Katy Perry I'd Kiss a Miley, and I'd Like It

7/28/2008 5:24 PM PDT
We gave Katy Perry the chance to take back saying she'd swap spit with MiCy -- seeing as how she's only 15 and Perry's 23 -- but, no dice.

Also in NYC: Al Reynolds was spotted still wearing a ring and America Ferrera flashed a smile.

In San Diego: Paris Hilton stormed Comic-Con, where Seth Green was shocked to see us, Rose McGowan rocked an 80s prom dress, Hugh Jackman showed some pit-stains and Jon Heder's twin had us seeing double.

Back in LA: LL Cool J didn't know how Greasy Bear from Euro Greasy, Christina Ricci started a swarm, Camila Alves looked smokin' just 3 weeks after giving birth and baby daddy Matthew McConaughey looked hot as always.