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Levi McConaughey -- Beach Bum Baby

7/27/2008 12:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bets on if the kid's first word is "dude."

It took less than 3 weeks for Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves to take their future bongo player, Levi, to Matty's favorite place -- Beachside, USA.


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***Beachy & I can see it, can you?***Do either one of you MORONS have a child?? I think not. She has HER baby covered and there is NOTHING wrong with taking a 3 week old baby to the beach....If you don't know what you are talking about....shut the F up!

2249 days ago


There is nothing attractive about Matthew. Sure he may have great abs, big deal! If he likes Latino/Spanish women so much, I would have rather seen him stay with Penelope Cruze! He won't stay with this girl.

2249 days ago


Man, I am so bored with this guy.
Whenever a celeb pimps their baby and pockets all that money it's a huge turn-off.
Prostituting your two-day old kid, is there anything lower than that?
My kid isn't for sale in any way, shape, or form!!

2249 days ago


None of you know this couple...or their baby. You have no idea what Matthew smokes...or around whom. All of you making these nasty, mean-spirited comments must lead boring, pathetic lives, and have nothing better to do that try to hurt and criticize people.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Matthew and Camilla having their baby at the beach at 3 weeks old. That is coming from a mom of 4 beautiful, healthy, happy children. I had each of my babies at the beach as soon as I was released from the hospital, which was 3 days after their births.

That brings me to another point. Just because women give birth does not mean that we should stay home, secluded, and pampered. We are fully capable of going out in public, walking along beaches with our babies, etc. I have given birth 4 times, and I didn't "leak for 6 weeks". Even if I did, I wouldn't prevent me from anything!

Also, for all you mean-spirited people out there who criticize Matthew for not marrying Camilla....maybe she is the one who doesn't want to get married. Did you ever think of that? Not everyone believes in marriage, and that's up to them.

I, for one, wish them the best. I think they will be wonderful parents, and have a wonderful time raising their family.

2248 days ago


Well, from looking at the picture, it looks pretty sunny, looks pretty hot, the baby is covered with a blanket, that sack she's carrying the baby in has got to be hot, and they are in California right? YOU DON'T TAKE A TWO DAY OR TWO WEEK OLD BABY OUT IN THAT KIND OF HEAT! HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE!

2248 days ago


I live in hasn't been "hot" here in over a month so have some common sense...crawl back under your rock...and shut the hell up

2248 days ago


Actually living on the beach looks VERY overcast in this picture...

2248 days ago


I bet when this kid is old enough, one of the first father's day gift to his daddy will be a stick of deodorant! Does his girlfriend have a sense of smell? No matter what a man looks like, if he reeks of B.O., how do you get past that?

2247 days ago


Hey, as an RN and childbirth educator, I have no problem with the baby at the beach in the sling. Saw the OK article at the grocery store last night and it sounded as if the mom is breastfeeding, so she can sit and watch the surfing and discretely feed the baby using the sling. As someone else said, baby is completely protected from sun and sand. From the article I read, these are caring parents and the mom sounds sensible and mature -- I thought it was cool that they are taking baby with them instead of parking a three-week-old with a nanny. :)

2246 days ago
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