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Shia Dodges Felony Bullet

7/27/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement tell TMZ, Shia LaBeouf will not be booked on felony DUI charges -- but he's not out of the woods.

We're told Shia is in surgery right now to fix his messed up left hand that was injured after he rolled his car at 3 AM today. Law enforcement says he'll be cited and released on suspicion of DUI misdemeanor.

As for the others in the car, we're now told a female in Shia's car, as well as the male driver of the other car, suffered bumps and bruises but no big whoop. That's why it's now a misdemeanor, not a felony bust.


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First...Meagan dont be so set!

2276 days ago

arte help    

Celebrity justice. They're rules for us and them.

2276 days ago


Of course, drives drunk gets into a accindent injures himself and other people and he gets charged with a misdemeanor. He should be back behind the wheel drunk again in no time.

2276 days ago


Yet another celebrity who makes a mockery of our judicial system

2276 days ago

Greg R    

Hi kittens it's me Baseball Junkie you know the DUNCE who tries to be funny. Go Socks!!!! So what happened here some one tried to shoot Shia is that what you mean about dodging the bullet???? Or is that a shot (Oh God i'm so witty) at my favorite Soccer team the Socks who can't be the Dodges??? Oh well have told you how hot Manny Rameriz is lately OOOHHH GGGAAA and boy is Luis Tiant the best tight pants pitcher on the team???? Well if Shia was not shot at what is this story about???/ I'm so confused if it's first and third with 2 minutes to go in the 2ND set why is Hulk Hogan kicjing a field goal ??? God I'm so smart at this ZMT replies I should have my own show on Fox. Well GO SOCKS and I'll be replying all day did I say GO SOCKS yet???? Oh I need a latte to cleanse my brain for the next subject. Man is this tougher than a piece of ice cream

Go Socks

2276 days ago


What a dumb SOB! Shia the invincible! Wait until he ends up like NIck Hogan. The law needs to make an example out of him and put him with the BIG GIRLS who like their meat young! But, he'll be back out behind the wheel again. Sad.

2276 days ago


Ridiculous!! He is turning into a spoiled, dark, sullen celebrity brat! He acts so weird in public. He is the next train wreck celebrity! Loser get lost! Glad you were hurt and no one else due to your own stupidity and selfishness.

2276 days ago

westley allan todd    

so, if you're drunk and nobody
else got hurt, it's a lesser crime.

basically, even though you rolled a car several times,
needed to be hospitalized and was initially pronounced
feloniously intoxicated BEYOND the legal limit, since
the others involved only received bumps and bruises, law
enforcement drops the incident to a mere misdemeanor.

this whole episode couldn't have been scripted
better and must have taken place on a movie set;


2276 days ago


This kid is more like someone from The Hills than an actual actor. He's way more famous for being a douchebag than for any of the films he's ever done. What a waste.

2276 days ago

Greg R    

Hi kittens it's me again Baseball Donkey and I have'nt said GO SOCKS in awhile. Oh Dooky I agree with you so much I say please don't breed unless your bra size is larger than your IQ. Oh this replying is do easy I can do this while I say GO SOCKS and make a white bread sandwich. Ya now I blew guys in High School who wore to much makeup like these girls here
and boy that Ali Lohan is ....... what do you mean I'm in a different subject???? Oh my my my when I read about Shia Lebouf I thought you were talking about Miley Ali and the BLONDE DUNCE????? Well I still blew a guy in High School ( I was in the parking lot OOOOHHHH GGGGAAAA am I a bad little boy) and GO SOCKS. Well meet me at the next subject. I want Manny Ramirez and his sweaty long locks he's sssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo hot GO SOCKS

2276 days ago


Sounds like the cops in California are more star struck than the everyday average joe. Sad.

2276 days ago


Idiot. I wonder if he knows he has a big spider on his head?

2276 days ago


I wonder how big the check was he had to write.SAD!!

2276 days ago


I'm sorry, but ROLLING your car when drunk, and injuring others most certainly IS a big whoop.

2276 days ago


I really like him, but I think that he needs to get the maximum penalty for what he did. It's too easy now a days to just get off with nothing. Where I grew up, driving drunk and rolling your car carries a 1,000 fine and 30 days in jail. Maybe if the celebrities were made an example of, we wouldn't have so many drunk driving fatailites on our roads. The police and other law enforcement aren't doing us any favors when they don't do thier jobs. Grow a pair and arrest his butt. Make him serve the whole sentance, and then don't grant any interviews on how "I was changed in jail". That's crap, and we all know it!

2276 days ago
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