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Johnny Depp Enters Nice in Foul Mood

7/28/2008 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Upon arriving in Nice today, Johnny Depp greeted photogs with a warm French hello.

If you were one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, you'd be pissed off too.


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The Work Place Sucks!    


2244 days ago

The Work Place Sucks!    


2244 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Johnny Depp is extremely gracious to his fans when he can deal with them alone. He is an actor who has never wanted to be a celebrity unlike many of the other actors (and reality show "stars") who think they're a failure if they don't get their pictures in the news at least once a week. He doesn't like being bothered when his family is with him because the paps are invading his privacy. He doesn't care whether most of you jackasses like him. He wants people to watch his movies and if the movie is neither a critical or financial success is irrelevant. He has said this in interviews for years. And really, who cares about the color of his or Vanessa's teeth or whether hers are straight. What matters is whether he can act (YES) and whether she can sing (I have no idea since I've never heard any of her music.)
And to the idiot who thinks that there is all sorts of occult meaning in POTC. Tell me do you wear an aluminum hat so the aliens can't hear your thoughts? As far as the bit with the goat, good grief, the character was supposed to be insane from being alone for so long. It was all a hallucination. Did you even see the movie or are you relying on what you've read on your conspiracy theory blogs.

Go Sox

2244 days ago


Some of you guys don't get it. It's the fact that the paps are taking pictures of his kids that he does not like. His children are NOT celebrities. I think he deserves a choice in this matter. Wouldn't be surprised if the paps were yelling rude and obnoxious remarks as well (as they often do)!!

2244 days ago


thats right, johnny!

2244 days ago


@ #51 and all the others who think the same. Johnny just finished filming a movie here in the Mid-West called Public Enemies and during that whole 3 or 4 months of filming, he went out to meet and individually greet literally thousands of fans. You can look it up on line. He spent HOURS after 10 and 12 hour days talking with fans, shaking their hands, giving hugs and kisses, having his picture taken. There are literally hundreds of pictures. All of Johnny's fans know how truly generous he is with his time. How much he really cares about his fans... who he calls his bosses. He is humbled by the people who have given him their support over the span of his long career. These pics in the airport are not with fans. That gesture is meant for the rude paps who take pictures of his family. He's not like the Jolie/Pitts/McConahey/whoever kind of celebrity who sell pics of their children just to keep their faces on the covers of magazines. He really does not want his children photographed. I respect him for that.

2244 days ago


Why MUST he be such a prick?

2244 days ago


Il fait l'abondance des relations publiques en tirant des films et il est fantastique avec les ventilateurs. Il toujours signe des autographes et prend des photos. Le paparazzi outrepasse constamment la ligne.

2244 days ago


Wow, there are alot of johnny Haters out there. It seems pointless for me to post my usual johnny reality check. I think his blowing a middle finger is a hugh reallity check for all thoses johnny lovers like BASEBALL JUNKIE and CALLIE. This is what the real johnny is like. Not the one that greats all his fans. He'a back to looking ugly in hat and freakish clothes.
Hey Callie, I hope he didn't do that in front of his children. The little Man is such a wonderful example for his chldren. protecting them? That's a laugh. The little Pirates as ass.

2244 days ago


Roger, because he is a Prick! let's face it, he only smiles fort he cameras when it benifits HIM! Like meeting his fans. He loves the attention and it looks good. He didn't need to flash the bird. All he had to do was ignore the photog and go on his way. Me tiinks he may be having a little trouble at home.

2244 days ago


Regarding previous comments. Yes V'sr teeth are gross. Ever been to Europe? They ALL have horrible teeth. Also, for all of you using amyways, it is not anywayS, it is anyway. Don't prove Americans being stupid by not even knowing how to use our own language. And no one from the Midwest would say Mid- West - ever. Must be a TMZ Staffer.

2244 days ago


I like J. Depp. He's very symmetrical and represents the ideal male body type in the postmodern Western World. But his adjusted gross income is STILL dependent on movie-goer dollars, and this is just inappropriate for any public figure to display. Children and adults alike define our popular culture by his work and his words, and to see this slip, even if he was being flattened by the paparazzi, is grounds for a public "write up" just as I would get written up if I gave MY boss the finger.

2244 days ago


# 61 is completely right. I've followed his career since pretty much the beginning and he's ALWAYS been nice to the people that matters - his fans. He's extremely private and protective of his kids and that's where he draws the line as far as picture taking goes. His kids where probably with him here, hence the attitude. If flipping off a slimy pap makes him a bad guy, then whatever

2244 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

lexie, what the freak do his clothes have to do with anything. To quote an old line, "He dresses for comfort not for speed."
The original item says he was just entering Nice. Do you know how he was traveling? Maybe, like me, he wants to be comfortable when he travels. He dresses very nicely any time that appearance really matters such as awards shows. He wasn't on show here, he was with his family. Why should he have to dress for the photographers when he doesn't want to be photographed. You also have no ides what the paps might have just said to him. They will shout out anything including insults to get some reaction from the person they are trying to use. And, yes, they are using these people. Some of them like it and some of them don't. I don't know about you but when a person has repeatedly said he wants his private life to remain private then I don't think I have any right to pry. Discuss, maybe, but not pry the way the paps are.
Yes, I admit that I am great fan of Johnny's. I have enjoyed every movie of his that I've seen. He is a very good actor who transforms himself into fascinating characters with every script he's ever been given.
I also don't care whether his children saw him flip off the photogs or not. He was angry over the invasion of privacy and he had every right to be. I'm sure that you never use such gestures or swears but some of us don't have such tight control over our tempers.

Go Sox

2244 days ago


I really could care less about JD flipping someone the bird as long as it's not me. I also don't care about his allegedly prefering France to the US. BUT, I wish, wish, wish, he would shave or at least try to look like he took a bath when he isn't on camera. He cleans up nice, but his total disregard for his appearance when he's not working really turns me off and keeps me from being a diehard fan. As far as his acting goes, he has some talent, but once again that dirty off-camera look is a total turnoff! TAKE A BATH & SHAVE...PLEASE.

Psst--that goes for a long of other actors also: Shia LeButt (sic), Josh Hartnett, Matt M., Brad Pitt, etc. I don't know why guys can go around looking like shiz, but if women actors nee actresses want to be comfortable people maliciously rag on them. Not fair.

2244 days ago
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