really
mean about it. I like his music and think he is getting better all the time.

2258 days ago


I don't blame Jen for not wanting to hear about Pitt and Jolie. LOL She's probably as sick of hearing about them, as the majority of us are. And the fact that 2 other sites in particular, make a habit of comparing her to Jolie, and making up crap about her, only adds to it. I'd like to see her and John make it. They're both good, down to earth people. Probably just enjoying the fun they're having together at the moment, they seem to enjoy one anothers company. Doubt they have any future plans together. John's hilarious! Just wish you hadn't edited.

2258 days ago


If TMZ's pre-pubescent staffers can manage to extricate their collective heads from Mayer's a** long enough to take a deep breath, I'd like to know why someone who calls women sluts and Blacks N*ggers is so revered on this site. When SOME white celebs use the N word, TMZ is OUTRAGED (and rightly so). When Mayer does, he's a good 'ole boy. The word was used as the rallying cry in the lynching and murder of thousands of Blacks during this nation's history, and continues to be used to denigrate. Mayer should be condemned for his jocular use of that word, not hailed as the cultural "hero" you seem to think he is.

July 26, 2006

On Friday night, singer/songwriter John Mayer abandoned his lonely-chick rock persona for a moment and tried his hand at stand-up comedy. The singer went on as a special guest at the Comedy Cellar, where one blogger noted that he seemed "drunk or stoned, maybe both." Excellent! Some lessons learned from Mayer on the mic:

1) Women are sluts (If you're expecting a punchline were we. Didn't come.)
2) Lots of sluts have "unlocked their Masterlock" for him. Ew.

* * *
4) He lives up on a hill "away from the black people." (Danger, Will Robinson, danger)
5) If white people were allowed to use the 'N' word, he would use it about 1,000 times a day. And yes, Mayer did use the 'N' word during his act. Several times.
Rest assured, Mayer still thinks your body is a wonderland — unless you're black. In which case, your body is the 'hood.
* * *
(from Gawker)

2258 days ago

brazen weep    

"Daddy, love me."

Obnoxiously not funny. TMZ TV was almost unwatchable thanks to his douchey antics.

2258 days ago
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