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Hogan Parents Offer Kids Career Advice, Nail File

7/28/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk and Linda had plenty to say outside jail after visiting Nick on his B-day. While Hulk joked about trying to bust his boy loose, mama Hogan wasn't as happy when we dropped a Playboy/Brooke bomb on her.

And get this: Hulk showed up to jail in a souped up, bright yellow Dodge. Bubba's clearly a rocket scientist.


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2281 days ago

Quit ur bitchin'    

Stephanie......Your goofy comments made me laugh. 'NOOOOO Nick Crashed a Dodge Viper...Nicks supra is Green and they dont make supras yellow'

they don't make supras yellow???? Did you ever stop to think that maybe in was custom built???
You can have ANY color you want......just so you know.

Now, you can go back to claiming that you KNOW everything!!??

2281 days ago


Damn, waht circus freaks. Mother Linda is nothing more than a street-walking tramp and a pedophile, Hulk is a "HAS BEEN", "Wannabe who will never be", Brooke will be talking over Linda's street-walking route and Nick should rot in a cell!

Oh, to be a "celebrity".

2281 days ago

Last Laugh    

Did Hulk say they don't talk about John because he's dead, at 2min38sec? WTF lol

2281 days ago

Quit ur bitchin'    

Yo 'HA'.....

Wow, you really have to grab a life!! Does the webster's dictionary have an entry for 'super anal'??

Who cares who spells what right or wrong??!!

2281 days ago

Last Laugh    

Oh wow, Wow ... he did!!!!! Shouldn't it have been more like "of course we did, he's dead"?

2281 days ago


I don't think the world at large really gives a rats ass what terry Bollea drives or that Nick's Mommy Dearest got him a skateboard for his birthday. They are one of the most dysfunctional families I have ever seen. But once Nick is released it will just be a matter of time before he is in trouble again. For the first time in his short life he has had to deal with consequences but sadly never has he had to deal with consequences from his parents. If he had, he would not be in jail and a man would not be comatose. And you would think that Terry and Linda would realize how damn stupid they are. But no. Terry still appears publicly dressed as the cartoon character he played. Linda still dresses like she is in her 20's. Is it any wonder their kids are such a damn mess?

2281 days ago

mrs bear    

Bubba is a DJ in Tampa Bay that is Hulk's BFF. Who cares what he was driving or that they went to see their son? I would hope so if it was his birthday. I love TMZ but you really need to find something more interesting to cover then these people. This story is old and tired. It is what it is!

2281 days ago

Last Laugh    

The only time I feel it's appropriate to correct someone's spelling is when they've called someone else stupid for a spelling error. Other than that, who cares. Very few Americans spell properly, and it has nothing to do with intelligence. Spelling is memorization only. Remembering words, and facts and figures is nice to do, but it doesn't make you smart. Knowing the meaning of what you're trying to spell is a sign of intelligence. Understanding why the facts and figures are as they are, and the ability to differentiate between them and reality, are also signs of intelligence. Um, and so on.

It's Karma, for the record, but I promise true followers of the Indian religions that speak of it don't care if you misspell it. Really, if you're happy and you mean well, what else do you need?

2281 days ago


35. Did Hulk say they don't talk about John because he's dead, at 2min38sec? WTF lol

Posted at 12:50PM on Jul 28th 2008 by Wow

Listen to it again - the pap asks "Did you talk about John?" and Hulk said "We talk about him every day".

2281 days ago


1st: I can't believe Hulk's Broke Up OLD ass can even get into a car, nice gimp LIMP buddy..
2nd: Linda doesn't want Brooke on her man's left hand when he's taking a poddy in HER bathroom.
3rd: Brooke is Guilty by Association and she knows it's not good for her career, she is the only one with a minute one left.
4th: I wonder what "Big Johnny" gave the Birthday boy?


2281 days ago


Everybody makes mistakes..I think that Nick deserved more time in jain thats all.
I actually like Brooke.. but I feel sorry for her because her voice is bad and I'm not sure If she knows that people actually hates her music... I've seen her show " Brooke Knows Best" and she got a boob job and everything. But hey... If I had her money I would've got things done too.

Anyway.. she seems like a really sweet girl!!! too bad people judge her based on her appearance...

2281 days ago

Lynn in STL    

why would hulk try to "stick the knife in to john graziano"? that does not even make sense and i don't think he would do that. i don't know where you get off saying that he is the most hated man in america IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lived near them in tampa/clearwater and he was VERY nice!! he has a good heart and would not intentionally do that, get a grip! you are all just haters!

2281 days ago


Can u smell what's been COOKING this is a no talent family .The son-QUeen in jail is the only one having SOME good time[S].

2281 days ago


You can check on what a great role model the big bad Hulk is by researching his shirt in this picture. His shirt is his friend, Bubba's, who is a Tampa DJ. Bubba has been made "Famous", by degrading women. Remember people, you are, who you surround yourself by.

2281 days ago
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