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Diddy Day Care

7/28/2008 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The best thing Diddy's ever produced: His two adorable daughters!

Papa Combs, baby mama Kim Porter and the kiddos were too cute for words. He better enjoy it now before they end up lookin' like the gals of Danity Kane.


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... so how many kids does Diddy ALTOGETHER have now?????

2280 days ago


Looks like a picture from the bronx zoo

2280 days ago


I think there's about 6 kids and 3 baby mamas. Misa Barton has 1 son( Justin), I thik Kim has 4 plus step son from Al B. Sure and then 1 baby by Sarah Chapman - that's the one that caused the break up.

2280 days ago


i heard he was engaged to some chick named cassie. and she is supposingly like 19 years old. wonder if theres any truth to that. hope not.

2280 days ago


What difference does it make how many kids he has. He is hands-on with them and takes responsibility for all his kids! He & Kim will not pimp out their kids. Both parents see first hand what the industry does to some of these girls/women. It's not pretty. They definitely will not end up like Denise Richards, Pam Anderson, or K-Failure's kids, that's for damn sure! They are cute little things aren't they.

2280 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

Like I said before, he's a good entrepreneur, but not a great role model.

Kim was the one he should have married. It's just untenable to make 3 children with a woman and then disrespect her and her family by failing to make the union legal. Is this what it took for Porter to realize that she had been his doormat for over a decade? Essence magazine had no business putting them on the cover as an example of Black love. The tag should have read "dysfunctional at any income."

To my knowledge, Diddy has 5 children, all without benefit of marriage.

2280 days ago


Carolyn A-B

You don't have to marry someone because you have kids, just don't have kids in the first place!

2280 days ago


For a sophisticated guy with sophisticated tastes, he sure does have "ghetto morals".
I hope Diddy and his posse of Baby Mamas will raise these precious kids with better direction.

2280 days ago


When are men (and women) going to figure out that what is really impressive is decisiveness and loyalty, not flitting around from person to person spreading your germs. Find one person (carefully) and stick with 'em.

2280 days ago


Illegitimate children sired by a father who can't even be bothered to be living with his kids and married to the mother

That's not having a family. That's having a breeding barnyard.

2280 days ago


That's not to mention these disgusting women who breed with him so they can get money out of him

Using children to shake down a bank account

2280 days ago


The best thing Diddy's ever produced, what ever ! he is waste. He needs to stop producing bastards. What a waste of a man, what ever happend to condoms ? this guy does not know how to use one? also why do we glorify men that have lots of children with different mothers ?

2280 days ago


just shows you that all the money in the world does not afford you class, just like rapping all you want about your manly exploits does not make you a man.

Now that Diddy has been a great role model and shown such great respect for women, it would not surprise me that these girls will, as Chris Rock says, one day buy clear heels and put them to work.

Great job Diddy...thanks for keeping all the negative stereotypes about black men tha man, no seriously, you are the MAN...that is the man responsible for keeping all brothers down.

2280 days ago


Let's see here, Pam Anderson, Denise Richards, Britney, A-Rod, the Kardashian hookers, Tom Cruise, Tom Brady...all these people have children and left their spouses for a better piece of ass! The Kardashian's are a prime example of "having money and no class". So, I ask you what exaclty is the problem here with Diddy? There are so many men out the of every race that leaves their wives and kids for a better looking or richer woman. These are selfish people, and everyone described is a selfish person! Now what?

2280 days ago

Just sayin.....    

I don't get when people are shocked that celebrity kids don't have more of a "Normal" life. There are kids of CELEBRITIES there NEVER going to have a normal life!!! No matter in front of the camera or off camera!!! That's the cards they were delt!

2280 days ago
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