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Cops Say Shia "Not At Fault" for Crash

7/29/2008 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just like that, Shia LaBeouf could be off the hook, at least as far as the accident part of his Sunday morning crash is concerned.

Detectives have determined that the other driver in Shia's bust-up Sunday morning ran a red light, and that person is responsible for the crash, not LaBeouf. "He was not at fault," says L.A. Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore.

Shia was arrested on misdemeanor DUI charges; his hand -- and his truck -- were badly busted in the crash.

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Only in LA can you be drunk and driving and the police blame the other driver in the accident. In the real world, when you are drunk and behind the wheel, you are automatically responsible. The police in LA are simply ridiculous. If I were the person in the other car, I would fight this to the Supreme Court to showcase how ridiculous the police in LA are.

Posted at 3:49PM on Jul 29th 2008 by Glen

The other driver blew a red light so yes he/she caused the accident with that said I can't stand ppl that drink and drive and what's worse these celebs have the money for a driver. Yes LA cops are ridiculous you are right on about that.

2255 days ago


Did I miss where it says that he is off the hook? Yeah I didn't think so. They are only saying that he is not at fault from the actual accident- as in he didn't turn in front of someone to cause collision. Like someone said above, calm down and wait for the facts.

2255 days ago

william richard bradford    

there's always a minor tremor when the

newly inflated vince vaughn rides his bike.........

2255 days ago


He's too hot to go to jail anyway.

2255 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Great... DRUNK and not at fault. Oh thant's right.. I forgot he was a celebrity. Maybe the earthquake hit him in the azz.

2255 days ago


Of course he is not at fault! HELLO! He is a celeb!! Celeb's get away with murder (remember O.J.?)

It does not matter if he was drunk. He will get away with it. Every celeb does!

2255 days ago


How about you wait until all the facts come out before you hang him. He might not have been drunk. If I flipped my truck I might have been a little bit punched drunk. He was probably disorientated, and in shock. If you don't know the facts shut up.

2255 days ago


He should go to jail for his name alone. Gross.

2255 days ago

Free Spirit    

Well, the way I see it, his intoxication has still not been proven. Let's wait to see the blood test first. I mean, first we hear he's turning left illegally and runs into a car to now having the other party running a red light and causing the accident. Shouldn't it be logical to get all the results before spuing all this bile! America really has a problem with hate. Just read these forums! Geesh!

2255 days ago


First, HAHA to everyone that judged instantly.

But second, I agree that drunk is drunk.

Third, did the other car also drive drunk? Did Shia have the green arrow, or how did the 'left in front of oncoming' turn into 'they ran a red light' ?

2255 days ago


is ...

2255 days ago


No one knows if he was drunk or not! Wait for the facts!

2255 days ago


I don't think that saying he wasn't "at fault" for the accident is meant to imply that he won't be prosecuted for being under the influence. I think it was just to infer that the cause of the accident itself was the fault of the other driver for running the red light when Shia had the right of way. Shia could technically sue for negligence (as could his passenger) because of this. Not that it will matter because he will be sued by the driver who hit him. That's going to be a nightmare of a lawsuit!

2255 days ago


I thought fault flew out the window when one of the driver's was intoxicated...the drunk one is deemed at fault siimply because he's under the influence. Don't drink and drive!

2255 days ago


Nobody knows if he was drunk or not. Wait for the facts before you condemn him.

2255 days ago
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