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Como Se Dice "Sour Grapes?"

7/29/2008 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of Univision's most senior reporters says she's getting the shaft for the anchor desk and mucho dinero because she has too much pigment.

Myriam Ayala alleges in a Federal lawsuit that the network has assigned "lighter complexioned" and more "conventionally attractive" talent to plum assignments and anchor time slots. Ayala also complains that she got moved to the graveyard shift and had her vacay cut even though she's been at the network for 25 years.

We called Univision for comment but, so far, nada.


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2214 days ago



2214 days ago


BabyGirl: Shut your effen pie hole! If you have nothing better to say than 'First!' - then don't post at all. This isn't Perez Hilton, idiot.

2214 days ago

Bash a Pap    

It no longer matters what your qualifications are as a journalist. We no longer have TV news... we have TV opinions and pretty people reading teleprompters.

2214 days ago

Suzi Dykes    

I hope she gets every single penny she's asking for....

2214 days ago


Here we go again. Everyone citing racism when things dont go their way in life!!!

2214 days ago


Univision has always used lighter skin women and men on all their shows. It’s a cultural “thing” (not a thing I agree with but its reality) Latin TV always has Hot and young Women on their shows. However they always have old ugly men… and those who think race is not a factor in getting a job or moving up are living in a white world or in denial. Besides the news is not news anymore when TV anchor and news writers go for the safe stories, the stories that will not cast them out of the A list. There are no real journalists left.

2214 days ago

Boston Kate    

Sue, for your earned vacation.

2214 days ago


doesnt everyone get bored with this? my 30 year old white, qualified husband has been looking for a job for 6 months. hes been going out every day and busting his butt, so who are they giving his jobs to? Who should we sue?

2214 days ago


Maybe she should call Michael Jackson and get the number of his dermatologist -- the one that prescribes his skin bleaching medication. And if they really only have hot young women on the network, maybe she should get Michael's plastic surgeon's number too. Err...on second thought, that last idea probably isn't a good one...

2214 days ago


I would take more seriously a journalist who has paid her dues, who has the experience, and the necessary maturity.
That's not to say that young ladies aren't capable of being mature, however, they do lack the expertise, and have nowhere near paid their dues in the working world.

It's a sad reality of life today, that people are no longer respected as they get older, but rather are cast aside for younger, pretty faces, and big boobs.

Soceity has certainly changed for the worse, but like all bad ideas, eventually the come down the hard way.

I hope this lovely, talented lady gets everything she deserves for all her hard work, and years of service to this lame company.

2214 days ago


Maybe she can take Don Francisco's place on 'Sabado Gigante', she looks just like him - fea!

2214 days ago


People who don't really understand the Latino culture do not realize that they have their own issues with color as well (since "Latino" is an ethnic, not a racial, distinction. Thus, Latinos can be black, white, Asian, Indian, etc.) Right now, Latinos in the United States (be they from Cuba, Mexico, Latin America, etc.) appear to be "speaking with one voice" because all groups share a common set of political preferences (namely, favorable immigration standards, more Spanish-speaking outlets, etc.) If those demands are then considered to be met by the majority of them, then they'll start drawing the racial lines of demarcation that existed back home - to wit: darker-skinned Latinos in the Dominican Republic, Panama, etc. are considered inferior to lighter-skinned Latinos and are subjugated to prejudice comparable to that of African-Americans. The Univision story is only a sign of things to come as the Latino community increases its visual presence, physical numbers, and buying power in the world.

2214 days ago

Flaco Rico    

Lady, it's not your complexion that keeps you on the night shift, it's your FAT ASS!! Damn, you got a head the size of a hog.
Of course people like looking at pretty people, ever hear of Hollywood? We don't plunk down $10 to see ugly people act. Lose weight, let your hair grow longer and change your makeup. Getting a big set of hooters wouldn't hurt.

2214 days ago


Bout time word got out that Mexico treats it's darker skinned and poorer people far worse than the U.S. is accused of treating the immigrants that come here.

2214 days ago
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