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The Price is Wrong!

7/29/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Price Is RightCome on down! You're the next producer to get spayed or neutered!

Big wigs at "The Price is Right" can't be too happy after a malfunction with the Plinko game last week cost the show over $30,000.

According to multiple TMZ sources, the show's famous Plinko game had been rigged to hit the $10,000 slot for a commercial they were shooting on set for the "Price" video game before the taping. After the commercials were done, however, some bonehead forgot to reset the game. And that's when it got interesting for one contestant.

When a woman who won the chance to play Plinko started dropping her chips, they each landed in the $10,000 slot! It wasn't til she hit it -- for a third time -- that producers figured out what was going on, stopped rolling tape and explained the mishap to the poor contestant. Then they took all her chips and started the game over! Where's Bob Barker when you need him??

With no assistance from the rigged game, she only won a measly $3000. The show, not wanting to screw her out of some serious cash, decided to give her the $3k plus the $30k she had already plunked. Lucky bitch!

Sadly none of us will get to see her win -- we're told that footage was cut from the show and will not air. And for you "Price" freaks, the video game comes out in September. Now you don't have to call in sick to watch!

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I had been watching TPIR for most of my life. Bob Barker WAS TPIR.
I love Drew Carey.
I loved The Drew Carey Show. Which ABC cancelled; thanks.
I loved Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Which ABC cancelled; thanks again.
I HATE Drew as the host of TPIR. The poster that complained about him being monotone and lacked enthusiam hit the nail on the head. I taped the first episode and hadn't watched until they threw some kind of special on Friday night. I figured enough time had passed and the show simply had to get better. Well, IT DIDN'T. Haven't watched it since and don't plan on. Now, we knew that the games may have been rigged, even when Bob was host, but watched anyway. Now that I know the show is rigged, I'll never watch again, even if Bob made a comeback, which I think I have a better shot at winning the lottery...

2243 days ago



No, no, no! Say it ain't so!! The plinko game can be rigged? What is this world coming to? Sheesh!!

2243 days ago


Apparently the show’s new executive producer wants to pump some new life into the show – the genius of a man has plans to eliminate the popular “Come on Down” catchphrase, implement a purple showcase wheel, and remove classic games like “Ten Chances” to make room for the unimaginative “Shiver Me Timbers” game.
(by SydV)

Fortunately, "Come on down" will still be used. No games have been retired; one new game (created by Roger Dobkowitz!!) will be added.

No, no, no! Say it ain't so!! The plinko game can be rigged? What is this world coming to? Sheesh by Kate

The reason it can be rigged is for promotional purposes ONLY. After all, a promo where the Plinko chip lands in $10,000 is much better than seeing a promo where the Plinko chip lands in any other money amount. They have never rigged it during gameplay.

Now that I know the show is rigged, I'll never watch again by FlamingoNut

The show is not rigged. None of the pricing games are rigged. Somebody made a mistake (which, being human, can happen). The wire was only on the Plinko bard for promotional purposes. The Price is Right has never been rigged nor will it ever be. It was just a mistake that cost them $30,000. A mistake was made; the show is not rigged!

[Bob] had and probably still has a lot of influence on the show . by Lew

Just to be clear, Bob has no influence or control whatsoever over what happens on The Price is Right. He is retired completely.


Just to be clear, the show the woman was on WILL air. Her segment of playing Plinko WILL air. Her landing 3 consecutive Plinko chips in $10,000 WILL NOT air. She will be able to redo those three Plinko chips. How's this? The woman put three Plinko chips into $10,000. This will not air. She will redo those Plinko chips. That will air. She drops the rest of the Plinko chips down the Plinko board. That will air. The rest of the episode. That will air.

2243 days ago


TPIRfan88 is right about the show airing. The $30,000 part will not be aired, but the $3,000 part will be. For the next month they are showing repeats of TPIR, but they should post the air date of the episode eventually... and it'll episode number 4451, not that you would get to see anything exciting, but still.

Also, the show is clearly not rigged judging by the randomness that the chips fall into the slots when contestants normally play.

Lastly, although "lucky bitch" may not be the nicest phrase, I think the person they are talking about is not that concerned/offended. :)

2243 days ago


I was at that taping, I knew something was wrong when the puck went right down the center too fast, It had fishing line to make the puck go into the 10k every time

2243 days ago


Also Drew is a great host very funny during the taping, I should know as I was a showcase winner

2243 days ago


i can't stand to look at drew. looks like porky pig. you people had to know it was rigged.

2243 days ago


i can't believe you didn't know it was rigged. hello folks,so is the big wheel. drew looks like a pig.

2243 days ago


The show has not been the same since Bob left.... i think its time to retire it....Bob Barker is shaking his head now...

2242 days ago


i can't believe you didn't know it was rigged. hello folks,so is the big wheel. drew looks like a pig. [a quote from easymoney]

Neither The Price is Right nor any part of the show is rigged. It was a $30,000 mistake. The people running the show are humans--and humans make mistakes. Nothing is rigged. I can't believe one mistake makes people believe the show is rigged. The show is not rigged. Besides, IF Plinko was rigged (and I'm saying "if" as in, it is NOT rigged), then all Plinko players would have $50,000. The fact that some chips don't go into the $10,000 and the fact that the Plinko chips go into different slots proves that Plinko is not rigged. Either way, the show is NOT rigged!
To the people who believe it is rigged: Get it into your head that it was a mistake, and the show is NOT rigged.
To those who know the truth--the show is not rigged: I thank you for not believing the rumor that the show is rigged. After all, the show is not rigged.

2241 days ago
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