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Oprah Matron: Raise Hand, Swear Under O

7/29/2008 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The trial of the former dorm matron at Oprah Winfrey's school in South Africa who's accused of abusing students began today.

Six students -- all teens -- and another dorm matron will be testifying in closed session against alleged perp Tiny Virginia Makopo. Makopo plead not guilty to charges of indecent assault, assault, and criminal injury.

The prosecutor described the six girls as "very scared and very, very emotional." Oprah has promised an overhaul of the $40 mil school after the incident.


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Interesting that the defendant pleaded not guilty. I wonder how the case will turn out. It was definitely a job where it seems they were either not too careful with who they hired or not on top of what was going on.

It does seem highly likely that someone put in charge of the girls could go on a power trip. or be mean, or even be abusive.

But at the same time these are girls who are generally powerful (leadership material), if the woman in charge of watching them was 'weak' but the girls didn't like her, they probably could arrange to have her removed. But of course the girls would have to have some dubious values to do that.

Removing the accused supervisor immediately and investigating was definitely the right thing. Now the question is will the defendant be vindicated or was she guilty?

Considering Oprah says they were kind of asleep at the wheel with their hiring process the supervisor probably is guilty.

2278 days ago


Who in their right mind would trust someone named Tiny Virginia? Ophrah is an a**.

2278 days ago


For the dumb ass who made the statement about Ms. O, all I have to say to you is " who really is the Stupid Dumb Ass Moneky here ... That would be you , you idiot. Dont hate because O is one of the most Powerful , if not the most powerful women in the world, and that she can take a fraction of her money, and changes lives a continent away, while you are still holding down you 5.00 hr. job at UDF... When you have studied , gone to school, graduated, and worked your way to the top of your craft , and then have the respect of your indusrty, as well as your race .. then come and make your coments in this venue ... but until then , you need to go get some sleep so u can make third shift.

2278 days ago


willie, porkchop is a troll, and you might be an elitist

2277 days ago


Michele Obama said that "Oprah was a wonderful person, we love her...and Gail also!' OOps! she outed them.

2277 days ago

TJ is not enough that you spent all that money building that private school, appeared for a few photo ops and promoted the virtues of your good deeds on your TV show. You cannot walk away from that commitment now and just let others run it. If you really cared about those girls instead of your own self indulgent lifestyle you would make it your business to fly there monthly to keep on top of things. The entire project now sounds like a publicity stunt!

2277 days ago

she is 40 and looks good at it    

She is just another racist who thinks she is all that and a huge bag of chips....I used to be brainwashed, but my eyes are open, she does the good deeds for attention not out of the goodness of her heart, and usually the company of the gifts sponsor her so SHE isn't always buying them herself and big deal if she is, it's nothing for her and a tax write off.....To be generous you need to help out and get yopur hands dirty and actually give to wear you feel it money is no object to her, Thats like owning a well that will never run dry and giving water to everyone, doesn't matter to you..... WAKE UP AMERICA< SHE IS A GIFT GIVING RACIST!!!!!!!!! stop letting her blind you with her gifts and see the REAL BIG O!!!!!!!!!!!


2277 days ago


When I saw her eating habits on that "Road Trip" she took and filmed with Gail---thats when I realized we were dealing with a no nothing hypocrite.

My gosh, after having personal chefs, trainers and advisors on how she could get the weight off and keep it off, she ran right for the twinkies and beef jerky at every 7-11 they stopped at along the way--and then chowed down like a hungry hound at the buffetts. Plus she had no idea how to pump or pay for gasoline---meaning she has had no first hand experience with, as Leona Helmsely once said, "the little people".

She is highly prejudiced in favor of Black People, however she, nor anyone of any color could walk 5 blocks away from her studio and survive 10 minutes once the sun goes down...its Black people that will kill, rob and hurt you around her studio, not whites, not mexicans, hot asians, Blacks and plenty of em. Her own people. Shes more scared of them than White people are.

2277 days ago

william richard bradford    

#3. / cathy;

do you really need
to be so crude ?

please give credit
where it is due.

OKRA winfrey is the poster
for nabisco OREO cookies.

even after you dip her in cold, white milk,
you can barely taste the creamy white filling........

2277 days ago

it takes a molester    

TrUsTMe so you think I might be an elitist. Better to be thought of as an elitist than to be prejudical like porkchop among others.

2277 days ago


Opray just go away and take Dr Phil with you. She talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Check out her real estate holdings, she is single handly ruining the planet. Her environmental footprint is that is about one thousand families. Her dieting, she is a food whore, constant gormet meals, she re deposits her food...barfs. Does not exercise. Her health is rapidly diminishing. Yet she preaches staying fit and healthy has countless experts and doctors on yet with her behavior mocks them. Race who knows, her race is green she does not do anything for any person except herself. She is a complete fraud, lesbian, out of control binge eater hypocrite. Go away Oprah Go away!

2277 days ago


I actually admire Oprah and her efforts for the education of the global female. Here in America, we take for granted that girls are educated. Not the case in a lot of places in the world. Oprah fully grasps the power of an educated woman.

I'm not Oprah's top fan but I respect her efforts to make the world a better place for everyone. There are many ideas and concepts that Oprah and I differ on. Yet, all in all, I tend to admire her for her dedication to getting some good messages out there.

2277 days ago


At least she is CONTRIBUTING!!!!

To those that are complaining - WTF are YOU DOING?

2277 days ago

it takes a molester    

5. Michele Obama said that "Oprah was a wonderful person, we love her...and Gail also!' OOps! she outed them.

Posted at 11:17AM on Jul 29th 2008 by char

Oprah and Gail must be hanging around Lindsay and Sam. OOps! They're all outed.

2277 days ago

it takes a molester    

Ya said it the best chicken stripper!!

2277 days ago
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