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Christian Bale -- More Shocking Than the Arrest

7/29/2008 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So you're the star of one of the biggest movies ever. It's pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars. And you fly from the Tokyo premiere back home to LAX -- COMMERCIAL!

Not only did Bale fly with the commoners, he had to push his own luggage cart with an incredibly heavy trunk, forcing him to move at a snail's pace, rendering him helpless in front of the pappers.

Oh the humanity.


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He flew commercial? AWESOME! My kinda guy, not a snob. I might see the movie just because of this news, lol, to support a guy like him in the event he gets a small percentage of the profits.

2279 days ago


tmz became so unsavory. You hate him if he flies expensive, you hate him if he flies cheap... you bag on everybody within sight, whether they deserve it or not. No truthtelling, no exposure of real dirtbags.. just slinging mud every day & seeing what sticks.

2279 days ago


Makes him even hotter!!!

2279 days ago


He had to fly that way because............I STOLE HIS BATPLANE!!!!!!!!!!!lolol Mine all mine....Batman!!

2279 days ago

Greg R    

Kelli you are such a stupid knuckle dragger. "He's a weirdo" how would you feel if you worked so hard to star in a movie and some idiot actor kills himself and steals the show????? You would'nt know you monkey faced butt munch!!!! Seems like the promoters of "Batman" would be angry he is so unfriendly????? What does that mean you inane drone you so stupid all the times I don't know why you open you're pie hole and speak GO SOCKS GIVE ME MANNY MEAT . Oh where was I oh yeah GO SOCKS well you is the only jerk with all your nasty spewing from your aids infested mouth you dummy. Christian Bale is a great actor better than Pam Anderson you poo poo head. Shut up Kelli you show your stupidity every time you reply. I WANT MY MANNY MEAT


2279 days ago


12. This is more shocking than assaulting your family members??? Give us a break.

Posted at 5:32PM on Jul 29th 2008 by kitgyrl

know what you are talking about before you open your foghorn. he DID NOT assault his family members. there was a verbal argument about money. he has never been close with his money grubbing mother, and she was just trying to get more money out of him. all the while insulting his beautiful family. she was blocking the door and he squeezed by her to get away from the scabs. hardly assault. he reacted like any other human being would.

people just give him a hard time because he does not kiss peoples ass. he does not stroke hollywoods enormous ego.

this world needs more people like christian bale!!!!

2279 days ago


What a shocker. A star acting like a normal person. Not throwing a hissy fit, not demanding their own plane for their poodle, not being dragged off the plane while spitting on people like that bitchy tw*t naomi campbell. It's nice to see; unfortunately, it's so very rare...

2279 days ago


Slow news day, huh TMZ? Did you hear? This morning Tom Hanks put on his shoes! By himself! With his own hands! Like all who have said before, good that he saves some dough and LOTS of fuel by riding with the rest of us. Good for lugging his own bag instead of insisting that some commoner do it for him. Just hope he is innocent of any wrongdoing with his family. He is an great actor.

2279 days ago


Wow, what do ya know; he is human like the rest of us!!

2279 days ago


I love Christian. Quite probably the most humble actor on the planet. LOVE HIM. As far as Kelli's comment, just because he doesn't smile and grin 24/7 in public right now, might be because it's obvious the guy is EXHAUSTED. You try living his life and see how tired you are, and how sometimes you just don't feel like smiling.

2279 days ago

give her a break    

Damn he's sooo hot...wish I could have had the seat next to him! Maybe he could have "assaulted" me in a good way!! hahah

2279 days ago


Good on him.

2279 days ago


He is HOT !!!!!!!!! I'd so ride commercial to be with

2279 days ago


This is a great sight to see-instead of being on a private jet he's flying the way average folks do.....way to go Christian-kudos to you,sir. You got to love it when stars do things like ordinary folks and not like a bunch of 'holier than thou art' snobs as is the custom for stars.

2279 days ago


That's great... it's good to know that there are still celeb's out there who are down to earth and aren't completely overcome by their fame.

2279 days ago
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