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Jail to Nick Hogan: You're a Big Boy Now

7/27/2008 6:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is one time when happy and birthday don't go together.

Nick Bollea celebrated his 18th birthday today by being transferred into Pinellas County Jail's Central Division -- where he will reside in the direct supervision housing section which hold around 70 adults and one correctional officer. Hulk told us Nick was a "janitor."

We're told Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan, Bubba the Love Sponge and bunch of Nick's friends sang "happy birthday" to him over a video monitor. After that, they were allowed to visit him two at a time. His sister Brooke was not there.


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say what    

56. 46. One other thing, if you see the video on youtube of the devastating injury to John's head and brain, the fact that Nick claimed 'John's body is fine, he just bumped his head' will win the grand prize for understatement of the year.

I had not seen the video before yesterday, and as horrible as I imagined John's injuries to be, it was dwarfed by the reality. Nick and his family should have immediately stepped up and said 'this horrible thing happened because of drunk driving' and then gone on to educate the public about those dangers. That would have gone a long way to forgiving Nick. To sweep this under the rug, and act like it was a non-event, just makes the Hogan's look like heartless losers. No wonder the Graziano family is livid. At least they have class, and don't air their dirty laundry in public. I commend them for their restraint, because if my child was put in the same condition as John, and the person who put him there, made light of it, I would go into a tirade the likes of which you've never seen before.

Posted at 7:56PM on Jul 27th 2008 by gazoo

Very well said.

Posted at 9:20PM on Jul 27th 2008 by Disgusted

I just watched the video , and i'm crying as i write this. The devastating head injury to that beautiful young man will haunt me for the rest of my days. I had no idea he was so injured. Now it disgusts me even more if possible to read the Hogans talk their trash. Their son is alive and well. John will never be ok again. I pray "Nick" is never ever allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle again , and he should be forced to take care personally of all of John's needs fopr the rest of his life. And i don't just mean financially. He should be forced to sit with John 24/7 for as long as John lives. I cannot imagine my child being injured like that. My heart is so hurt for John and his family and the Hogans disgust me like no one else. I just cannot explain how sick this makes me .

2276 days ago


Thank you Edumacated. I knew there was never a condo purchased and there was some type of rental/lease thing. I also knew some money had been given for living expenses, but didn't know the amount or the terms. This bolsters my point that if part of your argument is not credible, then the rest of your argument is suspect. JJ Bollea Hogan please check in with Daddy Hogan to find out what fairy tale you're suppose to tell us next.

2276 days ago

westley allan todd    

people, please;

can't we all just get along ?

let's just have some ice cream
with the sweet fresh BUNT cake..........

2276 days ago

say what    

As sad as it is , people needed to see this video of John's injuries. I don't think anyone could have imagined how bad his injuries were without seeing this..My heart hurts for John and his family.

2276 days ago


Thank you to those who were brave enough to see the video. There are two videos on youtube, one is a 'home' video that was released for the Nancy Grace show, and another video which does not pixelate the graphic, horrific, nightmareish images of what John looks like today. His face is beautiful. His head is non-existent. How the two can exist (or not exist) at once is astounding.

To the person who said 'what if your child caused this horrific 'accident'? I will tell you I'd be devastated. First I'd be devastated for the family who has to endure that purgatory worst than hell watching their loved one struggle to live and make a life out of that horror. Second, I would be devastated for my child and because I know my child would be devastated as well, I'd be heartbroken that that child now has to live with what they did for the rest of their life. I have a 17 year old child and I can't imagine the horror she would live with for the rest of her life.

Would I blame the victim? No. Would I state either publicly or privately that I thought the victims mother was not grieving more than I was? No. Would I say their child deserved this horror because of 'karma'? Never.

This is what I would do. I would do all I could for the other family. I would apologize to the family of the victim. I wouldn't ask for their forgiveness for my parenting or my child's actions, that is up to them. I would send my child to AA, because they obviously have a problem far beyond what I can solve. Kids these days have grown up being lectured day in and day out about the dangers of drinking and driving, so it's obvious my kid wasn't paying attention or didn't care. I would visit my child every day in jail, because that is the expected consequence of the behavior that put her there. I'm not saying there are times I wouldn't be angry or even self-pitying. Yes, I'm sure I'd be self-pitying, because that is what most human beings would feel, but not too deep down, I'd know I was being selfish, and I would never for a second verbalize those feelings.

And all along I would talk to my child about consequences. I would love them and I would support them, but I would not, and could not condone what they did, and they would know that. After jail, I would do all I could to make sure they never got behind the wheel of a car impaired, again.

I think that's what most of us would do. We don't hate the Hogans for Nick's actions that day. We hate the Hogans for their REACTIONS that day. We hate that Nick has yet to take responsibility, and that as long as he takes no responsibility, he will destroy again.

Hogan lovers, take a look at those youtube videos and come back and tell me that John 'only has a bump on his head' according to Nick Hogan. And tell me how that is not only wrong, but unconscionble. (sorry for spelling error, I may be a Hogan after all, lol)

2276 days ago


Check out & type in Nick Hogan PLEASE!

2276 days ago

westley allan todd    

" they were allowed to visit him 2 at a time & his sister brooke wasn't there "

firstly, brooke not being there is because
they usually house T.V.'s in another block.

as far as 2 at a time vistations,
it will take all 24 hours of his birthday
to carve up and serve up his cake to all.......

2276 days ago

Dana Point Mama    

I blame the parents for always making excuses for their children's actions. Although, the Hulk was not with his son he made excuses for him while on "Larry King Live" for his speeding and said that his son was not racing. We can not be with our young adult children 24 - 7 but let's face it both parents seem to be more their friend then their parent.

I could never envision my husband going to a place to watch my daughter dance simi - nude (if that is what they call it) in front of a bunch of adult men. Including the Hulkster. Unbelievable.

2276 days ago


Have you seen Linda? Her serving alone will take up half the cake.

2276 days ago


Speaking of boycott's Screw the hogans, I hope they all go away and get hair transplants and the world of out of blonde number seven bleach. Boycott number two- What is up with Conan O Brian? Such the ass...ol lately, Messing with a true drumming legend Max Weinburg, His guests who have actually done something with their lives as oppossed to getting lucky with writing for the simpsons and a lot of lame stuff on SNL. The non funny years, I really hope NBC reconsiders the host job. Conan is no Johnny not even a cheap imatation of Jay. He really should be on at one thirty or doing info ads for juice makers.
How about a comic as a host? They are a so so many better candidates, Conan lost it he is too obnoxious for a person who is a giant dork with no real talent.

2276 days ago

Bob Booie    

the cake says "NEw Life" on it.Shouldnt it be saying "New Boyfriend" now that he will be in an adult prison?Dont drop the soap Nick (soon to be Nicole)

2276 days ago


Yanno I feel for Nick. I work at a high school and the immaturity level among boys are about the same. Some have accidents and learn, some have 3 accidents and still don't learn. They feel so safe that nothing will happen to them. Nick made a bad immature decision which was normal for his age and he is paying the biggest price possible, outside of John. Both of them made the wrong decision and are paying. I hope Nick learns from this and realizes that a name does not mean things will be easier.

2276 days ago


The hogan's need to all be jailed.Especcialy that ass Hulk saying Nick's buddy must of pissed god of and it's his fault he's in the coma.Now if that was a avreage joe shmo like me or most of us other poster we'd be in jail a hell of alot longer than 8months esp with a almsot death.I mean sppedying,racing,drifting and being under the influnce.Easy 3-5yrs.

2276 days ago


hey u know ...I am a nurse at the hospital where Jon is to tell u all that virgin AZZ was tight...
everyone wanting Nick to get it ....well now Jon will never be an anal Virgin again...YES YES BABY I TAPPED THAT AZZ...
and i thank everyone for the great idea...Jon is no longer a virgin...anally anyways....and u know .........
it all cause u guys are Bashing my good freind and his family...maybe u should stop b4 i put it in his mouth and Pee
THE HOGANS RULE.....leave My Grl Brooke outta all this she has moved out of ehr Dads and in with me finally...
also so u know Terry is a great Dad and never ever would do anythig PERVERTED TO BROOKE....he aplied sun tan lotion
everyong putitng him down wishes they were him is all

2276 days ago

putney swope    

Nick's a big boy now that he's legal?! He's nothing but a sniveling little spoiled crybaby, who's going to sink his entire family (what's left of them) in lawsuits. I wish he was 18 when the accident happenned, so he'd have to be personally responsible for paying the victim's medical bills for life. But no, he was fortunate enough to be just under the legal age, so he can squirm out of this nightmare. It's hard to feel sorry for his dad or mom in this situation too because these are the things he learned living under their roof......."Nick, we're special. I've wrestled my brains out and mom's inflated her melons as big as possible to get that Supra you wanted at 14. I don't want you to be worrying, son, but you might have to get a REAL job from now on. I'm paying for Brooke's singing career, mom's plastic surgery, and my own hip surgeries and stroid tab are all running close to $20,000 a month, so I'm gonna need you to kick some money in before the old Hulkster gets us evicted from this place VH-1 rented for us."
From us to you, Nick: you had it coming. You're gonna be swishing out of the County Jail just like a woman. And you thought you had it made, kid!! Wake the f**k up while you're young enough to maybe forget how you ruined things for the whole punk!!!

2276 days ago
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