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Britney -- Saner, But Still....

7/30/2008 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case you read otherwise, sources tell us Britney's conservatorship will definitely not end tomorrow.

There are reports Britney Spears will become a free woman tomorrow when lawyers for the conservatorship go to court to announce their intentions. Well here are their intentions. They will ask the judge to continue the conservatorship until the fall. We hear it may last until the end of the year.

Jamie Spears won't be in court. The lawyers will deal with bookkeeping stuff in chambers, but that's it.


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Big Bear    

Britney is just stupid so why have any kind of court action. Lots of people are ignorant like she is and they do just fine without a lot of outside help.

2254 days ago

yeh yeh    

X!7 predicts the opposite.

2254 days ago


How come she doesn't wear her big bug eyed druggie glasses anymore? Those were hilarious.

2254 days ago


Of course that is what is happening...everyone (including her court appointed attorney) is enjoying the gravy train too much...she's signing contracts all over town, been signed up by pa for new record deals, pimping Bally etc, yet her court appointed loser lawyer won't even argue for her as he's never seen such a windfall in his life, and all he has to do is not fight for his client to keep the money coming in.

Pathetic...Pa Spears ought to learn how to make a living without mooching off his kids.

2254 days ago


14. What sucks is that her dad once said he didn't want any money from her for this. Now, however, he's getting $2500.00 per week and free room and board..... He seems to be as bad as Kevin, he's living off his wife and dad is living off his daughter. Also, since when do kids needs $2000.00 a month?

Posted at 7:42PM on Jul 30th 2008 by kitten32084

Don't forget the cadillac escalade that he is charging to Brit too. And all the fancy dinners and holidays he's enjoying at his daughter's expense.

2254 days ago


I sure hope they are looking in to Bryan Spears and the money missing from the Trust. I still don't know why TMZ didn't report about that...I guess because Jamie is giving them the details of his daughter so they don't want to upset him. 1/4 million missing and no one is asking where it went?

2254 days ago


Of course they want to extend it, Britney still has some money.
As I predicted her father has sold off her stuff like her cars and her house and at least $61 million has been reportedly looted. If Britney can ride horses, teach children, work, drive, etc. she is clearly not a depandant adult. If Britney spears remains legally a dependand adult, she cannot consent to sex and if you guys catch her having sex with anybody and Jaime Spears facililitated it in any way (by allowing them to go upstairs by themselves etc.), he can be charged with accessory to rape. I hope he realizes this. He is also responsible for any accidents she causes, etc.

2254 days ago

it is about time    

13. Does not surprise me. If she still needs a bit of help, I would rather see her dad wtih her than the looser Sam man who screwed her life royally. Brit is on the mend and that is the most imporant thing. We love you Britney!!

Posted at 7:39PM on Jul 30th 2008 by GG

I just read an interview that Sam did (In Touch). He wants the RO dropped, so he can see her and be her friend again. He says that he texts her all the time, and she him. I don't know if I believe him. As that would be comtempt of court. But it does show he is still very much lurking in the wings. He says he can prove that he did not drug her. I don't believe that either. But it is better that she is following thru with her treatment, and working as those are healthy ways towards taking care of herself and children. It shows the court the progress she has made.

2254 days ago


To all the cynics: Britney's father loves here...that is totally obvious. Fact. Fact -- she is doing so, so much better now and that is in part thanks to him. She needs him. He loves her. Gee, sort of like a NORMAL Parent/Child relationship! I think she's doing great and she'll continue to do better everyday!!

2254 days ago


If this is what it takes for Brit to staighten up and grow stronger and more access to her boys, Good for her!!!

2254 days ago


To #23 who hails this "normal parent/child relationship."-------------How many parents do you know who live at their 26 year-old daughter's mansion? How many get paid $2500 a week by their daughter? How many have their daughter foot the bill on cars, vacations, dining out, etc.? There is nothing normal about this relationship. Britney has the mental age of 12. She has proven that left to her own devices she will screw her life up royally. She is a stupid, no-account skank and is lucky she has the bucks to hire her family as babysitters. I don't see how Jamie puts up with it. One of these days he has got to get tired of watching over his idiot daughter. The sooner the better.

2254 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

3. yeah, that was a no brainer.

Wonder how her little mexico vacation going for her.
Unbelievable that she would blow off her children once again. But she did.

Posted at 6:48PM on Jul 30th 2008 by danger

You don't know what you're talking about. She didn't "blow off her children". She only has 3-4 days a week when she's legally allowed to see them. She went to Mexico during her non-visitation time. She didn't miss any of her days with them.

2254 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

"Leave Britney Alone!" ....

2254 days ago


Posted at 8:49PM on Jul 30th 2008 by It's hot in here: Not a real big surprise. Has x17online ever printed anything negative about their girl Britney?

2254 days ago


23. To all the cynics: Britney's father loves here...that is totally obvious. Fact. Fact -- she is doing so, so much better now and that is in part thanks to him. She needs him. He loves her. Gee, sort of like a NORMAL Parent/Child relationship! I think she's doing great and she'll continue to do better everyday!!

Posted at 8:17PM on Jul 30th 2008 by BritBrit

Brit's father loves her money. She isn't doing better, doesn't have her kids despite all this supposed help. She is being exploited by her father and Larry Rudolph. And, you will never convince me that Jamie & Brit have a normal parent/child relationship...she paraded naked in front of him when she lived at home...entirely inappropriate for anything but very young children to do, certainly not developed young women. To me, that is sick and they should be keeping the pervert away from her.

2254 days ago
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