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Mr. T

I Pity the Homophobic Fool!

7/29/2008 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ad never aired in the US, but a Snickers commercial starring Mr. T, a speed walker and a pair of snug short shorts caused a huge homophobic stink for the Mars candy company.

After an outcry from the Human Rights Campaign, who say the UK spot "conjured up stereotypes of gay men," Mars pulled the ad -- which featured Mr. T firing snickers from a cannon at a man who was speed walking in what the HRC calls "an exaggerated manner." Obviously, they've never seen a real-life speedwalker before.

Calls to Mr. T's reps for comment were not immediately returned -- but we can't wait to see what he has to say!


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tattooed white trash...    

Everyone has to be so offended. It is getting sick. People need to stop being so sensitive. Geesh!!

2255 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

TMZ, you guys need to step up your game. I read this news on a gay porn blog days ago.

2255 days ago

Mr. Obvious    

at first when the truck came busting threw the house...... I was like....

Rampage Jackson.... going for his morning capuchino ??!

2255 days ago


That ad is frickin awesome. I'm gay and I'm not offended at all. Speed walkers look funny when they do their walk. It's not a gay thing. It's just funny. Mr. T is so awesome, I can't even sum it up in words.

Why can't modern commercials be as amazing as this one?

Anyone who considers this ad "homophobic" needs to loosen the hell up and obtain a sense of humor.

Go Mr. T!!!!

2255 days ago

Old School    

I didn't really see this as homophobic...just good fun. If they were to make it in a homopobic manner, and the guy was screaming like a little bitch, then that would make it even better.

2255 days ago


1. I'm sorry, I have a gay friend and even HE says speedwalking is gay.
2. this isn't really all that offensive. I've seen many straight men speedwalking like this, so how can it be homophobic?

Gay or not... there's no reason to speedwalk. Even women look stupid speedwalking.

2255 days ago


OMG, that's friggin hysterical

2255 days ago


That advert is soo not gay - ot in the least - speed walking kind of looks like that - as a gay man I am telling you - that is not homophobic - anyone who thinks it is is being waaay touchy.

2255 days ago


I can see where someone who was looking for it would think they were poking fun at gays b/c of the way the speedwalker flailed his arms when he jumped to avoid getting hit by the Snickers. But come ON, people - it's not homophobic. Trying to reverse the gay marriage ruling in California, THAT's homophobic.

This is why I don't give money to the HRC anymore - lighten up, ya freakin' Marys.

2255 days ago


I don't see where this is homophobic at all...
Maybe if the guy was playing into some of the gay stereotypes I could see it. As far as I know most people I ever see speed walking look like that, whether man, woman, gay or straight.

HRC is retarded. Just another group of people looking to take EVERYTHING offensively.

2255 days ago


Oh Please, the ONLY people outside HRC who think this ad is Homophobic are overly sensitive STRAIGHT people, I'm gay and that ad isn't anyti- gay, if anything it's more of a Butch/Fem or Man/woman thing. I guess the HRC has nothing better to do since none of their initiatives on Capital Hill have ever passed and they really don't do anything beyond fund raising so they can throw a lavish dinner everyyear and pat themselves on the back for doing nothing.

2255 days ago


What I find remarkable about this commercial is that the advertising agency didn't do there homework. Speedwalking actually is called racewalking and has been an Olympic Event for 104 years!!! Men compete doing a 50K (31 miles and judged by strict rules of racewalking) and a 20K (12.4 miles). Women compete, I think in a 20K and a 10K (6.2miles). Olympic racewalkers records are keeping a racewalking form pace of under 7 minute mile pace. The rule of thumb in racewalking is that the leg taking the weight wil not raise up until the one passing over has made heel contact to the ground. Anything other then this is what is called Lifting. Another rule is "Bent Knee" if you have you knee bent with the leg that has all the weight load on it, then there is running in place. A lot of runners can't do racewalking because it is justs to difficult to abide by the rules. So racewalking takes a lot more discipline then running to maintain.

2255 days ago


GET SUM NUTS!! AWESOME! I wish they would air ads like that over here in the US!!

2255 days ago


Number #11.

GREAT post! But after reading you telling them to "Lighten up ya Mary's!" I looked down and saw your screename was "Bitchykins" LOL!!!

2255 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

While speed walking can make a man look like a flamboyant gay man - anybody who speed walks looks like that. Male , female, trans-gender, etc. This commercial is making fun of speedwalking as a form of exercise - it's not making fun of gays.

If you want to blame anybody for this appearing anti-gay - blame those who invented speed walking as a form of exercise.

2255 days ago
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