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Jail to Nick Hogan: You're a Big Boy Now

7/27/2008 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is one time when happy and birthday don't go together.

Nick Bollea celebrated his 18th birthday today by being transferred into Pinellas County Jail's Central Division -- where he will reside in the direct supervision housing section which hold around 70 adults and one correctional officer. Hulk told us Nick was a "janitor."

We're told Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan, Bubba the Love Sponge and bunch of Nick's friends sang "happy birthday" to him over a video monitor. After that, they were allowed to visit him two at a time. His sister Brooke was not there.


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I swear this story was posted last month. He was in juvie and now in the big boys jail. I know I read this story. The first paragraph is exactly the same. Second paragraph no. Hmmm. What doesn't change, is he's going to be someone's Bitch! Ha ha.

2257 days ago


I hope he gets a pretty girlfriend in there!!!

2257 days ago


There is not one member of the Bollea Family that is normal.

The Bollea Family believe they are the victims in this whole situation.

Nick will get out of jail in October, he will not even do the whole sentence. He should have done at least 5 years.

John will not wake up in October. However, Nick will come out of jail and whine some more about how he was the victim and the justice system stinks. He has learned nothing.

I wish the Bollea Family would just go away. The only reason they are getting any publicity, is because of the idiots they are.

2257 days ago


#9,,,,,It wasnt like you was there to see it all . Nick should of taken responsiblity

when he had someone in that car with him , he didn't do it . John will NOT

be normal , and he will never be married , have children , and grow old

in a normal way . Nick , should stay in jail , he called someone go brain dead.

Why dont you go and sit with someone like that for days and see what that person

is going through . Let me bet you will never do that , so you've no clue .

NIck was the one who did this , know he should pay for it . Stop blaming John for

this , John wasn't driving the car , it was Nick , he was the stupid one who careless

who was in that car . Nick also be in the hospital sitting with john , 24 / 7 this is

one thing the JUDGE should make Nick do . Nick will never know what pain ,

and what john will do without because of wreckless Nick .

Nick is a spoiled brat , his parents should NEVER given him a car in the first place.

Nick and his parents should pay every HOSPITAL BILL , DOCTORS BILL , ETCCC

for the rest of John's life , plus pay money for john being in this situation .

END OF STORY ..........

2257 days ago


The accident that happen to both families is TRAGIC! ! But what/why this keeps dragging on is about all the downgrading ,disrespecting things the Bollea / Hogan's said about [POOR]people who join the military,,If you believe it's about who's at fault and a seat belt issue then welcome home from your trip to MARS ! ! THIS IS THE REALITY.

2257 days ago


Yeah! Nick is doin the time, he just can't seem to figure out yet what it was he did so wrong. I don't feel one bit sorry for this brat or his family. Link one article where Nick has said he is sorry for John, without throwing in a slf pity saying for himself.

2257 days ago


I totally agree with post # 20 .This is about respect for ALL our fallen brothers and sister's.This is Not a issue about who's at fault or seat belt's it's about what they said about .ARMY , NAVY , AIR FORCE. MARINE'S , NATIONAL GUARD ! ! ! !

2257 days ago


Why would anyone sympathize with a guy who runs to his parents, crying like a baby, because the law wants him to be punished? Seventeen is not seven. He's just used to what money can buy, but it can't buy back John's life. A lot of people at his age and younger have jobs, go to school, and take responsibility. This one will never grow up.

2257 days ago


This photo of Nick Bollea is priceless .
Who in the world is Bubba The Love Sponge ??? Is he one of Nick's new cell-mates in jail, God forbid?

2257 days ago


I seen on another post about This wining kids got nothing to worry about.Well look at it like this [A]The additional time some one receives for doing something to or against this little brat who previously was living at 130 Willadel Clearwater .May be worth what the tabloid's will pay for THEIR story.[B] Of all the People incarated in the Jail how many KNOW about the Bolea/Hogan family "member" turning states evidence on some local [Dade County] dope dealer[S]?Let's put it like this that Yellow Pus&y magnet attracted them but is was not the charm that kept them there!!!25 TO 1 in first week.

2257 days ago


Anyone ever notice how tiny his mouth is? I'll stop there.

2257 days ago


Until dude's brains are exposed, for the rest of his life, I don't give a crap about what he or his inbred family has to say.

2257 days ago


bubba the love sponge squarepants is hogans best friends and an on air personality for sirius satelite

2257 days ago


#16 & #24: WTF???

2257 days ago


#29 Education is the way.Them ther are Flori---DUH Edgewaticatioed folks"

2257 days ago
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