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Britney -- Saner, But Still....

7/30/2008 7:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In case you read otherwise, sources tell us Britney's conservatorship will definitely not end tomorrow.

There are reports Britney Spears will become a free woman tomorrow when lawyers for the conservatorship go to court to announce their intentions. Well here are their intentions. They will ask the judge to continue the conservatorship until the fall. We hear it may last until the end of the year.

Jamie Spears won't be in court. The lawyers will deal with bookkeeping stuff in chambers, but that's it.


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Gee, I remember the same posters claiming that her father was putting her out on a world wide tour back in March. There was no truth in that, and there is no truth now in what they're saying.

Britney needs tons of therapy on how to deal with her day-to-day life. I think she should have gotten this in a closed situation, out of public view, but it seems that she would not agree to that for her own reasons.

To those of you who claim that her family members are using her for their financial gain, I say that they are doing the best they can do with a woman who can't accept she has serious mental problems.

Posted at 2:01AM on Jul 31st 2008 by DIANE T

Larry, who's biggest client other than Brit is Brooke Hogan, was himself on Showbiz Tonight talking about how great it would be to get her on she'd be the biggest show ever etc. He wants to cash in...don't kid yourself....he's not exactly making a fortune off Brooke, and his only other client is Nick Lachey who has since gotten rid of him. Rudolph is so yesterday. And, he looks like a coke fiend as does her brother, at least to me they do.

And on that note, good night everyone...wonder if pa will ask for a raise and a boat tomorrow?

2283 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

To be truthful, none of us can say with certainty who exactly wished for her to keep working at an inopportune time. But given a wild guess, I would say that what seems to be an overall need to stay in the spotlight and redeem herself somehow in the industry may have overtaken any common sense. I seriously doubt her dad could have put the lash to her back to force her to do anything of that sort. No way. If anything, one of the first things Jamie did was sell off a bunch of cars to tighten up a flagging budget. As for Escalades, they're pretty much the standard and it would be easy to spend a lot more on a vehicle. If not for the Gallons per Mile of them, they are fairly practical. You can also be damn sure that there are now records for where the money is going, because this was a major focus when the c-ship started. The courts never issue such judgments without thorough fiscal checking. To say anything to the contrary means that there is some sort of widespread conspiracy afoot in the entire Cali Court system and that is just ludicrous! I'm heading out for now, so a lack of response should not be taken as an insult, only that it is late and time to shut down for me.

2283 days ago

louisiana people    

leave her people dont know anything about mental illness and keep on putting her down and her family.....until you have walked in her shoes leave her and her family alone

2283 days ago

What goes around will come around, Harvey    

47. leave her people dont know anything about mental illness and keep on putting her down and her family.....until you have walked in her shoes leave her and her family alone

Posted at 3:53AM on Jul 31st 2008 by louisiana people

Most of the people who keep putting her down aren't even capable of tying their own shoes, let alone walking in someone else's. It takes a certain amount of intelligence and maturity to be able to see a different person's point of view, and it's not fair to these posters to expect them to be smarter than they are.

2282 days ago

me have got to be kidding? Are you seriously suggesting that the cadillac escalade is nothing but a bottom of the line vehicle for a babysitter?
Her father is her conservator...he decided who she could see...he decided that should be rudolph not a rehab. He still won't let her even talk to a lawyer. He just wants her money, not for her to get better, and he already gave the kids away cause they were probably in the way of her getting the record out in time for xmas. Pathetic father, glad he's not mine.

2282 days ago


3. yeah, that was a no brainer.

Wonder how her little mexico vacation going for her.
Unbelievable that she would blow off her children once again. But she did.

Posted at 6:48PM on Jul 30th 2008 by danger

What ?! k-fed "blew "the boys off and went to Miami and it was NOT her time to have visitations with them...

2279 days ago
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