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Dustin Hoffman Nearly Clips a Bitch

7/28/2008 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dustin Hoffman was in the dog house after his driver almost ran over a pooch outside Kate Beckinsale's b-day party. But get this: the paps sided with the Rain Man instead of the dog's rightfully pissed off owner!


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westley allan todd    

wag the dog;

2257 days ago


Once again the paps kiss the butt of a celebrity. "Don't walk your dog in front of that car! Why? Because it's SAINT DUSTIN, of course!"

2257 days ago


look's like the dude walked right in front of the car on purpouse... maybe he was hopeing for a collision between his bitch and the Hoff..$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2257 days ago


Laws are different from state to state. Who has the right of way in California? The car or pedestrian? It does look like the guy just walked out in front of the car.

2257 days ago


One was a bitch, - the other was a dog.

2257 days ago


What a dumbass! Just because you walk an ugly dog doesn't mean you have the entire planet to yourself. Someone should have bitch slapped him out of the way!

2257 days ago


That was totally staged! It was obvious that something was going on with all of the camera's clicking, what idiot would walk in front of a driveway and through crowd of popping bulbs without thinking they might get hit? Give me a break!

2257 days ago


Dustin Hoffman. Give me a break. Must be a sloooow nesday at TMZ!

This guy is a has been who has been in one flop after another for the pst ten years. I wish celebrities would grow old with some amount of class, but not going to happen in my lifetime. :(

2257 days ago


i agree with number 2

2257 days ago


I agree. total set up. Oh, I didn't see the 100 cameramen snapping away at a moving vehicle - I had no idea! Guaranteed this idiot will be suing for his dog's mental anguish. Dog should file a lawsuit demanding a new owner who doesn't risk his life to get attention/make $$$.

2257 days ago


The law in California is that the car should have stopped. The man and his dog had the right of way. REGARDLESS.....

2257 days ago


The car was coming out of the garage. The driver has to be careful. Pedestrians have the right of way. Doesn't matter if there are 100 photographers outside. There are no exceptions for celebrities. Puleeeeze!

2257 days ago


Pedestrian right of way or not, I'd rather wait for the car to pass than cross in front of it.

2257 days ago


He didn't start walking infront of the car until it started moving. The driver stopped for a moment but the guy stood there so he went

2257 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

If the dog had been properly controlled and at heel it wouldn't have been lunging out in front of it's owner. The driver couldn't even see the dog And the pedestrian may have the right of way, but you don't just walk out in front of a car expecting them to stop. The driver was attempting to avoid all the photographers with their flashing lights and they were properly giving way. Then this idiot steps into the middle of the mess like he's King or something.
And just because some of you babys are too young to know the talent of Dustin doesn't mean he's a nobody now.

2257 days ago

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