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Prince Gets Hosed at LAX

7/29/2008 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Airport security is so tight these days you can't blame Prince for wearing flip flops to LAX yesterday -- but platform flip flops and white pantyhose?!

The diminutive 50-year-old's footwear makes his Britney shades, prison top, BeBe white trench and spandex boot cut Forever 21 size zero slacks seem almost normal. Almost.


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Pantyhose!!! yeah okay...barefeet? yeah right....Gosh why cant it be a freaking toe sock. He must have been catching the red eye flight because if it were during the day he probably would have worn black toe socks so that it wouldnt be so noticeable. As far as his sexuality, who cares....His music speaks for itself. I Love his Guitar....

2240 days ago



I have those sandals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you like some pancakes?????????????

2240 days ago

Black Power    

Prince still rocks out to this day. Unfortunately, his girly pants and shoes are outdated. I believe Prince always will put on one of the best shows money can buy. I hated him twenty years ago, but I found out how talented he really is and now have respect for him. I just wish he would put on a pair of Jeans every now and then.

Clint of the mountain

2240 days ago


LOVE love Prince!!!!!!! DAMN he is sooooo fine. He is uncomparable to other guys, all guys on the planet should be more like him and the women and men would get along better and harmony

2240 days ago


I hope he's leaving that shake and bake state. Run baby run!

2240 days ago


Prince will always be THE MAN, no matter what anyone says.

2240 days ago


Some people just have nothing better to do than to make fun of people. Its obvious to me that he is at the airport and probly wears these thin sock like things with his heels. ive seen him do this alot. He's trying to relax. TMZ, Ive watched ur show and find that u do nothing but make fun of people and thats ok I guess, but it is also obvious to me that most of ur viewers have no clue what weird really is. This man is more tatented than anyone Ive ever seen in concert and I have been to alot of shows. It also shows that most people do not have a mind of their own and are the problems with the world today. U r supposed to treat people the way u would want to b treated. I'd b honored to meet this man and i think Im gonna go buy me some of these shoes and socks to wear. Some of u so called cutie guys that work there should try it yourself. Youre lucky to even have these pics, I know he laughs at all of these stupid comments about him. Peace and love anyway

2240 days ago


I agree with "poster #34..... he is wearing compression stockings. You know the type you wear after a hip replacement to prevent blodd clots. :)

2240 days ago


The picture on the left has a "spirit" orb in it!!!! Too Cool! Check out the round white bubble looking thing above him .....maybe it's one of his relatives on the "other side" whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

2240 days ago


There was a time when Prince dressed freagin' great. But ever since say 'round 96 he's been on this flimsy tigh bellbottom tip that he can't shake. And just about 2003 or so he started with those aweful sandals.

There was also a time when Prince would disappear for a long time and when he'd appear in public he had a new look that just rocked you! Cat was a kickass dresser - see any slick outfit from Parade through Sign O The Times, Lovesexy, Batman...Diamonds...Act II and now...THIS!

Get back those pro tailors Prince. Fire you're current one.

2240 days ago


Wow, if you hadn't pointed out that it was Prince, I would have guessed Camilla Alves.

2240 days ago

fly boi    

wow.....thats crazy...this man has on platform doesnt get any gayer than that.......that is like what women wear and those have to b stockings becuz they cant b his regular feet....obviously....hence the complextion of his do 13 yr olds come on here and comment or wat??

2240 days ago


nothing wrong with being comfortable...
what a filthy street though!

2240 days ago


prince can wear whatever he wants. he's prince! judging by the comments on here i can see half of you don't have a clue who he even is. he's a spectacular musician!

2240 days ago


I would go with a guy like Prince. He would be borrowing my clothes, such as my panty horse and victoria secert nighty!!!

Mr. Prince is a girlish man.

2240 days ago
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