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Celebs in the TMZZZZZzzzz

7/27/2008 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no wonder the stars are checking into rehab these days like it has a revolving door. Their lives are so difficult. If you had to get your hair done, show up to parties and have your assistants schedule your entire life you'd need a little rest, too.
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westley allan todd    


the major problem with them, be it drivers, personal asses,
security or the like, is they're ALL wannabe nobodies
DISPARATELY seeking some facet of entertainment.

word to anybody who
hire these leeches;

get a confidentiality
agreement signed !!!!!!!

2282 days ago


The ones that are mothers, I can understand. I have been down that road myself, 4 times (waking up at night). The younger ones may be partying too hard. As for ones like Phil Specter, maybe he needs to take a nap during the day. He's no spring chicken (neither am I)..

2282 days ago


Your comments on this one amaze me TMZ. I would think he rehab issues are more due to paps stalking these people when they are trying to have some resemblance to a norml life. Yawning is a natural bodily function and is not newsworthy. We get the fact they are human like the rest of us. The rehab issue you so blatantly pointed out could merely be the fact that celebritys are hounded everyday and see themselves in articles in which most information is not accurate to which can be stressful. You create these celebritys i.e. The Hills Gang and put the on a pedestal only to knock them. You and other sites create this mess.

2282 days ago


OMG you've never yawned during the day?

2282 days ago


It must be very very hard on your body and mind to make more than enough money to last you 10 lifetimes and do so little work. Geez...I work as a blue collar worker sweating for 10 hours a day five days a week just to keep my meagre existance. Perhaps I should abuse drugs and alcohol just to cope. NOT!!!!!!!!!

2282 days ago


You know I am not surprised that the staffers at TMZ would be so hateful and make such ugly comments, after all they are just like everyone else, they work the hours and have to struggle stalking and tormenting celebrities. But, prior to our concepts of trashing the celebrities we need to remember we the general public, who make the celebrities famous for doing what they do, because we are so bored in our lives that we have to have the entertainment. Movies, magazines, even on a sunday afternoon when clothes need folding, we are setting here online, not realizing that everytime we click on tmz for our little bit of entertainment and trash the celebrities, that TMZ has a little counter on their site, and the more who come the higher their numbers go. Great for Advertisment, and trust me they rack in the money on advertisment. So, you hate the celebrities, well you make them rich, you make them famous and then you gripe about them.. Amazing. This reminds me of a story, Of people going out on Friday nights and getting wasted, "because they worked all week, and they owe that to themselves". Well, if we are going to have celebrities, and we need them in our lives to clear out the boredom, then I guess we really need to value them, and two.. we need to stop believing everything we read, because the media is not known for telling the truth.

2282 days ago


Oh good grief. Yawning has nothing to do with being tired. Though it is not the only reason, the most common reason for yawning is a response to a low level of oxygen in the lungs when we're at rest (as in sitting around, or not being all that active) It might seem as though we only yawn when we're tired, but the myth was debunked ages ago. Add in the "contagious" factor and your comments about actors look even more ignorant. (hell, for many, even the simple act of reading the word "yawn" or "yawning" can induce a yawn. And it's even said that we yawn when we're still in the womb (though at that stage, it isn't due to oxygen intake) While yawns (and their cause) are still being studied, the "mainstream" (for lack of a better term at the moment) medical thinking (and teaching - as in med school) has absolutely nothing to do with being tired. (okay, yes, I admit, many tend to yawn most often when you are tired but if you think about it, given the medical explanation, one would be more prone to needing that extra boost of air in their lungs when they are tired. In other words. But other than that connection.. yawns are independent of our energy levels.)

2282 days ago


This has nothing to do with the pic i just want to say MAX IS SO FACKIN HOT!!!!!! mmm just wanna dip him in honey ;)

2281 days ago

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