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Her Madgesty's Bro Slimy on His Own

7/29/2008 9:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As he left Mark's in WeHo with Madge's former backup dancer Nikki Harris, Madonna's media ho of a bro, Christopher, says the Material Girl didn't ghostwrite a single word of his money-grubbing book. But even though the nasty tell-all is all his doing, the rumors unfortunately ain't hurting his bank account.


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This guy gives me the creeps bad when I see him on TV. And there is nothing he can tell the world we don't already know about Madonna that would shock.

2185 days ago

Reverend Ramona    

Oh, 2 traitors to Camp Madonna. That's back-up singer Nikki Harris, who's also had a falling out with Madonna. What's next, Chris? You gonna hit the town with Sandra Bernhard?

2185 days ago

Rough Daddy    

Kelli please marry me, I need you so bad baby.

2185 days ago


what do you mean 2 traitors? Madonna is a bitch and made her own bed so lay in it!!!!!!!!!

2185 days ago


if you read his book you would understand his bitternes, she did this to her self - what comes around goes around, you only treat people the way they treat you, she never cared about her family she is so self center

2185 days ago


I read the book and Christopher comes across as a childish drug addict. There is no way Madonna would have "ghost written" any of this. If so, it wouldn't contain so many factual errors.

2185 days ago


I just don't understand why people hate Madonna so much! She's talented, beautiful and has made her own way in the world standing up, not lying on her back like some people (i.e. Kim Kardashian). If she's a whore, that's between her and her husband. Why should anyone else care what she does in her personal life as long as it's legal which is more than what can be said about other people (i.e. Amy Winehouse). At least she doesn't sleep with boys, molest children, do drugs, drive drunk, etc.

2185 days ago



2185 days ago


2185 days ago


He's just as insincere and a social climber as his sister was when she was starting out. At least she had a reason.

2185 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

i bought the book and it's DAMN good!! i've been re-reading it over and over again. honestly though, the only real negative things he says about her is that she's stingy with money and is a pain in the ass to work for. he actually says lots of nice things about her about being proud of her success, etc. but congrats to christopher!! #2 on the nytimes bestseller's!! great book and i hope he makes it into a movie someday!

2185 days ago


I find her brother a piece of garbage and should have kept his big ugly trap shut. It just goes to show you definetly cannot trust family in anyway shape or form. She trusted him with apparently alot of personal things and should have not been for the public to read. It's a shame what the power of money can do to a person or an entire family.
He was only in the public eye because of her and any exposure for him in a celebrity way was because of her. Just because a family member doesn't like who you are dating or married to the want for you to dump the individual and to me that is just sick and twisted.
Where it comes down to is that he just one jealous mother-F U C well you people know the rest of it.

2185 days ago


What I find interesting about the book is that Madonna often acts as if she can't trust anyone. And guess what? She can't! The pathology behind her brothers motivations are so lame and pathetic. Madonna is clearly attracted to strong and assertive people. Her brother could not keep up. He sold her out for money. Period.

2184 days ago


I saw this guy on Chelsea Lately and he is a media hungry, backstabbing idiot. It seems to me he wanted more money and Madonna made him earn a living by kissing her ass and cleaning up her sweat. Not everyone is a Madonna fan but you have to give the woman credit for making it to the top in a shark infested industry and staying there. Her new album rocks!! Her brother is trashy and only famous right now because he wrote a traitor backstabbing book about his own sister. What a low life slimy piece of trash he is. No wonder Guy Ritchie doesn't like him. He probably saw him for what he truly is, a hanger-on piece of trash that's too lazy to get a real job and get his own life.

I wonder who helped him spell the words correctly for the book. I'm sure the editors worked overtime to correct his poor grammar. I hope he makes enough ill-fated money from this book to go away to a drug infested heaven and be GONE forever. It will be a good riddance.

2184 days ago


I think this douche-bag is THE very defination of a butt-sucking, low life media whore. He's had more back-door protein injections than a Justin Timberlake blow-up doll at a gay bath house. Did I miss the general public's outcry for a book about Madonna that contains more useless information than the writings on the bathroom stall wall in a Beverly Hills' outdoor restroom??? If this sleezy media whore wants to do us all a favor than how about jumping off of the highest building in Hollywood? Once your worthless poop is scattered all over the sidewalk.........see if anyone gives a crap. I am NOT a Madonna fan......never was......never will be! Yet I give her props for continuing to re-invent herself and for giving her fans what they seem to want. I also admire her bank account as well. I hope this butt-drip, wanna be relevent again "brother" does the right thing and simply disappears from the public view. Of course I have money bet on the fact that, unfortunately, he won't. Just like the avian bird flu.......some germs just keep re-infesting.

2184 days ago
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