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Johnny Depp Enters Nice in Foul Mood

7/28/2008 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Upon arriving in Nice today, Johnny Depp greeted photogs with a warm French hello.

If you were one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, you'd be pissed off too.


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Baseball Junkie    

Fri, Oct. 10, 8:02am EDT
Arianna, I didn't take your comments seriously. If I had I would have written a much longer response to you explaining exactly why you were wrong and I wouldn't have used that language. I'm sorry you didn't understand that my reply was just as tongue in cheek as your original comment.
Lexie, you start by googling facebook and take it from there. If you do, we could try to friend each other but since I'm not about to put my real name and contact info on this site, it would be difficult. I mean, you could try to friend every female Red Sox fan in Boston (actually I'm not even sure you can do that) but there could be hundreds of us so that won't really help. The great thing about Facebook is that you can find people from all over the world who have similar interests. I've friended people from Ireland, Greece, France, Haiti, Pakistan, etc. Some musical groups and actors have facebook pages as well as myspace and I'm nervous about going on myspace because that's where the perverts hang out.
I don't think Johnny is known only for his costumes and characters. In every movie I've ever seen his acting is completely appropriate to the character and the mood of the movie. I think the problem may be that he makes it look so effortless that people forget how difficult acting really is. (I've done some character acting in amateur productions so I have a bit of experience in this.) Of course, he will be remembered for the Pirate. It's the most commercial role he's ever had. Everything else he's ever done have been relatively unknown or a cult classic (translation: relatively unknown.)
I suppose if you have a problem with Johnny and Vanessa being unmarried, that would color your opinions of them. I have too many friends who have been living together without benefit of clergy, as they say, to throw stones. Just because I got married after only a short period of living with my husband doesn't mean everyone has to or even should. There are a lot of lousy marriages out there because people got married without thinking it through and if thinking things through means you realize that getting married won't really change anything then it's just a choice of whether you want to got through the hell of the average wedding. I had a very simple wedding because I didn't see the point of an elaborate one and I had other uses for the money. We didn't bother with a honeymoon either because they also cost ridiculous amounts of money and it would have been difficult to get the time off.
So why don't the Johnny and Vanessa 's or the Brangelinas of the world get married? I think a lot of them have had prior bad experiences with marriage and prefer not to go to all the bother again.

Go Sox

2211 days ago


Hey lexie,oct. 10, 9:32pm cet
Only this, Johnny looks old next to Keira? Hahaha. Sorry, I must laugh. Then you've watched another PotC 2 movie. It cant be the on,e which all the other people have watched. Just impossible. But it doesn't matter. I know. that your opinion is irrevocable. I just don't want leave it uncommented. And I see! May a man not have a very good male friend without being gay? Oh Jesus. It seems so, that you haven't a very good female friend. Or is it possible, that you're gay too? Who knows? Maybe it's actually the real reason, why you're almost hating Johnny.

2211 days ago


Hey Callie, Oct 10 2:55 PST
Thanks for the name of the ugly man! But the pictures I am referring to were taken three years ago and she was not wearing a gown. She was dressed in street clothes and there were several pictures of her kissing and hugging this guy. She was with this same guy about a year and a half ago at another even where they were holding hands. I think she’s a little to close to this guy.

2211 days ago


Hey jd, Oct. 10 3:10 PST
The Pirate is in his late forties. He’s OLD! Get over it. He looked old next to the very young Keira. They need to find his a woman as old as he is. And yes men can have friends and they should. But it’s a little weird to take your best male friend with you on the same romantic cruise you take your girlfriend on. I see the pirate with his male buddy more than I see him with his French tart. And I’m not gay you twit!

2211 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Hey, lexie, Sat Oct.11, 4:44pm EDT
In real life, Johnny is to old for Keira but we have no way of knowing how old the character is. By current standards, Norrington is a little old for Elizabeth but not by the standards of the times. You always have to tread a fine line between historical accuracy and modernized fiction while making a historical piece.
I also take exception to your calling a man in his forties old. I am in my fifties and I am not old. And I become very irritated when someone says I am.
Have you never heard of close friends taking a cruise together? It happens all the time. Just ask any cruise line.
As for Johnny spending more time with this guy than with Vanessa. They both work. Johnny goes on location and Vanessa spends time in the recording studio. Do you have timestamps on the photos that you're referring to so we can check precisely what the two principles were doing at the time the pictures were taken? That way we could consult their schedules and see just how strange the relationships are. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke.

Go Sox

2210 days ago


Hey lexie 11-9, 11:16 cet
So I'm a twit! And do you think, with that you could offend me? No! It effect exactly the opposite. Twit=Depp in German. Now you have a new reason, to talk bad about Johnny. But I know, that he knows, what's the meaning of his German name is and that he likes that fact.

On every private Photo of his family, there are a crowd of many people around them. And this people belongs to them. Alone for security reasons. But I can't remember of an espacially man or person, who is always around him. But if so, then it could be his bodygard. You should think about this and not always about dirty things at once.

2210 days ago


Hey Baseball Junkie, Sunday Oct. 19 10:42PST
I notice TMZ is up to there usual crap. I haven’t gone away, I was just very busy this week. I have responses to your posts of a week ago. I will probably put them up later. Did you see the video of the Pirates body guard going of on a photog? It was insane. I would expect TMZ to post it but they didn’t. I can’t believe the little man would want anyone working for him to do that. It looked bad… for the pirate.

2202 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Hey, lexie, Mon Oct. 20, 1:41am
Yeah, they're reposting again. It's getting really lame. (well actually it always has been but it's not getting any less so)
Don't worry about not getting on in awhile. This is the first time I've been on since my last post. When was that? A week ago? I can't remember and I'm not about to go searching.
I'm spending a lot more time on Facebook and my favorite band's chat site lately than I have on TMZ. I check in here and on a thread where I've been talking baseball. But we lost the ALCS yesterday so I'll have to wait for next year. I've decided to fill in my time by following the Pats and the Celtics. My husband is going to hate it. He follows a few sports but football and basketball are not among them. Too bad. He's taken up a number of hobbies that he expects me to be interested in so he can just deal with the ones that I want.

Go Pats
Go Celtics

2202 days ago
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