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Hogan Parents Offer Kids Career Advice, Nail File

7/28/2008 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk and Linda had plenty to say outside jail after visiting Nick on his B-day. While Hulk joked about trying to bust his boy loose, mama Hogan wasn't as happy when we dropped a Playboy/Brooke bomb on her.

And get this: Hulk showed up to jail in a souped up, bright yellow Dodge. Bubba's clearly a rocket scientist.


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OK, language is my business and so just have to say that the English spelling is indeed either kharma or karma (apparently kharma was more common for a while, karma has become more common today). It is a borrowed word from another language, so was originally written in Sanskrit - which does not use the same alphabet as English. So any English version of the word is a "transliteration", an attempt to reproduce the sound in the original language in a different alphabet. This is why different versions of such words are common.

Another common example of different transliterations into English of "borrowed" words is yogurt/yoghurt, as well as names of people from other countries with different alphabets (for example, Russian place and personal names).

2276 days ago


I heard that "Daddy Hulk" is going to take the P;ayboy pictures?? What else is new?

2276 days ago


He may submit some of the photo's that he has already taken.

2276 days ago

Last Laugh    

jwoolman - If language is your business, how many of them do you speak? Or is American-English your true "business"? LOL

Like many words translated into English, Kharma was wrong. Kharma is not sanskrit, it was the original WRONG transliteration of the word (transliteration doesn't need to be quotated - it's a common word). Like, Tao is now Dao, because there's no real "T" sound in Chinese. Unlike Tao/Dao, both versions of Karma are not accepted. ANY English teacher in ANY country would mark "Kharma" as misspelled. Kharma was a mistake to begin with. Karma with an "h" isn't accepted any where in the world. FYI Watching Americans try to correct their spelling is the best entertainment I have had this year. THANK YOU ALL

To Miss "FIGHT", that was a very profound message of yours, but it has fallen on deaf ears. I have read many of your posts, and you usually make sense. Take your briliance away from this trash website. You are American, so naturally some of your views are uneducated, but you have hope. Don't let TMZ ruin any chance you have at a productive existence.

2276 days ago

Last Laugh    

Oh, and as for yogurt/yoghurt ... that transliteration was proper, that is why it's still used and accepted. Kharma was just simply wrong. Eventually, Tao will also be phased out.

2276 days ago


François - although I believe you are actually incorrect about kharma/karma (both are indeed in use in English, and according to many scholars English did acquire the word from Sanskrit - where Sanskrit got it, I don't know) as well about the proper use of quotation marks in English style, the real point is that it is foolish to jump on people for using alternate or even non-standard spellings in an internet forum. Let he who has never mistyped cast the first stone.

The whole idea of standardized spelling in US English is relatively new - if you read original work in English by 18th Century Americans, for example, including well-educated ones, you will see considerable variation in spellings of common words. It is helpful to have standardization because it makes it easier to read faster, in my opinion - but the ability to spell English words easily according to a standard is not an indicator of intelligence, and bad spelling is not an indicator of lack of intelligence. I would rather see a badly spelled but well reasoned and/or informative post than an illogical tirade that is perfectly spelled. You can always hire a proofreader to correct your bad spelling, but can't do much about bad thinking.

All transliterations of foreign words are "wrong" in the sense that different languages use different sounds (think of how different Spanish and English sound, for instance, even for similar words), so they are all approximations.Transliterations also vary considerably in different languages -- for example, Russian names are transliterated differently in French, German, English, etc., both because adult native speakers in different languages tend to hear the Russian sounds differently and because there are limitations on which sounds can be reproduced in individual written languages.

I use at least 3 different common transliteration schemes for Russian>English, depending on the client's preference. None are wrong, they are all just different. The way Russians transliterate English names into Russian varies considerably - some try to do a letter-by-letter transliteration, which sounds nothing like the original English, others try to approximate the sound of the name in various ways. Getting back to the original English spelling is quite a challenge: Russian Mak-Vini turns out to be McWeeny, as one of the simpler examples. If you want real fun, try to figure out the common English version of a Chinese name from the Russian version of the Chinese original.

Anyway - there must be some language in which the transliteration of karma is:

b * t c h...

2275 days ago

Last Laugh    

Sorry, jwoolman, you are wrong. I'll make it easy for you ... google "kharma", and see what comes up. Google "kharma definition", and see what comes up.

I never commented on anyone about their spelling. I just pointed out that your stuck-up message was wrong. You still haven't told me how many languages you speak. Or do you not need to be multi-lingual to be an American language expert?

Can you tell me which scholars you speak of? Who was it that said karma with an "h" is a proper and accepted transliteration? Name just two of them, and tell me where to find evidence of it ... please?

FIGHT should add "admitting when you're wrong" to her signs of intelligence list.

2275 days ago

Last Laugh    

LMAO jwoolman got pwned!!!!

2270 days ago
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