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Shia Dodges Felony Bullet

7/27/2008 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement tell TMZ, Shia LaBeouf will not be booked on felony DUI charges -- but he's not out of the woods.

We're told Shia is in surgery right now to fix his messed up left hand that was injured after he rolled his car at 3 AM today. Law enforcement says he'll be cited and released on suspicion of DUI misdemeanor.

As for the others in the car, we're now told a female in Shia's car, as well as the male driver of the other car, suffered bumps and bruises but no big whoop. That's why it's now a misdemeanor, not a felony bust.


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Another young, talented celeb who won't be happy until he totally throws away his life on drinking, etc. If caught drinking and driving a person should have he license revoked for life. That crime needs to be taken seriously. No second chances on something so dangerous.

2177 days ago


nice to see a young hollywood male getting some of the DUI, wild action, for awhile there the ladies really had a corner on the rich and reckless crowd, bravo Shia for breaking through. He has opened the door for countless other young male stars.

BTW...another wild disney kid...whats in the koolaid??

2177 days ago


Oh ok, I get it. So someone has to die or be permanently maimed for it to be a felony? The charges are based on the outcome, and not the fact that he was drunk in the first place? Let's hurry up and get him back behind the wheel again so he can kill someone next time and get that felony charge. Can't we just lock him and Lohan in a room together with one bottle of beer, no bottle opener, and let them fight to the death for it?

2177 days ago


The hell with shia's injured left hand , all i want to know is how bad did Bumblebee get hurt, oh god i hope he ok,hello is thing on, HELLO .

2177 days ago


I think every dui should be treated like a felony, My brother was killed by a drunk driver after he had been arrested 5 times. If it had been treated more seriously any of those other times I may still have a brother. As long as it is no big deal they will continue to do it.
Misdemeanor DUI should not exist.

2177 days ago


Wasn't he the one barely a year or 2 ago who was dumping on the Lindseys, Britneys, etc. saying he would never go that route?
How the mighty (smug) have fallen.

2177 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

Another travesty of justice.If I do the same thing I'll be in jail for a longn time and have a criminal record for DUI.Californis is turning in the laughing stock of the world.Celebrities get away with murder and nobody does a s**t about it.This guy is a dud.Should go to jail so he can learn his lesson.

2177 days ago

Lionel Joeshp    

Who is this person ? Try to imagine how little I care.....

2177 days ago


California DUI laws are a joke.

2177 days ago


excuse me people but do you know what "suspicion of DUI misdemeanor." even means??????? I all hope you know what suspicion means??? they SUSPECT he was Driving Under the Influence, 1st of all DUI means your NOT DRUNK, it's not the same as DWI-Driving While Intoxicated. 2nd they don't even have poof of him being DUI thats why the word SUSPICION is being used......
3rd don't jump to conclusions and judge people you don't know personally. The news will sensationalize everything to make it a better story. Read between the lines. If you went there or know them you really don't know the TRUTH.....

2176 days ago


He has so much on the ball to behave like this. He said in his Vanity Fair interview that he was not going to get caught up in alcohol and drugs, and lo and behold he fell right into that trap. I hope he is a quick learner and he does not have to keep repeating this insanity before he learns his lesson...

2176 days ago


I think that everyone is just being stupid. Everyone makes mistakes and sure, this his is second one in the past few months but really, I bet everyone out there has had something to drink and drove. Plus, with people in the car it's more of a distraction. Just leave him alone and let him deal with his own problems. Getting a reaction from the public just makes it worse.

2174 days ago
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