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Shia Messed Up in DUI Bust

7/27/2008 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shia LaBeouf: Click to view!Law enforcement sources tell us Shia LaBeouf badly injured his hand and will need surgery.

As we first reported, LaBeouf, 22, was arrested this morning on suspicion of felony DUI after he allegedly made an illegal left, striking another car which then caused Shia's car to roll.

We're told Shia will need surgery on his left hand. A passenger in Shia's car sustained minor head injuries and the driver of the other car sustained minor injuries as well.

Deputies are evaluating the case at the hospital right now to determine if LaBeouf will be booked on felony or misdemeanor DUI.

We're told Shia will be in the hospital "for a while." We could not get more specifics.

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Picking his nose on Thursday, Now A DUI, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

2247 days ago


Theres a open bed at "Celeb" Rehab

2247 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

A guy in need of help/intervention. He had a screwy upbringing. Hope this talented actor cleans up his act..soon.

2247 days ago


TO #10 How about your thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have lost loved ones to drunk drivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2247 days ago

i hate hollywood    

yhe will do no time, he will not lose his license, he will not get a ticket, he will just get probation and fines. Prolly plead no contest, get it thrown out. It's hollywood, they let superstars like this douche do whatever they want with no repercussions for their actions or the laws they break. It's really starting to get rediculous.

2247 days ago

Ronnie PECS    


2247 days ago


this is too weird i just had a dream he ran into me causing me to have a head injury and coming to the hopsital to see me now that is too scary.

2247 days ago


It's dumb that he was intoxicated and caused an accident - but really, how many times does this happen every day in this country? Celebrities are people just like everybody else - they're prone to being stupid. It sounds like he has a bit of common sense about him - hopefully this will be a wakeup call for him.

2247 days ago


Shia, wake up before it is too late. You could kill someone. I had a dui so I know first hand that we all make mistakes but take this as a warning to slow down before it is too late. Good luck!

2247 days ago


this person must have unbelievable health insurance. In the hospital for some time? Just for hand surgery? A woman gets 24 hours hospital stay after giving birth!

2246 days ago


I agree...this is why celebrities need to be jailed more than 3 hours. I can't believe that these people are getting such easy treatment on things that normal people would be getting crazy big sentences and fines.

2246 days ago


Great job thats what you get for hanging with KEVIN HAUSER crew ,he has shown you
the girls and now the BOOZE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2246 days ago


It's the governments fault for all of this. Look at how many DUI's there are and they keep getting away with it! If normal people were caught, we get our license taken away and thrown in jail, but no.. these spoil rich brats are all god and mighty and can do whatever they want. Wait until some stupid DUI driver hits someone in their family.... karma's a bitch celebs.

2246 days ago


It was only a matter of time with all the crap he has been getting into.

2245 days ago


im a huge fan of shia and i always will be and people stop looking at the negitives and start looking at the positives which are that he's a great actor and he's hot and healthy. NEWS FLASH people WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES cause no-one in this world is perfect not even the stars so leave the past behind u and move forward in to the present and all my prayers go to you shia. xoxoxo Hope

2222 days ago
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